a decent and reasonably-priced cinema (moviehouse) in Taipei

watching movies in Taiwan seems like a luxury. coming from the philippines where roughly nt 85 can get you to decent cinemas and nt 130 into the most posh ones, i had to be resourceful! (i heard it would cost around nt 250-300 here in Taipei. i never tried, too expensive!)

being a movie-fanatic, imagine the happiness i felt when i discovered 湳山戲院 (nan shan xi yuan). for the fair price of nt 140, you can watch two movies. the cinema has 4 viewing screens, which show two movies alternately. if you are gutsy and thick-skinned enough, you can watch all the eight movies, though you are only allowed two. the drawback of course, is that the movies they show are two months old! but it’s better than shelling out nt 300 right?

the cinema is clean, the chairs are comfortable, the viewing rooms are quite small, giving you that cozy feeling of private viewing. my take is that it is worth one’s try!

well anyway, here is the address and directions on how to get there!

CINEMA NAME: 湳山戲院 (nanshan xiyuan)

ADDRESS: 通化街 24巷 1號   (tonghua street lane 24 number 1)



  • take 662, 663, 235.
  • then get off at 文昌街口, 安和路 (wenchang jiekou in anhe lu), which i think is 1 or 2 bus stops away from Carnegie’s.
  • walk straight, then turn left.
  • if you see triumph, triumph, then you are going the right direction. just walk straight ahead. 
  • then i think about 3-4 blocks, turn left.
  • just ask around, locals are meant to know. from the bus stop, it would just take about 5-10minutes to get there.
  • if you get lost, just go by the address i gave or give them a call for more detailed instructions.
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maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: II.jackie returns


Maging Sino Ka Man

Jackie makes her way back home… to the Madrigal mansion.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1117.jpgJackie becomes confused when Celine started calling her by her real name. Celine held Jackie’s arms, as if feeling if her cousin’s real or not. Celine wanted Jackie to recognize her but her persistence instead frightened her cousin away. Jackie was in tears when she returned to Aling Bebeng. She told her and Guada about the lady who insisted she knew her. She even kept calling her another name. The two women dismissed Celine, saying someone might have just mistaken her for someone else. They hurry up Jackie to buy the gift so they can get home before Eli does. Celine tries to tell JB what he saw but something stopped her from doing so and they drive back to Manila. Jackie buys the jacket for Eli but suddenly feels a bit dizzy. Aling Bebeng tells her to sit down beside one of the stalls to rest a while. The old woman will look for Guada and return for her there. But a fire breaks in the market which makes Jackie panic. She gets knocked down unconscious. She wakes up amidst the smoke. And she now remembers everything. Jackie picks up her jacket and walks away. Bebeng and Guada fight their way back into the market but some men stop them. Jackie sat in a bus silently, tears streaming down her face. She tells the conductor that she’s going home.


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