fated to love you (命中注定我爱你) : One night stand love not ended

credit to meosles of asianfanatics for translating!

One night stand love not ended

Source: http://ol.mingpao.com/cfm/star5.cfm?File=2…/saa03/mzi6.txt
Translated by meosles@asianfanatics.net

The popularity of Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan’s Taiwanese idol drama “Fated To Love You” is unstoppable. Since it aired in March, the ratings keep rising and easily beat opponents like Mike He, Jiro Wang, Joe Cheng and Vic Zhou etc. When episode 12 aired last Sunday, it even set a record rating of 7.84 on average with the highest segment reaching 9.23. They keep on holding one celebration dinner after another. Ethan Ruan has previously promised to swim naked if the ratings break 10. Looking at the situation, he has to train his body fit now!

“Fated” is a simple, charming and heartwarming drama that makes you laugh between tears. And the outstanding performance of Chen Qiao En, Ethan Ruan and the supporting cast plays a huge part in its success, especially the ordinary looking Chen Qiao En. She has a unique affinity that draws the audience into her character, causing them to experience sadness, happiness and pain together with her. Since “Prince Turned To Frog”, her acting skill has improves greatly. Ethan Ruan’s performance in a scene where Qiao En had a miscarriage in an accident wins him praises. It is rumored that his role was originally offered to Qiao En’s “screen lover” Ming Dao. But “Tian En” match actually gives off a fresh feeling.

Enter wrong room go to wrong bed


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maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: XIV. finale


Maging Sino Ka Man

33 – 052207
Someone swears to get revenge on Eli!
Maging Sino Ka Man
JB sings with such gusto one night, as Celine as among the audience, watching him from a distance. Amang then approaches her, and tells her that JB’s performance is something that tugs at the heartstrings, a frist ever since JB started singing in his bar! On the other hand, Gloria, Mang Simo, Guada, Aling Bebeng all go to the island and for the first time since JB’s disappearance, everyone’s reunited once again. Meanwhile, Corazon reads JB’s letter, telling her of his whereabouts, and adding that if she has time, it would be great if the she’ll come visit him. On another part of the country, a bitter young man recalls the past, specifically when he and his gang cornered Dadoods and Eli, after which a man fired several gun shots at his friends! Thinking that Eli is behind all this, the young man swears vengeance!


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maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: XIII. starting again


Maging Sino Ka Man

29 – 042707
Jackie, Celine and Eli leave!
Maging Sino Ka Man
Celine tearfully says goodbye to Marsha, as she says that she needs ot take care of herself first. Jackie bids Gloria goodbye as well, and Gloria tearfully sees her off. In the car, Jackie silently cries, as Celine offers to give her comfort.

Eli also sets out on his own journey, to find himself, leaving his mother in tears. Meanwhile, Jackie finally lands in her mother’s arms, while JB reminisces by the sea on his own. Celine, on the other hand, happily fishes through pictures of Marsha, who’s grown up!

Eli then lands on his destination, and is happily welcomed by the caretaker of the house. Left to himself, he goes through various pictures, and comes across Jackie’s. Will Eli be really alright by himself?


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maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: XII. a new jb


Maging Sino Ka Man

27 – 041207
JB leaves!
Maging Sino Ka Man
Corazon goes home to find JB gone, and angrily storms to Celine’s place, thinking that her son is there! Of course, Celine doesn’t know JB’s whereabouts, and Corazon sends her a flurry of insults as a response! With the loss of her husband and her child, Celine’s has had enough, and threatens to kill Corazon with relish the minute that woman steps into her household! Scared, Croazon flees!On the other hand, Jackie and Eli settle in different rooms, as they have decided to have a little distance from each other. Meanwhile, Corazon storms to Gloria’s house, demanding her son’s whereabouts, soon leaving Gloria in tears. Meanwhile, Celine visits Bryan’s remains, and pours out her heart to him.


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maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: XI. reversal of fortune


Maging Sino Ka Man

24 – 032307
Jackie finally meets the real Yvette Ramos!
Maging Sino Ka Man
Corazon isn’t left with a choice, but to sell her house to Tomas, and move into a condo unit with JB. Meanwhile, JB tells her that he didn’t get the job. Swimming in their problems, both mother and son still try to be strong for each other, and keep their heads up besides the odds that are against them.Aling Bebeng, just like her husband, takes a blow from Eli, when she tried to settle a date for him and Jackie, and tells Mang Simo that she misses the simple life in the province.

On the other hand, Jackie fixes up a treat for Eli and Gloria, when Yvette pays Eli an unexpected visit. The jealous Jackie finally confronts her, lets her know that she is Eli’s wife, and that she will not let someone like Yvette ruin their marriage. As such, Eli and Jackie erupt into a heated fight afterwards. Soon, Jackie tells Eli to just fire a shot to her head to finish things off, so that both of them will finally be happy.


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maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: X. karma


Maging Sino Ka Man

22 – 030807
Fidel ends up in a hospital!
Maging Sino Ka Man
Now, it’s Fidel’s turn to suffer, and he lies incapacitated in a hospital: broke, unable to do anything. It seems that finally, the king has fallen, destroyed by the very people he trampled on before! It is in this state that Jackie sees him, with tears freely flowing from his daughter’s eyes. People visit him with various motives, always at the opposite end of the spectrum: while Jackie sees him out of love, Corazon visits him out of spite.As such, Jackie begs for Eli’s mercy, even going as far as saying that she will be his slave, in return for Eli’s favor towards her father! She just rcently heard that Eli is pulling all his accounts from the bank, and encouraging Fidel’s clients to do the same, leaving the Madrigals with virtually no money left. However, Eli turns a deaf ear to his wife’s cries, and leaves her alone crying!


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maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: IX. revenge


Maging Sino Ka Man

20- 022307
Jackie finally gets her freedom.
Maging Sino Ka Man
mskm022307.jpgEli ushers in Mang Simo and Aling Bebeng in his new house, and introduces them to his mother. Gloria adds that they shouldn’t feel awkward around them, and profusely thanks them for taking good care of her son. What was supposedly a happy reunion gets interrupted by an awkward pause, as Mimay accidentally brings up a fond memory of her “ate Princess”, Eli’s star-crossed lover, Jackie.

Gloria can’t help but feel uncomfortable, not because the unexpected issue of Jackie was raised, but because of Fidel and Eli’s constant bickering. As such she confronts her son, and again tells him to stop craving for revenge, as it won’t bring him any good. However, Eli sticks to his own convictions, despite his mother’s pleas.

As Fidel’s buisness problems continue to escalate, he gives his daughter a heart to heart talk about living one’s own life, and came to the conclusion that he wants his dughter to be free and take the reins of her own life, even if that equates breaking off her marriage with JB! A surprised Jackie asks why, and Fidel replies by saying that he only wants happiness for his daughter. He apologizes for being the source of Jackie’s misery, and wishes only happiness for his unica hija.


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maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: VIII. the new eli


Maging Sino Ka Man

18 – 020707
Despite their blood relationship, Eli and JB still hate each other’s guts.
Maging Sino Ka Man
mskm020707-2.jpgEli, who has just been reunited with his mother Gloria, tells her all about the trials and tribulations he has gone through. His mother, on the other hand, is adamant about all this, but tells him that the only thing that kept her going all through these years was her yearning to be with her son again. Eli is glad that his mom is on her road to recovery.


Meanwhile, Gloria finds Eli’s birth certificate, and regains a lost part of her past. She remembers finding out that her infant son has mysteriously disappeared. She remembers running out in the rain, desperately seeking him. And she remembers overhearing Corazon on the phone with Fidel, arranging her son’s disappearance. And thus she gets in touch with the root of her depression. Angrily, she confronts her sister, who is shocked to learn that Fidel meant to kill her nephew.


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maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: VII. old secrets revealed


Maging Sino Ka Man

16 – 012407
Eli’s horrified. Mang Oca’s the mastermind behind Jackie’s kidnapping.
Maging Sino Ka Man

Celine pretends her caller was someone from the Women’s Center. She then puts of her cellphone and declares it low on batteries. She tries to excuse herself from the table but Fidel tells her the call can wait. Celine tries to call Eli back in her car but this time he was the one who was out of reach. Imelda suspects something and tries to squeeze the truth from her daughter to the point of even checking Celine’s phone. Good thing Celine had managed to delete Eli’s number so her mom could not prove anything. Eli on the other hand resolves to go back to Manila. He leaves Jackie in the care of Mang Simo and Aling Bebang. Bebang could not help but cry at the sight of Jackie, who gives her a tight hug. The young woman tells her she looks familiar but dismissed the thought.


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maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: VI. turnpoint


Maging Sino Ka Man

14 – 010907
JB didn’t have the courage to break Jackie’s heart.
Maging Sino Ka Man

JB apologized fervently to Celine. He’s ready to face the world and declare his love for her. Their big problem now is how to break the news to Jackie gently. Celine shares her predicament with her mother. Jackie will understand her wouldn’t she? Imelda tells her to think twice about her and JB’s decision.

Fidel and Monique’s dinner date pushes through. Corazon was surprised to find Monique at a posh restaurant. She started bad mouthing her not knowing Fidel was accompanying her. She tries to make Monique feel out of place and starts talking business with Fidel, but he shoos her away. Monique accidentally drops her wallet and Fidel sees that she still keeps their family picture with her. Corazon was seething at the other table while all these was happening. She vows that if she is unhappy, everyone must also be in misery.


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