lobo episode guide: episodes 100-118


Episode 101 – 061809
More couples in love: Manolo-Lady Elle, Rodolfo-Nessa & Yani-Zoe

Love begets love on Lyka and Noah’s wedding day. Prior to the ceremony, Manolo asks for Lady Elle’s hand in marriage while Yani begins his courtship of Zoe. Rodolfo on the other hand expresses his attraction towards Nessa. As for Gaby, Lyka finally convinces her to do her duty as Noah’s best man. With such good tidings, love is truly in the air but unfortunately, danger as well. Anton is still hell-bent on destroying the wedding with his continuous massacre of the innocent. And it seems that he has an unidentified accomplice who will help him assassinate Noah. Will Lyka be widowed even before her married life begins? How will Trixie prevent the danger ahead if she refuses to accept her gift of clairvoyance? And where is Tikboy going right before the occasion starts? Is he off to the house from his dreams again? Is this the same place from Trixie’s ominous visions? Find out all the answers tonight on Lobo.









Episode 102 – 061908
Noah and Lyka tie the knot

An unforgettable wedding ceremony unfolds with Noah and Lyka’s much-awaited union. Their endless struggles in the past few months have made this moment all the more poignant because finally, the star-crossed lovers end up together. As such, they can’t help but be moved to tears while exchanging their personalized vows as husband and wife.


Meanwhile, Gaby walks out the church and locks herself in the ladies’ room where she cries over her unrequited love for Noah. Alec soon follows her and offers her comfort in his arms. With their guard down, they fail to notice the suspicious-looking waiter who’s hired by Anton to assassinate Noah.


Back at the church, Trixie gets attacked by one of her visions again. Then suddenly, Lyka transforms into a wolf, human being, then wolf again in rapid succession. Noah however is at a loss as to how he will attend to his bride. Will the gunman succeed in killing Noah? How will they find the man behind all the mayhem?

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lobo episode guide: episodes 81-100

Episode 81 – 052108
Noah and Lyka: still at odds over their mission

Noah’s decision to join the Lunas has become the bone of contention between Lyka and himself. Noah is also troubled by Lyka’s insistence that not all men-wolves are bad. Silva makes the situation worse by telling Noah that Lyka may have been brainwashed by the people at the House of Elle. Noah’s anger is further fuelled when he learns that Alec Aragon is a werewolf.


In the meantime, Lady Elle worries that the Stone of Remus will stay out of Lyka’s reach because of her grudge against the black wolves. She’s also unable to stop Lyka from going with Alec to pursue the wolf responsible for Leon’s death. While looking for the wolf, they almost capture Nessa who was in her black wolf form. Until when can Nessa hide her identity? What awaits the men-wolves with the advent of the third full moon? Don’t miss Noah’s first Luna operation tonight on Lobo.

Episode 82 – 052208
Noah reveals Alec’s ‘true nature’ to Lyka

The third sign of peril has come! All men-wolves now bear the mark of the red moon in the palm of their hands. More alarming than that however is the violence that pervades the night of the full moon. Many lives of men-wolves are killed because of Ylvana’s decision to punish all black wolves with death, and the Lunas’ tactical operations as well.


Meanwhile, Lyka almost kills an ordinary black wolf in her desperation to find Leon’s killer. Her hatred is soon diminished however when she later heard the woman’s plight in life because of her cursed nature. Feeling guilty of her shameful deed, Noah seeks her beloved Noah for comfort.


Just like Lyka, Noah is equally filled with mixed emotions after he callously killed his share of wolves that same night. In spite of his self-doubts, he did not hesitate to install a tracking device under Alec’s car the next day. He almost gets caught but he explains that he’s merely waiting for Lyka.


But as soon as Alec gets out of their sight, Noah warns Lyka that the former is a dangerous wolf!Will Lyka tell Lady Elle that the Lunas already know about Alec’s secret identity? Or will she refrain from betraying Noah’s trust in her?




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lobo episode guide: episodes 61-80



Episode 61 – 042308
Lyka is ready to become the savior of the werewolves.

Nessa and Lyka are now staying at Lady Elle’s house where they learn about the black wolves and the Lunas. Later on, Lyka dreams of a man in ancient warrior garb who asks her if she’s really ready for her mission. When she stumbles upon his portrait the next day, she learns from Lady Elle that he was the clan’s protector 500 years ago, the last time the red moon had risen. Will this man be involved in Lyka’s training to become the savior of the werewolves?


Meanwhile, Nessa is troubled to discover that she has become a black wolf. Many years ago on the night of Emil’s death, she had attacked a human being—who happened to be Anton—which means she needs to face the council and whatever punishment they may hand out. What awaits her once Lady Elle and Lyka learn her secret? Don’t miss the beginning of Lyka’s preparation for the coming of the red moon on Lobo, weeknights, after Kung Fu Kids on Primetime Bida.




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lobo episode guide: episodes 41-60


Episode 41 – 032608
Lyka is reunited with her mother.

Being reunited with Noah and her mother becomes a sad affair as Lyka faces the danger of her own condition, her mother’s failing health and Noah’s charges in the military. She further endangers their lives however when she insisted on having her mother checked through Andrew?s contact. But just like Noah’s prediction, the Lunas succeed in tracing their location while he was in the hospital with Nessa. Back in their hideout, Gaby tries to fool Lyka into believing that the military wants Noah dead if he would still persist in escaping his arrest. Will Lyka fall into this trap?


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lobo: complete detailed episode summaries


i just found that there are quite a number of bloggers making unofficial detailed episode summaries. if i have time i would continue pasting the official episode guides and recaps from the abs-cbn website.

so here’s a list where you can read them:


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lobo: the transformation (of lyka)



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lobo episode guide: episodes 21-40


Episode 21 – 022508
Nessa fakes her obedience


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the waya vs the luna


There are three types of taong lobo: 

          1.  ORDINARY TAONG LOBO – who transform only during a full moon

          2.  THE WAYA – the aristocrat taong lobo, who can transform at will


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lobo: the origin


(credit: pep)

This ambitious project was originally pitched to ABS-CBN three years ago during a scriptwriting workshop for future shows of the network. Newcomer Mark Anthony Bunda gave the concept for Lobo and it was further developed by Star Television’s creative team led by Creative Manager Ricky Lee.


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lobo: behind the scenes!

check out the behind the scenes, courtesy of sixthfiddler! click this:


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