raining in “big” scenes

i used to find it such a big coincidence that most big scenes are rain scenes. but after living in taipei, i guess nothing is really impossible! weather in Taiwan is so unpredictable that it can be so hot in one minute, and raining in another! So Taiwanese dramas showing such, i have only one thing to say….it is not a coincidence, totally believable!

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daniel henney’s acting on “my father” (마이 파더): surprisingly good


daniel henney may not have been good in acting the first, second, 3rd, x time you saw him. but here, he was definitely A+ (he reminds me of sam milby. their acting progress is really spectular!). no wonder he got cast in X-Men Origins: Wolverine  (none other than Hugh Jackman stars in it) and will play the role of David North / Agent Zero: A member of the Weapon X program and an expert tracker with lethal marksman skills.


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a little about jung ryu won

jung ryu won, whose real name is jung yu won, indeed had come a long way. after seeing her in kim sam soon in 2005, i got the chance to watch her almost immediately in autumn shower (oh ji ho and erika of all about eve) and which star are you from. when she was younger, her family migrated to australia, thus, she can speak good english, a real advantage for an aspiring hallyu star.

after her long break, she is now working on her first starring role, entitled hello anni! funny now, she was in my boyfriend is type b (lee dong gun and han ji hye) pala. i watched before kim sam soon hit the boobtube and didn’t recognize her at all. oh well, she was sporting a bob cut hair-do.

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oh what a bore


the lead girl think she’s a robot and is brought to a nuthouse, where she meets other nuts, one of them rain.


i actually thought it had commercial value since it stars rain and supposedly kang hye jung (herb, flowers for my life) before she backed out. ten minutes hence, i popped it out of my dvd player. it was a movie that was neither understandable nor entertaining. perhaps it is an art movie, which i am hardly appreciative of.

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