more photos of honey lee without make-up

she really looks different without make-up, and she looks better without it.

two more photos here:


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daniel henney’s acting on “my father” (마이 파더): surprisingly good


daniel henney may not have been good in acting the first, second, 3rd, x time you saw him. but here, he was definitely A+ (he reminds me of sam milby. their acting progress is really spectular!). no wonder he got cast in X-Men Origins: Wolverine  (none other than Hugh Jackman stars in it) and will play the role of David North / Agent Zero: A member of the Weapon X program and an expert tracker with lethal marksman skills.


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where do rain, song hye kyo and other k-stars live?


(source: popseoul)

this article was about korean stars displaying flags outside their homes and liberation day but to quote popseoul…

“it is interesting to see where the stars live! Rain and Ms. Song must be raking it in to live in a house in one of Korea’s most expensive neighborhoods -Samsong-dong. Similarly, Han Chae-young lives in an luxury condo in Samsong-dong. Close by in Nonhyun-dong is Kim Hee-sun and Jeon Do-yeon in Apk-jong. Perhaps this explains why I spotted her waltzing in Krispy Kremes at Apku station!”

Image: Sportseoul

how YOON EUN HYE looked…now, in a bathing suit


i just thought it would be quite unfair to post a joo ji hoon’s hot photo (see entry how yeh & jjh looked…then and now.) without a yoon eun hye one. so i’m juxtaposing a big yeh photo with a small jjh one.

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se7en stalks han ji min???


 i read that han ji min (shin bi of jewel in the palace, and currently stars in the kbs drama scandal in old seoul a.k.a capital scandal in seoul, is being stalked. she talks about it and tells that he’s definitely a hallyu star, and that he’s younger than her. she didn’t name anybody though.

i love se7en. i hope it’s not him. he’s busy and all, so how the hell would he find time to stalk someone, and if he really did though, it’s totally mental. i mean, he young, successful, a good singer about to debut in the U.S., he’s got so much going on. why waste!

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how KANG HYE JUNG looked…then and now


is there any difference? a lot of people have been making claims that kang hye jung looked better before her cosmetic dental surgery. personally, i don’t see any. this is also being attributed as one of the contributory factors why her recently finished tv series flowers for my life a.k.a i came in search for flowers, didn’t do well in ratings.

if you want to see how she looked before in moving motion, you could watch her movies, especially herb (which i think is a good watch), where she had her braces on.

credits:  photo from popseoul

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how LEE HONEY looked…with and w/out make-up!


personally, i feel miss universe 4th-runner up honey lee (lee ha nui) looks better without make-up. she looks younger and fresher.

 lhn smoky

smokey eyes indeed make a difference.

more or less a month ago, i saw honey and her mom being interviewed in kbs world’s morning live. a few quick facts i’ve learned is that: 

1. her mother dreamt of a dragon either before conceiving her or while she was pregnant

2. she is a middle child; has one older sister and a younger brother.

3. she got into the prestigious seoul national university and majored in playing an ancient korean instrument

4.  she was discovered in a beauty parlor, the owner encouraged her to join miss seoul

5.  as honey said, her sister is more pretty, more intelligent than her, an honor student i think, and plays the korean instrument better. people who knew them keep saying (perhaps in jest) why her sister isn’t miss seoul.

6. her sister being more intelligent and pretty, her brother being the favorite, she developed a need to find her place in her family and in the world.

7. her mom is a businesswoman, and hasn’t got much time to spare. but they got close as her mom and dad were very supportive of her pageantry career, financially and emotionally. her mom would send her stockings, gowns and tearjerking letters all the way from korea to mexico.

8. her mom intends her to further her studies.

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how KIM AH JOONG looked…then and now


kim ah joong went under the knife, just as her character kim ha na in 200 pounds beauty.


credits:  photos from popseoul

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how PARK SHI YEON looked…then and now


apparently, there’s something new with park shi yeon’s (my girl) nose. like ashlee simpson, a part of it has been taken off to look better. personally, then and now didn’t make much difference, she still looks like a baby of science.

credits:  photos from popseoul

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how KIM SUN AH looked…then

kim sun ah

 yes this is how my name is kim sam soon’s kim sun ah used to look like before!

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