how YOON EUN HYE & JOO JI HOON looked…then


i am such a fan of goong that i really wasted time looking for their photos. i was shocked to see yoon eun hye (shin chae gyung a.k.a. janelle) didn’t look quite what she is today. 


yoon eun hye used to be part of a singing group baby v.o.x. before she entered acting. she auditioned for the part of “ashley” but she eventually bagged the lead role in goong.


after goong, she went on to star in the kbs drama vineyard man and is now currently seen in the mbc drama coffee prince.


joo ji hoon (lee shin a.k.a. gian) on the other hand used to be a model. joo ji hoon is definitely hot! then and now. goong is his first drama as well. his second drama, the devil a.k.a. lucifer a.k.a. mawang just finished airing in korea.