filipino celebrity wedding break-ups

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Celebrity weddings and their not so happy endings

What makes celebrity weddings always appear like fairy tales that promise a happy ending?

No doubt, there’s the lofty status of the bride and the groom whose love story unfolded right before our eyes. In the lavish nuptials and wedding reception, fame and affluence go hand-in-hand. And, of course, everyone’s ardent hopes embrace the newly-weds: may their conjugal love last forever.

But very often it doesn’t. Celebrities, who are always susceptible to public scrutiny, must bear the pressure of living up to that magical time. But that’s maybe the reason why it is aptly labeled as a fairy tale anyway.

Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) lists some celebrity weddings that fascinated the public but unfortunately turned into sand castles crumbling in the wave of harsh realities.

Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion. It was pure euphoria when Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion announced their engagement to a nation that was equally in love with them because of their numerous hit romantic movies. Sadly, the marriage broke down. Looking back, a wiser and more forgiving Sharon admitted that irreconcilable differences caused the breakup.


They were the screen love team to beat during their prime in the ‘80s. That the young couple’s reel romance turned real sent their fans wild. Sharon and Gabby announced their engagement to a nation that was in love with them for their numerous hit romantic movies.



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