where do rain, song hye kyo and other k-stars live?


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this article was about korean stars displaying flags outside their homes and liberation day but to quote popseoul…

“it is interesting to see where the stars live! Rain and Ms. Song must be raking it in to live in a house in one of Korea’s most expensive neighborhoods -Samsong-dong. Similarly, Han Chae-young lives in an luxury condo in Samsong-dong. Close by in Nonhyun-dong is Kim Hee-sun and Jeon Do-yeon in Apk-jong. Perhaps this explains why I spotted her waltzing in Krispy Kremes at Apku station!”

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full house…a review

my all time favorites are full house, goong and goong s. so i actually surprised myself by actually agreeing that full house is a bit overrated. i think the reason is both because rain and song hye kyo are so popular individually, and because their team-up was so widely accepted.

clearly, the hype has its own foundations, because of the two reasons i mentioned in the first paragraph. did you know that it garnered a 50+ ratings both in the philippines and thailand, which is such a feat.



the premise in itself sparks many questions. i am often asked by my kdrama friends that full house’s story can NOT really happen in real life…how can dong wook sell the house without ji eun’s signature? i just figured that since dong wook works in a bank, he may know ji eun’s safety deposit box number where the deed may be kept. Perhaps what concern me most is that most of the scenes are in the house, but even that can be justified as it is about the house. 

i like full house because of its script and pacing. it is just so damn funny and cute at the same time, with no boring moment passing by.


the actors not only act well, but they do have some kind of strong chemistry, especially rain and hye kyo.  Their interpretation of their characters were so natural it’s like its their second skin. In fact, I think I started to like them as actors because of their characters.

the characters have good hearts. this is one of the few kdramas and dramas in general where i find that no one is sooo “sinister”, which is a reality in life. not all characters are like kim tae hee in stairway to heaven. i mean, the second leads were doing something bad but not sinister, and they only did so because of love.


very strong soundtrack. even though i don’t understand the lyrics of the song, i get the right feeling. i especially love geh deh ji geum. (unfortunately i can’t find the instrumental version) and the instrumental version of i think. it’s one of the song i never get tired or saturated of listening.


and last but not the least, i think nobody would contradict me in saying that full house is highly “rewatchable”. there are kdramas that when you watch them, they’re very good. but come re-run, you just can’t seem to get yourself as glued or even glued as you were before.


RATINGS: five stars for all the laughs

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