prince hours song: promise by se7en

i was thinking about you girl Jinagan sarang sogeseo heme-il ttae
apattteon gi-eoge himdeureosseul ttae
jiruhan shiganman ittteon nae salmeul
teukppyeolhage haejun neo
   naman barabodeon neo-ege
hangsang gyeote ittteon neo-ege
hanbeondo nae ma-eum
seolle-eo bon jeogeun eomneunde
naman jikyeobodeon neo-ege
hangsang useojudeon neo-ege
naega eoneusae ikssukhaejyeonnabwa
 Mae-il honja geottteon i georireul ijeneun
ni soneul japkko georeogago ship o Bebe
geurimjaboda deo gakka-i
nal jikyeojudeon ni mameul
ijeya algesseo
jogeum neujeosseodo oh baby girl
  nal beorin geunyeo-ui heunjeogeul ji-ugo
nae nunmuldo ije geuman meomchugo
nae dwi-e sumeo honja uldeon
neol wihae
ijeneun nae sarangeul boyeojulge
 naman barabodeon…

mae-il honja…
neoman barabolkke oh baby girl
 ijekkeot ni sarangeul mollabwaseo
neomu gidarige haenneunde
neomu apahage haenneunde
dashineun ni nunmul eopsseulgeoya
ijen nae pumeseo
yeongweonhi neoreul anajulgeoya
 naega nuneul gamneun geu nalkkaji
yeongweonhi neowa na
duri hamkke itkko shipeo Bebe
geurimjaboda deo gakka-i
neol jikyeo jul su itttorok
ne gyeote dagaga
neoman saranghalge oh baby girl
 ijen neo hanaman saranghalge  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I  was thinking about you girl when i was confused about a love
when i went through hard times with my memories
when my life was filled with boring days
you always made them special
  you’re the one who only turns to me;
you’re the one who’s always next to me
but i’ve never been able to tell you how i feel
i’ve never felt nervous around you;
but after watching over you and laughing with you

   i think i’ve grown attached to youi’ve always walked each day alone
but now
i want to walk while holding you hand baby
as you watch over me closer than my shadwo
i’ve realized what you felt for me
and it might be a little late oh baby girl
 but i’ll leave traces of her behind
and keep my eyes on the girl
who cried away from my sight
it’s all for you
now i’m going to give my love to you
 you’re the only… I’ve always walked…i’ll only turn to you oh baby girl i’m sorry that i didn’t accept your love sooner
you’ve waited for so long;
you’ve been hurt for so long
you won’t have tears in your eyes anymore

   i’ll hold you in my arms forever
until the day i close my eyes
it’ll be you and me for eternity
i want us to be together baby
closer than our shadows are
i’ll stay by your side to watch over you
i’ll only love you oh baby girl

now i will love only you

this is such a sweet song, with a sweet melody. loved the montage on episode 17.

prince hours song: miracle by howl

geu ryuh bwah sang sang hae bwah~
oo ree yae gah seum sohk eh soom uh eet jah nah
ee jeh yung wuhn hee
boo shee geh nahl ah gah neun
juh byuhl ae~ HOH~ mah buh beul mee duh~
sah rahm deul sohk eh suh~ hweep sseul lyuh gah neun~
uhl gool deu ree moh doo gah tah boh yuh
jee geum nae gah eet neun~ ee shee gahn ee~
uh deen jee doh moh reu geh dwae
hah jee mahn noon eul gahm goh
gwee reul gee ool yuh bwah
gee reul ee ruh doh hah neul eh suh sohk sahk ee neun
byuhl ae mohk soh reel chah jah bwah… (OH YEAH~)
REPEAT RED juh byuhl eh~ HOH~ soh wuh neul bee ruhee guhn ah nee rah goh~ nahl dah geu chyuh doh~
uhn jeh nah nahn noo goo ae tah seul hae
jee geum ee ruhn guh shee~ oo ree deul ee~
kkoom kkoo duhn geu guhn ah nee jah nah
hee mang yae soot jah mahn keum
sheel mang doh neul geht jee mahn
geu rae doh oo ree nae ee reul saeng gahk hae boh myuhn
mool luh
suhl soo neun uhp jah nah… (OH NO~~)
REPEAT RED juh byuhl eh~ HOH~ soh wuh neul bee ruhsheel mang gwah sang chuh roh byuhn hae buh reen
nae moh seub eul bah kkwuh gah ee jeh yah
moh deun guht dah shee shee jahk hae~
nae sohn eu roh geu ryuh gah nah yae kkoom deul eul…
mee duh jwuh mah meul yuhl goh~
joh geum eun heem deul uh doh boo dee cheel guh yah
ee jeh dah chyuh jeen moon eul hyang hae oo ree mahn ae
mee rae reul~ HOH~ (YEAH, YEAH, YEAH)

juh byuhl eh~ HOH~ soh wuh neul bee ruh


love this song. it kind of evokes empowerment, although i don’t know what it means.

prince hours…a review

goong s for the most part shares similar plots and conflicts with goong, except for the reverse of the main lead. shin chae gyung’s counterpart here is se7en. but i can see a little bit of chae gyung in both hoo and soon ae, as their both from out the palace and they’re both always committing mistakes.  i can see both shin and yul in joon. shin because he’s stiff, and yul because he led a damned hard life psychologically. min hyo rin’s character is manifested in shin sae ryung.


the premise is the same and strong, but the pacing and character development were not. for one, and in my opinion, the dragging part was mostly in the middle, during the contest for the crown prince position. the preparation and the contest itself was so lengthy, and the story was just stagnant and going nowhere.


the main difference, which i liked though, was that hoo is more romantic and showy than shin. there were a lot of lovey-dovey scenes between hoo and soon ae, and their love for each other was not merely kept to themselves but was explicitly agreed between the two, unlike shin and chae gyung, it’s all so implicit.


the conflicts were not as strong in that the foundations were not laid very well. the love quadrangle was not as convincing as goong’s. for one, hoo was never in love with sae ryung. it was just infatuation. so how can you build a tension between the triangle soon ae-hoo-sae ryung?  goong’s was very effective and deeply embedded because shin was totally in love with hyo rin and they had a relationship, not just a mutual understanding.  secondly, joon and soon ae are not really as good friends as chae gyung and yul. in fact and if i remember correctly, there was even a scene in either episodes 5, 6 or 7 where soon ae tells joon to stop flirting with her. while yul fell in love with chae gyung during the formation of their friendship.  the bottomline is, it was really a no brainer to conclude that hoo and soon ae would much rather choose each other than sae ryung and joon respectively. this was not the case with goong, as there is the “possibility” that they might choose the second leads, even though they are the ones in love.


as with goong, i loved the rivalry between hoo and joon in both love and the crown, as i did with shin and yul.  in fact, i think this conflict may par with my liking of the love aspect of the story.


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prince hours

it’s HolNormal_goong3_1yweek and i choose to indulge myself in watching goong s…the princess hours spinoff.  (actually, there are many titles…prince hours, prince who, prince hoo, palace s. — s could mean sequel or spinoff. personally, i think the most apt is prince who, because of the story, and because it is “homonymous” with hoo. )

princess hours was such a treat that i doubted prince hours was a bad piece. i’ve read in some site that ratings was not very good.

like its predecessor princess hours, this is an entirely different story that supposes monarchy still exists in modern korea. lee hoo (se7en) works a jajangmian delivery boy for goong (the restaurant) in chinatown, incheon. he has a “prince” syndrome, the irony being he is a real one. the queen, who is single, needs to look for an heir.  hoo’s mother left the palace under unusual circumstances. his father doesn’t even know he existed. he falls for yang soon ae, a palace attendant and his former classmate, and so does lee joon, his rival to the crown prince position.  shin sae ryung completes the love quadrangle as the prime minister to be’s daughter whose ambition is to become the queen, whether it be through joon or hoo. she subsequently falls in love with hoo though.

frankly speaking, i liked it. i hypothesize that the reason why it didn’t take off as much as princess hours is because the premise and plot is rather similar to the first one. as it targets the youth more and with the advancement of technology, it has been said that prince hours is the most watched series online compared to its contemporaries. so goodbye to ratings then.

there are of course, good and bad points to compare. whilst princess hours focuses more on the love aspect more than the battle for the crown prince position, while prince hours is the reverse. prince hours has a lengthy exposition of the competitions to attain being a crown prince. and you’ll find the middle part quite boring if you’re anticipating kilig moments. on the other hand, the kilig scenes are more kilig here because hoo is a more passionate and showy kind of prince, as opposed to shin who is very restrained in showing his feelings.

the princess hours ost is more heartfelt even at first hear. whilst the prince hours ost kind of just grows on you over time.

contrary to what has been written, se7en (lee hoo)does act well for a first timer. in fact, i feel  the prince hours ensemble is far stronger than princess hours.  compared to kim jung hoon (lee hyul), he definitely is way better. compared to ju ji hoon (lee shin), it’s hard to assess because they have different characters. se7en can act pacute, while i don’t know if ju ji hoon can do so because his character is not showy.

00004_4heo ji hye (young soon ae) doesn’t act very well. but she has chemistry with se7en. oooh i just love se7en and hoo and i really can’t dileanate who i like better, the real person or the character. the scenes where hoo is jealous of joon and also his sweet moments with young soon ae are really so nakakakilig.  i feel like a 16-year old again…blushing! how nice it is to be…and/or feel young!

if you’ve got time, watch both. i’ll guarantee you’ll like at least one or better yet…both.

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