Not fated to be a couple in the previous era; Ethan and Qiao En comes together on big screen

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Not fated to be a couple in the previous era; Ethan and Qiao En comes together on big screen

The period drama version of “Fated to Love You” has been confirmed to have ended before it even began. Ethan and Qiao En are not able to be “Husband and wife in previous era” and can only wait till the movie version to “continue their earlier destiny”!

Forced to stop acting as husband and wife in an earlier era
Before Ethan and Qiao En guest star in TTV and SETTV’s “Invincible Shan Bao Mei” as the “Mr and Mrs Ji”, there were plans to specially bring “Fated to Love You” to the ancient times and let them act as husband and wife. When the producer Chen Yu Shan was asked, she confirmed that “There was indeed such a plan. And they even went for costume fitting already.” However, because of the script’s problem and the difficulty in getting the cast’s schedule to fit, the originally plan of having 2 episodes of the period drama of “Fated to Love You” being filmed in 2 weeks, was forced to stop.

In that 2 episode of special, Ethan was a poor family’s child called “Ji Tian Ding” in his previous life and Qiao En was the daughter of a rich landowner’s little wife called “Chen Wang Shi”. Due to some accident, the two became husband and wife. Chen Yu Shan laughed and said that besides showing how “Mr and Mrs Ji” were destined to be together in their previous life too, the episodes would have showed how the “Legend (Chuan Cheng)” soap and “Lord Ginger (Jiang Wang Ye)” originated. The storyline is very funny and she finds it a pity that it wasn’t filmed in the end.

“Fated” might have movie version
As for how “Fated” will end, which is what most people are curious about, Chen Yu Shan expressed that they will not disappoint the fans. Yesterday, Ethan and Qiao En’s wedding photo was revealed first and although it was meant as “Go Olympics!”, it seemed to hint towards a perfect ending for “Fated” too.

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