ysabella and judy ann santos…a commentary and what’s bugging me!!!

i didn’t know until recently that star cinema is still into producing television shows. though star cinema and abs-cbn are sister companies, i find the ones produced under star cinema better than abs-cbn, like pangako sa ‘yo and kay tagal kang hinintay. “kaya pala maganda ang istorya ng ysabella and maging sino ka man book 1.”

hindi ko nasubaybayan ang ysabella. partly because of its timeslot. too early. timeslot now is better. but the few episodes i watched are nice. the story seems to be solid, with the right foreshadowing and motives. and it’s not that dragging. pero inis na inis ako sa pag-amoy ni ysay sa pagkain, yun paglagay ng spice na parang knorr or maggi powdered seasoning. overkill! OA!!! (more…)

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judy ann santos…a summary


  • her mom and dad are separated.
  • to augment income, her mom worked in canada as a caregiver, and her brother, jeffrey santos became an actor. (he used to be a matinee idol. it’s funny that judy ann is now the bigger star and jeffrey is often given bad guy roles.)


  •  she started in showbiz young. i saw her in “ula, ang batang gubat” and “dyesebel” (starring alice dixon).
  • mara clara the series catapulted her to stardom.
  • she made a low-budget movie which was a boxoffice, with gladys reyes, but i forgot the title of the movie


  • wowie cruz, her perennial screen partner, was her first love.  she admitted it not until they broke up already. (personally i think he lost his mainstream career when the love team ended. i heard he’s now into theater, and is very recently, trying to enter mainstream again, with judy ann’s manager alfie lorenzo  as his manager as well.)
  • she had a crush on rico yan and apparently she thought he felt the same. soon after rico and claudine barretto became steady, judy ann left the show gimik.
  • in her recent concert anniversary presscon, she told the reporters that there were men who were almost but not quite, disappearing shortly after they made moves. the media speculated that she was referring to wendell ramos and dingdong dantes.
  • her current boyfriend, who, like rico yan, is a la sallian (from the school de la salle university) is ryan agoncillo. they met on the set of “krystala”, but at that time ryan was still in a relationship. judy ann admitted that when ryan broke up with her gf, she immediately asked him to go out (not on the date) but to cool him off his sadness.


  • joyce bernal, her director friend, who directed “don’t give up on us” and judy are as estranged. rumor has it that it was because judy ann, new to her relationship with ryan, requested that her kissing scenes with pilo pascual, be cut from the movie, and for her (joyce) not to tell the fans. joyce told the fans. and this started the rift. (joyce recently directed the movie “paano kita iibigin?”, which didn’t do as expected in the tills. the movie wasn’t that good “daw”, that’s why she was sermoned by star cinema executives. she left to direct gma tv’s “marimar”.)
  • in relation to the issue above, piolo made a comment that he hopes judy ann and ryan are not having problems because of him. ryan was very angry, and wrote an open letter, distributed through an email to the press via his manager noel ferrer. i think ryan’s point is that piolo should not be talking about other people’s relationships.


  • judy ann is a very good actress. i just feel like she was not given good roles before. thank God that isn’t the case anymore. most of her movies were boxoffice success but were really really bad movies. (claudine barretto in my opinion had better movies. though both of them are good.)
  • she’s much prettier and sexier now, attribute that to ryan agoncillo. (she used to be fat and all bulky, especially in the face. “puro mukha”.)
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