Love at first watch: The magic of “Dear Heart” revisited


The magic of “Dear Heart” revisited

It was the film that started it all for Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion. “Direk Danny [Zialcita] wanted my character in the movie to be close to my real self para daw hindi ako mahirapan,” confided Sharon to entertainment columnist-host Ricky Lo when asked about her first film Dear Heart in 1981. As for her leading man, Sharon bluntly confessed that, at first, “Anybody but Gabby Concepcion. I found out na mabait naman pala siya when we started shooting.”

Love at first watch: The magic of “Dear Heart” revisited

Bong Godinez (philippine entertainment portal)

After Sharon was given a recording contract at the age of 12, singer-composer Rey Valera remembers feeling perplexed when he was commissioned to write a song for the young singer. A straight-ahead love song, according to Valera, didn’t seem fit for someone so young.


But Rey wouldn’t allow himself either to write anything like a nursery tune. He toiled for a few days. And then, while riding a jeepney he suddenly came up with a song he’d call “Mr. DJ.”  Valera instinctively knew that he unearthed a gold mine. “Mr. DJ” did become a major hit and the young Sharon Cuneta became a singing sensation.


Sharon charmed her way into the OPM charts and into the hearts of Filipino listeners. Two years after her breakthrough as a recording artist, she was being eyed by some producers to star in a movie.


ANYBODY BUT GABBY. The theme of Sharon’s first film, at only 15, was a no brainer—young love with the usual Romeo-and-Juliet elements, minus Shakespeare’s tragic touch.


Contrary to popular notion, Sharon’s first movie was not produced by Viva Films but by a production outfit known as Sining Silangan. Director Danny Zialcita was tapped to direct the film; part of his job was also to convince the Cuneta household to allow Sharon to jump into acting.


“I was a singer when this movie was offered to me,” said Sharon in an interview with QTV 11’s Ang Pinaka…


Almers De Luna, a proud member of the group Sharon’s Angels, revealed that the Cunetas asked for a P220,000-talent fee, which at the time was a staggering amount for a newcomer. To the disbelief of Sharon’s parents, Sining Silangan agreed to pay the sum without reservation.


“Direk Danny said to my mom, and I will never forget this until the day I die, if the mayor [Sharon’s dad, Pablo Cuneta] and you do not allow Sharon to do this I will never make this movie. I will shelve this forever,” Sharon fondly recalled. “So it was really me.”


Sharon was the only choice for the heroine but the leading man was a  different story. She did not like Gabby.


gabby’s children: video of kc, gabrielle (gary), chloe concepcion

kc and chloe look similar. but kc looks more like gabby and sandra (gabby’s sister)

here’s a link where you can see their photos in the following videos:

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kc concepcion in bathing suit!

(credit: bayo)



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KC Concepcion meets up with dad Gabby in America! – Yes Magazine October 2006 issue




(credit: pep) 

“‘Yung white shirt na suot ko jan ‘yung may ralph lauren teddy bear, that’s papa’s shirt na dapat pantulog lang pero feel na feel ko cos kanya yun. I wore it panlabas he he… I used to do it with my step-dad’s shirts when i was younger, nung 1st few years of marriage nila…”—KC to YES! (YES! October 2006 issue)


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sharon cuneta, kc and gabby concepcion together (video circa 1990s)

gabby, sharon and kc circa 1990s:

kc on ricky lo exclusives:

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KC Concepcion wants to visit her “Papa” Gabby more often

(source: philippine entertainment portal) 

Now that she’s done with her Paris education, KC Concepcion wants to visit her father, former matinee idol Gabby Concepcion, in the United States more often than before.

“We plan to see each other every year. So hopefully, in the next couple of months puwede na po kami magkita ulit. May plano po talaga akong bumalik to go and see him in California,” shared KC last night, September 10, at the press conference of her upcoming TV special for ABS-CBN titled KC From Paris to Pinas, which will be shown on September 23.

Initially, KC’s plan was to visit her ex-matinee idol father—whom she fondly addressed as “Papa”—immediately upon her return from Paris. But her workload and other commitments got in the way.

“Pagbalik ko ho dito [sa Pilipinas], talagang medyo na-excite ako sa trabaho and halos araw-araw ‘yong trabaho ko. Hopefully, makahanap ako ng konting time. Gusto ko right away,” she said.


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