how KIM TAE HEE looked…then and now

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how CHA SEUNG WOO looked…then and now











then…                                                                                         …now


it’s just the weight.

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how LEE BO YOUNG looked…then and now




















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how KIM EUN JUNG looked…then and now




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how JANG GEUN SUK looked…then and now

new zealand days…


you’re beautiful days…

…now (hate the hair)

it’s the nostrils isn’t it? they’ve become smaller? something’s different. can’t quite figure.


CREDIT: popseoul

how JUNG YONG HWA looked…then and now





it’s the nose, obviously.

the first time i saw him, i thought he resembled bae yong joon.

how UEE looked…then and now

double lid eyes really make a big difference.

her character yoo hye yi (you’re beautiful) is my most favorite second lead out of all the dramas i’ve watched. smart, immature, bitchy.

how LEE JUNG JAE looked…then and now




he looks so much better now. it’s true that men are at their best when they’ve matured.

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how LEE DA HAE looked…then and now



and all the while i thought this my girl star was a natural beauty.

credit: dramabeans




————– UPDATE (September 10, 2010) ————–

During an appearance on a television show, many netizens were shocked to see Lee Da Hae’s dramatically altered face.

Lee Da Hae, whose career skyrocketed after playing the main role in the drama “My Girl” back in 2006, has caught the attention of netizens again, but this time they are worried that she is undergoing too much plastic surgery.

You can clearly see the rounder shape to her face, and many are speculating that the actress underwent injections to fill up her cheeks, along with other cosmetic procedures.

Some comments that were left behind include,

“I really think she’s doing surgery way too often. I think she was the prettiest during ‘My Girl’.”

“Her face has really turned weird…it looks like her eyes are way too high up…her cheeks look too full, and why is that nose bridge so high up now? It’s not a good sight.”

“I’m starting to get a bit worried for some reason…”

“Why does she keep touching her face?…It’s honestly so disappointing…”

credit: allkpop

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how HAN EUN JUNG looked…then and now


han eun jung (kang hye won / lorraine) of full house! we all have hope.

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