PART 1: to love again…a detailed summary (sharon cuneta and miguel rodriguez)


SHARON CUNETA…rafaela “raffy” laperal / candida

MIGUEL RODRIGUEZ…bullet / joseph crisologo / alberto alcantara

DANTE RIVERO…don enrico laperal (raffy’s father)

LIZA LORENA…clarita laperal (raffy’s mother)

CHARLIE DAVAO…don ramon (clarita’s old and ardent suitor)

ODETTE KHAN…valerie (raffy’s aunt, enrico’s cousin)

SUSAN VALDEZ…dona lupita alcantara (bullet’s mom)

TONY CARREON…don alfonso alcantara (bullet’s dad)

TOMMY ABUEL…rodolfo (lumberyard doctor)

SUZANNE GONZALES…mina (lumberyard doctor’s wife)

RAMON D’ SALMA…leo de gracias (lumberyard owner)

RODOLFO “BOY” GARCIA… (lumberyard worker)

raffy is forced into a marriage with a man she doesn’t know to save his dad’s name. she came from an old rich family from the south. her dad enrico have had some bad business luck and needed Php 7,000,000. he tried borrowing from a friend but he only had Php 1,000,000 to spare, to which enrico said that it’s all or nothing because one million wouldn’t make much difference. before committing suicide, he has dinner with his wife. 

they have two choices, for her mom clarita to marry don ramon, an old suitor of her mom even before she got married, or for raffy to marry alberto alcantara, son of lupita and don alfonso. clarita thinks it’ll be better for raffy to marry instead of her because her husband has just passed away after all. they have a discussion and although both choices were unacceptable to raffy, she relents.

lupita wants raffy so badly as a daughter-in-law.  she thinks of it as an investment.  the alcantaras is a noveau rich family. clarita mentions that the alta sociedad (high society) still think that their blood is dirty, and marrying into the laperal family would boost their social status. 


lupita goes to see bullet and tell him he has to attend a wedding, and that it is his. at first he thought she was joking. he realized he wasn’t. they have dinner. his dad don alfonso asks him if he’s agreed. and bullet answers yes and no. yes if he gets to like her and no if he doesn’t. lupita answers it will be love at first sight. and then bullet asks his dad that isn’t it healthy to object once in a while, to which his father replied that his secret to a successful marriage is following bullet’s mom.   


on the day that raffy is set to meet the alcantaras, she runs off and flies to manila, remembering what her dad told her to marry for love. she goes to her aunt’s place, who i don’t know if she’s a fashion designer, or somebody who’s just into garments, and tells her she ran away from home and told her not to tell her mother. she asks her for help to find work. 



raffy enters a restaurant and is greeted by friends. one friend jokes that “hindi ba ikakasal ka na?” (aren’t you getting married), to which he replied, muntik na “almost”. there they talk about going about hunting, and one friend mentions that bullet is going to be their financier. raffy excuses herself from her party and goes to make a telephone call to accept a job in a lumberyard. there bullet sees her for the first time. she goes into the comfort room afterwards and was tailed by bullet. he waits until this photographer kept nagging how good he looked and that he could become a moviestar. at this time, raffy leaves the bathroom without bullet noticing. 



funny, the lumberyardmen were on strike, not because of a wage-hike request, or because there was no food (as the place is remote and could only be reached via a chartered plane from manila), but because there was no wine to drink. it really is sort of a comical relief! anyway, their boss leo de gracias flies in to settle the case and sees raffy. leo, the d.o.m., invites her for a drink and raffy can not but accept. the doc’s wife knows all to well leo, as she was the only one who escaped from him. she tells her that leo has this story that it’s the death anniversary of his wife, and so on… she escapes the advances of leo by putting on a pill (sleeping i think). in the morning, boy garcia helps her by telling leo that his wife is looking for him.  



while on the road with two other lumberyardmen, they hear gunshots and raffy runs off to see what’s going on. there were a group of men shooting at two young men. raffy sneezes and these hoodlums hear. an open fire ensues. raffy is a sharp shooter by the way, having taught by his dad.  she sees bullet bleeding and they bring him to their yard.  


they can’t fly him off the place because it’s already late and too dark, the pilot might get into an accident.  


but he needs blood, and raffy donates it to him. while the blood is being transfused, she remembers a fortuneteller telling her she will meet a man, and this man will need her blood. whatever she does, wherever she goes, in whatever circumstance, she will meet him. and if all fall into place, they will be happy. on the other hand, she also sees death.


raffy goes out of her way to go to the log garage and asks the drunk doctor how bullet is.  

RAFFY:  doc, kumusta na ho siya?

DOC:  saan ka ba pumusta buhay o patay? 

RAFFY:  hindi ho ako pumusta eh.

DOC:  bata ka, balat mayaman, maganda. bata siya, balat mayaman, guwapo. sayang naman kung mamatay siya.

RAFFY:  thank you doc. 



as leo is going back to the lumberyard, with the encouragement from the lumberyard workers, she flies back to manila. she visits bullet in the infirmary, without knowing his name.

raffy works in her aunt’s garment factory. one day, bullet pops into her apartment door. the ensuing dialogue is so funny.


BULLET:  hi! 

RAFFY:  anong ginagawa mo dito. how’d you find me?

BULLET:  i’m a hunter.

RAFFY:  so you’re a hunter. ano ako ibon, baboy damo, usa?

BULLET:  no. flower, a beautiful flower.

RAFFY:  thank you but this flower has to sleep.

bullet tells her he owes her for the blood. and she owes him because he waited in the comfort room for three hours. she answers that she saw bullet wait for him and escaped through the window, (which is not true, because she didn’t even see him waiting for her. i think she was just getting rid of him.) funny but when bullet finally leaves she opens the door and sees if he’s still there, which he’s not anymore.


a chauffeur delivers bouquet of roses to raffy in her aunt boutique. she doesn’t know who sent him, but she goes with him anyway. upon reaching the mansion, she asks the chauffeur to finally tell her who sent him. he answers he can’t and she tells her he can give his keys and she can drive herself home. the driver pleads and tells her he has a family to feed. she alights and is greeted by maids. finally bullet appears. 


BULLET:  thank you for coming, you look gorgeous blood sister.….. 

RAFFY: why are you trying to impress me?

BULLET: am i?

RAFFY:  of course…so you’re filthy rich, so what?…(bullet tells her he gets the feeling she doesn’t like him.)


BULLET:  do you always accept an invitation from a total stranger?

RAFFY:  …syempre babae ako eh, i get curious?

BULLET:  but there’s a saying curiosity killed the cat.

RAFFY:  yes, but satisfaction brought it back.

BULLET:  papaano kung nagkataong hindi ako ang total stranger?

RAFFY: kaya ko naman alagaan ang sarili ko…(i have a gun)…

BULLET:  i don’t believe you

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PART 2: to love again…a detailed summary (sharon cuneta and miguel rodriguez)

bullet tells her he is so named because her mom was ambushed while she was pregnant with him, 50 bullets to the car. and she answers i believe you, bullets have a way of finding you. remember he was shot before! witty line. and then he proceeds by asking if she really had a gun in her purse.




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to love again…afterthoughts

(i made a detailed summary. see my previous entry.) 


i so love this movie. but i’ll save that for later. let’s start off with the things that bothered me.

first is the treatment of the suicide issue. i mean it’s a big deal, but i feel that enrico’s name was given more importance, that’s why raffy, and clarita particularly, want to settle all their debts. and imagine, you can still collect insurance pay-out even if the cause of death was suicide, something about the contestability clause that if you have been paying your premium for more than a certain number of years, you can still get a claim.


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