natutulog ba ang diyos? week 13

(source:  abs-cbn website) i just thought of copying it here so that when they decide to put it down people can still view it.

week 13 october 8-11 

Boy and Tina confront Patria about what they heard from Mike, and Patria tells them the truth: Andrew is their real sibling, and not Gillian! She adds that Bernardo switched the two babies at birth, and shares that she really didn’t want it at all. Tina walks out, and tells Patria that she wants to be alone. On the other hand, Rose asks Andrew if he’s really sure about his kidney donation, and he says that maybe his move will make Bernardo give Gillian back, as he loves her very much!

Bernardo lashes out at God, as Gillian says there can be many complications in regards to Patria’s kidney transplant. He then tells Gillian that he’s going to release her soon, and leaves Gillian behind. He calls up Andrew, and tells him to meet up with him at the hospital at twelve midnight. On the other hand, Tina tries to lead Patria out of the hospital, and mysteriously tells her mother that somebody’s waiting for her! It turns out that Bernardo is outside, hiding in the dark! Soon, Mark and Trish drop by Patria’s room, only to find it empty!

Outside, Bernardo explains himself, and tells them that he’s afraid to go to jail. He adds that he only did those things so that he can give his family a better future, and hopes that his children will see it in a positive light. Patria then tells him that they understand where he’s coming from, but his methods are wrong, as he involved a lot of innocent people. She adds that she’s undergoing a kidney transplant, as they already found a kidney donor, and pleads that Bernardo return Gillian to her rightful parents. Bernardo then apologizes to his kids, and asks them to tell Andrew that he’s sorry. He then leaves, as he thinks that Andrew isn’t prepared to meet him yet.

Soon, Andrew leaves for his meeting with Bernardo, while Mark calls up Mike, to tell him that Patria, Boy and Tina are not in Patria’s room! Mark and Trish then start to leave the hospital, and catch a glimpse of Bernardo on the run!


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natutulog ba ang diyos? week 12

(source:  abs-cbn website) i just thought of copying it here so that when they decide to put it down people can still view it.

week 12 october 1-4 

Andrew drags Gillian to his car, and shows her the results of the DNA test, and Gillian finds out that she is Rose and Mike’s real daughter! Andrew then pours out all his gut feelings towards her, making Gillian angry, as she thinks that he’s keeping things from her! Meanwhile, Bernardo makes up his mind: he will kidnap Gillian in order to milk money from Mike and Rose! As such, he leads his family out of their house, to a safe hiding place. Unfortunately, Gillian wasn’t around, so she goes home to an empty house once again. Bernardo then tells her that Patria got rushed to the hospital and that they need to attend to her immediately! Gillian at first, doubts him, but her sympathy gets the better of her so she tags along Bernardo as well! Bernardo then drags Gillian to a car, and Tina sees all of it!

Soon, it dawns on Gillian that she got kidnapped, and tries to escape! However, Bernardo threatens Gillian that he’s going to kill her real parents if ever she tries to escape! Meanwhile, Rose and Mike settle things with their lawyer, and Mike decides to head to Bernardo’s house with the police! On the other hand, Patria gets an attack, as she hasn’t taken her medicines yet. Unfortunately, she and Boy are locked inside a safehouse, so there’s no means of going out!

On the other hand, Andrew feels bad about everything, but Rose finally explains to him the reason why they took the DNA test: they want to prove that Bernardo was lying, when he told them that Andrew is his real child!  Andrew then feels that his whole life is a lie, but Rose assures him that they had always treated him as a son, and that feeling has always been real, and that they’ll do everything in their power to keep both him and Gillian under their wing. She then apologizes for keeping everything from Andrew at first, as they don’t know how to tell him the truth!

Soon, Mike calls up Rose to tell her that Bernardo has kidnapped Gillian! As such, Andrew volunteers himself to help out, as he knows Bernardo can’t hurt him, for he is his real son! He then asks help from Mark, and tells him about their dilemma, and that he is Bernardo and Patria’s real son! Soon, Boy rushes to their house to get Patria’s medicines, and finds himself surrounded by Mike and the police! Boy then tells Mike about Patria’s condition, and finds her lying on the floor! Rose then gets a call from Bernardo, telling her that he needs ten million pesos in exchange for Gillian’s freedom!


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natutulog ba ang diyos? episode guide

Episode 54- 101407
Andrew, Mark and Gillian’s epic story comes to an end.
Sineserye Presents Natutulog ba ang Diyos
Episode 53 – 101007
Bernardo dies!
Sineserye Presents Natutulog ba ang Diyos
Episode 52 – 100907
Things go awry as Gillian escapes.
Sineserye Presents Natutulog ba ang Diyos
Episode 51 – 100407
Bernardo explains himself to his family.
Sineserye Presents Natutulog ba ang Diyos
Episode 50 – 100307
Rose confronts Patria!
Sineserye Presents Natutulog ba ang Diyos
Episode 49 – 100207
Rose is determined to pay ransom.
Sineserye Presents Natutulog ba ang Diyos
Episode 48 – 100107
Bernardo kidnaps Gillian!


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natutulog ba ang diyos? week 11

(source:  abs-cbn website) i just thought of copying it here so that when they decide to put it down people can still view it.

week 11 september 24-27 

Bernardo falls asleep on Raul’s couch, after a night’s worth of drinking, unaware that Patria has already collapsed! Meanwhile, Gillian goes to Karla, who tells her that her mother is getting transferred to the city jail, as Rose and Mike pushed through with the case against her! They soon pay a visit to Minerva in jail, and Minerva tells Gillian her apologies, as they got dragged in the mess she created! On the other hand, Bernardo goes to the hospital to find Patria weak. As such, Boy tries to find a way to get 25,000 pesos for his mother’s dialysis! As luck would have it, he bumps into Andrew, and he lashes at him!

Boy then goes to a 5-6, to try to borrow 25,000 pesos! However, he gets turned down, as his capacity to pay is quite doubtful! Soon Boy heads to the hospital in tears, and Andrew follows him. On the other hand, Mike tells Rose that they’re going to push through with the DNA test, and he assures his wife that they’ll never give up Andrew that easily, and he’ll make Bernardo pay for what they did to Gillian, if ever she turns out to be their real child!

Soon, Boy tells her mother a lie, saying that she’s going to get better, and Andrew overhears this. Patria then tells Boy to give up, as she feels that her body is about to give. Andrew then goes home, and talks with his mother, and apologizes for being rude, as he got shocked by Gillian’s disappearance! Rose then tells her that Gillian’s disappearance is making her uncomfortable, and she feels really guilty for everything.

At the hospital, Boy and Patria discover that a mysterious benefactor paid for her dialysis, much to their surprise, and joy! One night, Bernardo and his friend Raul drink, and Raul tells him that they should use force on Mike, so they can get what they want! Soon, Andrew celebrates his birthday, and sadly remembers Gillian, who’s supposed to celebrate her birthday as well! Mike then arrives, and hands them their plane tickets to the States, and tells Rose and Andrew that they’re leaving for the States the following day!


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natutulog ba ang diyos? week 10

(source:  abs-cbn website) i just thought of copying it here so that when they decide to put it down people can still view it.

week 10 september 17-20

In a fit of rage, Bernardo tells Andrew that he and Patria are his real parents! This disturbs Andrew a lot, so he heads to Patria for a confrontation! Unfortunately for Patria, he begs her to tell him that Bernardo was lying, and that she’s not his real mother! This hurts Patria a lot, but she tells Andrew what he wants to hear. Satisfied, Andrew leaves the place, and gives her money, as he thinks that the only thing that they’re after!

On the other hand, Rose snoops in Andrew’s room while he’s gone, and he sees a ring Andrew’s supposed to give Gillian! She gets enraged by this, and confronts Andrew the minute he got home! As such, Andrew tries to cover up for this by saying that it’s a one-sided relationship, as Gillian is too focused on her studies to be bothered by romance. However, Rose warns him that she will personally send Gillian away if she finds out that two are having a relationship!

As such, Andrew tries to sneak out one day to have a little chat with Gillian. However, he sees her talking with Mark, making him stop dead in his tracks. Mark then comments how far the two have gone already, as he thinks Gillian and Andrew have been together since their trip to Baguio. Gillian says that it’s barely a year that they have been together, making Mark wonder! However, he soon gets a chance to talk to her afterwards, and blurts out that he has confirmed Patria’s sickness! This makes Gillian mad, as she thinks that as a boyfriend, Andrew shouldn’t have held anything from her! Soon, Mark arrives at Andrew’s house and angrily lunges at him, throwing both themselves in the pool.


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natutulog ba ang diyos? week 9

(source:  abs-cbn website) i just thought of copying it here so that when they decide to put it down people can still view it.

week 9 september 10-13

Bernardo tells Andrew that he is his real father, and Patria is his biological mother! This takes Andrew off guard, and he begins to doubt his identity as Rose and Mike’s son. Things head a turn for the worse as Andrew’s grades drop, and an angry Mike wonders out loud from whom exactly he got his grades, as he and Rose were good students before. Unable to take it anymore, Andrew tells Mike that maybe he’s not their son, and walks out.

Soon, Rose goes to his son’s room, and he asks her whether he’s adopted. Rose of course, debunks this, and assures his son that he’s their child. Rose talks to Mike about this, and her husbnad mentions that Bernardo dropped by their house to ask for help, as Patria’s condition is getting worse. Rose then wonders whether Bernardo and Patria are glued to their lives forever.

Andrew gets into a fight with his friends, as they make fun of Gillian, as she’s a maid. However, that doesn’t change his feelings for Gillian a bit.


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natutulog ba ang diyos? week 8

(source:  abs-cbn website) i just thought of copying it here so that when they decide to put it down people can still view it.

week 7 september 3-6

Patria drives Gillian away, as she knows that she’s better off with her real parents! Gillian then wonders about this and talks to Andrew, thinking that maybe she’s not Patria and Bernardo’s real daughter!

Meanwhile, an angry Rose attends to Mike’s needs, who pleads her to trust him, which she doesn’t agree to, out of anger. Bernardo then asks his friend, Raul, to help him get back Mike’s five million from the goons he hired before, but Patria asks him to stop, and the two end up fighting.

Mike soon goes home, and Gillian welcomes them. However, Rose treats her coldly! On the other hand, Bernardo gives Patria a fishball stand, but Tina treats her harshly, while Boy applies for a carwash job! Rose then goes to lunch with Emma, and Emma tells her it’s okay to treat Gillian harshly, even if Rose tells her that she’s feeling guilty already.

Mike also tells Gillian to be patient with Rose, and a kind-hearted Gillian tells him that it’s okay with her. Tina then hurls insults at Patria, hurting Patria! Soon Boy pays Gillian a visit to happily tell her that Patria drove her away so that she will have a good life!


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natutulog ba ang diyos? week 7

(source:  abs-cbn website) i just thought of copying it here so that when they decide to put it down people can still view it.

week 7 august 27-30

Patria finally softens up to Gillian, and offers her to go to school! On the other hand, Mark finds doing the commercial difficult, and Trish advises him to think of the woman he loves, so as to do a good job! Meanwhile, Gillian notices that Mark hasn’t been around lately, while Mark ends up doing a great performance!

Meanwhile, Bernardo calls up his goons and tells them about Mike’s meeting with Minerva, as he’s about to give her five million pesos in a certain warehouse! At home, Bernardo tells Patria about his plans, that he’s going to get his share of Minerva’s five million pesos as well! Patria prohibits him to go, but Bernardo leaves, and he and Mike go on their way. Soon, Bernardo’s goons act out, and Mike ends up getting shot!

Rose gets worried about Mike, and a fidgety Andrew ends up telling her the truth! Soon, Bernardo calls up Rose, to tell her that Mike got shot! Patria sends Gillian to Mike’s house to ask about Bernardo and Mike, and a tearful Rose tells her that Mike got shot! Karla also heads straight to Gillian, to tell her everything! At the hospital, a doctor informs Rose that Mike is in a 50-50 condition! An angry Andrew confronts Bernardo, and tells him that he should be the one who got shot instead of Mike! Meanwhile, Rose asks Andrew if ther’s something that his father is still hiding from her!


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natutulog ba ang diyos? week 6

(source:  abs-cbn website) i just thought of copying it here so that when they decide to put it down people can still view it here.

week 6 august 20-23

Patria starts to tell Andrew the truth, but gets interrupted by Bernardo! As such, Andrew walks out, telling Bernardo that  he already knows the truth! This surprises Bernardo, but Andrew continues by telling him about Minerva’s blackmail! He angrily threatens Bernardo again, as his family became Minerva’s victims all because of them!

On the other hand, Mike and Rose get into a confrontation, and Mike ends up explaining that the woman in the picture is not his mistress, but only a one night stand, which happened more than fifteen years ago! Rose gets reassured, while Mike tells Andrew not to tell Rose that Patria’s in the picture, so as not to cause more trouble.

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing within Patria’s family, as Tina voices out her hatred towards her mother, and adds that she will run away if given the chance! Also, Patria tells Bernardo how much she wants to reclaim Andrew, and grieves over the mess they got into. At their mansion, Mike tries to convince Andrew that hiding the identity of the woman in the picture from Rose, is the best thing to do, but Andrew remains unconvinced.


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natutulog ba ang diyos? week 5 minerva blackmails mike

(source:  abs-cbn website) i just thought of copying it here so that when they decide to put it down people can still view it.

week 5 august 13-16

Patria preps up for her surgery, and Rose helps the whole family out by letting her transfer to a private room. On the other hand, Mike helps Gillian out in his own way, by closing Minerva’s night club, as he’s aware that Gillian was sent by Patria to the said place to become a dancer!

Minerva of course, throws a fit, but eventually discovers that Mike had a fling with Patria! As such, she decides to close the bar, and just get money from Mike by blackmailing him! Soon, her daughter Karla comes home, as she thinks that Minerva’s been imprisoned due to the recent raid at the nightclub! Minerva then gets the ball rolling by calling up Rose, and hints that Mike is hiding something from her!

Meanwhile, Patria’s being sent in the operating room, and Mark pays them a visit. With him is Trish, Mike’s wealthy client’s daughter, whom Gillian mistakes as his girlfriend! Will she stop seeing Mark because of Trish?


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