my girl…a review

my girl??? i watched it in fast forward mode. i think the story is fine, and so are the characters. but it was hard for me to watch lee da hae’s “slapstick”antics. it was just too much of an exagerration on yoo rin’s character. had she not done so and acted just naturally, maybe i would have watched and rewatched it. (i mean, lee dong wook is so handsome!!!) another thing is i can’t seem to watch park shi yeon for a long time as well. her face, in filipino terms, looks or is “retokada”, meaning, she has undergone a lot of plastic surgery. it was just too obvious that it’s hard to watch her on tv. i enjoyed hello miss though. i’ve read on some sites that they see yoo rin and su ha’s character as the same. to some extent yes, because lee da hae’s acting range is not that wide. she can not interpret a character in a unique way. though being su ha, the exagerration way much lessened. 

i’d love to read a thorough critique of my girl. coz i’m really curious as to how many people love it. there really must be something in it i am not seeing.

RATINGSthree and a quarter stars 


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