how JANG GEUN SUK looked…then and now

new zealand days…


you’re beautiful days…

…now (hate the hair)

it’s the nostrils isn’t it? they’ve become smaller? something’s different. can’t quite figure.


CREDIT: popseoul

how JUNG YONG HWA looked…then and now





it’s the nose, obviously.

the first time i saw him, i thought he resembled bae yong joon.

how UEE looked…then and now

double lid eyes really make a big difference.

her character yoo hye yi (you’re beautiful) is my most favorite second lead out of all the dramas i’ve watched. smart, immature, bitchy.

you’re current obsession

you're beautiful


no time to write. but must absolutely have to blog about this.

my current obsession…better than my all time favorites: fated to love you, full house, princess hours. A.N.JELL / you’re beautiful.

jang geun seok, you nail portraying hwang tae kyung. HTK, such rich character…the sweetness and jealousy despite the angst.

park shin hye, you are so cute as go mi-nam, and so beautiful as go min-nyeo.

good story, best execution i’ve seen. so new and forward.

…hope there will be a season 2…