the buzz and its hosts…a commentary

i love ruffa gutierrez when she hosts. although she doesn’t probe that much and despite her personal problems, she’s light and fun.

i loved kris aquino when she was still there. tsismosa kasi siya, especially about her guests’ relationship.

boy abunda i love the most. as a host, he’s very objective, but with a heart.  he gets the job done during hard interviews because he knows how to ask sensitive questions in a non-offending manner.  he’s intelligent but he can go up and down depending on her interviewee’s intellect. he probes well and is almost thorough. almost because i think there were unaswered points in her interview with angel locsin. first is did angel’s dad impregnated her mom while her mom was working as a maid for her dad. and second is why she was unhappy at gma. (see my commentary at the article entry entitled angel locsin answers all issues thrown at her.)

as a writer unfortanately, i feel that his articles in the philippine star are advertorial and pr-like. parang laging may binenbentang produkto at ineendorsong artista o kung anuman.


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