what’s wrong with wordpress?!!!

my categories are all messed up!!! i had to redo most of them!

error appears everytime!!!

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can’t edit even before and after publishing…why???

i am editing an article and whether it’s the save and continue editing or save button i use, it doesn’t work.  the thing is, once i use any of those buttons, the page refreshes and even the dashboard acknowledges that the article has been edited. but after the page refreshes and even when i look at the view site, it’s still the old one. i’ve tried it more than 15x at different times and circumstances.

does it have something to do with the fact that i have many photos that everytime i push the edit button the page loads with error? and also the fact that i have a dial-up connection?

anyone who knows what’s happening and how it can be resolved? do drop me a line through comments.

thanks! 🙂

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welcome contributors!!!

i’d like to expand this site, but i think i wouldn’t be able to write as much as i should. so i am welcoming contributors. just paste your article in the comment section.  if it does fit my blog, i’ll edit and publish it. of course i’ll credit the writer. (please make sure though that they your articles are not plagiarized, or if you are lifting articles, cite the source so i can credit it to them.)

feel free to post your comments as well. it’s nice to have some kind of interaction.

thanks and enjoy!

marie_s of dramaville

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