an irony: a SAD ending for a HAPPY woman

well i’ve been reading about a happy woman and most sentiment comes from the title, why such, when the main protagonists are unhappy. some were making comments that ji seon and dae gil are much happier even without money, that ji suk and byung gu are happier even with their bickerings, and that jong mi is the happiest of them all.

anyway, the shocking part for me is a sad ending. if that weren’t enough, it’s vague. at 58 episodes, we see ji yeon finally agreeing to be together with junho and they are all leaving for the states for jun ho’s studies. now she is already living with her in-laws. she was serving them food when she sees on TV that tae sop is in critical condition after a shoot-out incident. she was about to leaver, and jun ho, holding eun ji, asks where she is going. a momentary stop, then she rushes out of the house. that;s the ending.

c’mon! that’s no ending at all.

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