coffee prince…a review (in comparison with goong and fullhouse)

i just had to write a review because i don’t want to loose the feeling. i’ve finished watching coffee prince for more than a week now and even though i’m busy and without an ergonomic keyboard, i feel the need to write. 


great story really. totally believable and can happen in real life. the pacing is the best out of all the dramas i’ve watched. there is ample time to show sweet scenes between the two leads, as opposed to my other favorites princess hours and full house, coffee prince, which ended abruptly and i was left asking for more “kilig” moments. (though this took the longest time to watch. i watched full house and goong in 4 days. this one maybe 6 days. probably because of it’s smooth. with full house and goong i was really left anticipating and had butterflies in my stomach i had to finish. coffee prince was more barable to delay. it is such a delight to watch it everyday.)

i also liked how they tackle sex. it was very natural, an important part of  a relationship. it further emphasized the fact that there are no more courtship nowadays. people fall in love and things just kind of fall into place. and it’s also realistic. one thing i particularly like is that there seems to be no clear scene where you can pinpoint that this was when one character liked another. it just seems  normal that feelings are added on their every encounter. (this is with regards to the relationship of han sung and eun chan and vice versa, and han gyul and eun chan and vice versa as well.) i also liked han sung’s line to han gyul that he didn’t give up new york solely because of eun chan, it’s also because he is also enjoying his work in coffee prince. i mean, han gyul is so head over heels in love with eun chan that he really could do it. but that’s not solely the reason and this reason is so realistic and not sugarcoated.


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