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In “Fated to Love You”, Chen Qiao En brought alive the character of sticky note girl “Chen Xin Yi” who is a kind girl with unappealing looks, someone that anyone can call upon and then wave away. In reality though, she acted out two dramas that one after the other broke the Taiwan idol drama’s ratings record. For Qiao En, who finds even dating a form of sacrificing her freedom, will she be a sticky note girl? Without even thinking, she immediately answered “NO!”

Her career – Accepts exposing body if necessary for the script

Q: Is “Fated” really your last idol drama?
A: Actually, it’s not confirmed. I’ve acted out many of those fairytale like characters of idol dramas already and I only want to try out different roles, like a thriller film or a baddie. If there’s suitable roles in idol dramas, I will still act in them. I just hope to have some breakthrough.

Q: What made you decide to attempt a bed scene for “Fated”?
A: The most important thing was that the script required it, revealing up to a certain extent is ok. As long as the plot can convince me! And I’ve taken on one drama after another, I want to attempt things that I have yet attempted. A reported asked me before if I would allow up to Tang Wei’s extent? That is definitely impossible. When filming, we have to think of a lot of factors, such as family and friends and their feelings after viewing. I accept exposing myself but not without a limit.

Q: “Fated” went from being looked down on to being the in thing, how do you personally feel?
A: It’s good enough if I’ve done it well! For all of my dramas, I’ve put in a lot of effort but it’s just that everyone happens to accept “Fated”. Now that me and Ethan can create a record together, regardless of whether I can break my own record again, whenever I think back to this, it will definitely make me happy!

Her relationship – Not willing to be sticky note girl

Q: Will you be willing to be sticky note girl?
A: No! I’m the type of person that lives in my own world. I seldom notice what other people is doing and I’m not the type who can serve others. Around me, there are a lot of sticky note type girls. I admire them but I won’t become them.

Q: Will you be willing to pay off the debt for your partner?
A: Not willing! I feel that love is something that is joyful. If money gets involved, the relationship changes substance. That relationship will no longer be something happy. But of course, if that partner is my husband, there’s a family, there’s children, then I will definitely be willing to pay off his debt, if not, what can be done?!

Q: Do you object to pregnancy out of wed-lock?
A: I don’t object. I really admire Sylvia Chang’s thinking and courage. If my body and financial capability allows, I will not object to such thing. The current society is no longer the type where we have to follow traditional style and walk into marriage. And I won’t get pregnant accidentally! It’ll definitely be done after great thoughts and considerations.

Q: The biggest sacrifice you will make for your partner is?
A: My biggest sacrifice will be freedom. I’m very independent and I don’t need people accompanying me, my cat is enough. Sometimes, after work, I will be very tired and upon reaching home, all I want to do will be to walk televsion alone or go on the internet. I don’t like talking. With a boyfriend, I will definitely spend time accompanying him and I will attempt to change myself and give time to him so that our relationship can be kept secured.

Q: “Prince turned to Frog” and “Fated” which you both act in as the female lead both became the highest rated idol drama in Taiwan one after the other, if you have to choose one of the two male leads to go through the next half of your life with you, will you choose Ming Dao or Ethan Ruan?
A: Neither! They are both very talkative and like a little kid, living with them will be too exhausting! I can live the next half of my life alone, no one needs to accompany me!

Q: If the drama plot takes place in real life on you, meaning one day you wake up to find yourself lying next to a stranger, what will be your immediate reaction?
A: I will first be stunned! I’ll wake him up to find out what went on and then try to make friends. Actually, I won’t do one night stand but if it really happens, I will lie towards “Chen Xin Yi”‘s response, getting to know the other party. For all I know, it could turn out to be a successful marriage! Haha!

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  1. ir’s interesting that Qiao En wouldn’t chose either of her famous leading men as her real life partner! Apparently, she fairly recently broke up with her longtime Australian boyfriend Michael. One article I read said it was because she wanted to put a career in films before marriage and a family–which is what he wanted.

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