Chen Qiao En rise to fame with “Fated”; Developing in mainland

Chen Qiao En rise to fame with “Fated”; Developing in mainland
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Note: I compiled the articles into one (Stuff repeated and not related to Qiao En (as in on Guo De Gang, Liu Hua – the two that Qiao En filmed the drama with) has not been translated)

On Qiao En’s upcoming drama/endorsement and the cast’s popularity leap
The idol drama “Fated to Love You” that holds the highest ratings in Taiwan currently not only set a new record for idol drama rating but it also helped to boost the male and female lead into fame; Chen Qiao En who acts as the ugly duckling turned swan in the drama has risen in popularity and a lot of mainland television company and business companies are interested in her. She has hence received a lot of drama and endorsement invitations, earning an income up to millions.

“Fated to Love You”‘s new ratings has let the value of the cast risen too. According to Apple Daily’s report, the male lead Ethan’s salary has jumped from fifty thousand per episode to one hundred thousand; Bianca’s salary has risen slightly by 10 to 20 thousand. As for River Chen, besides his salary rising, up to 5 idol dramas are fighting to have him.

Among these cast, the one that benefits most should be the female lead Chen Qiao En. From the original one hundred thousand per episode, because “Fated” is currently going to broadcast in mainland and due to the past “Prince Turned To Frog” popularity, her fame in mainland has been rising fast and furiously. Her salary has jumped to 70 thousand yuen which is roughly NT 2.8 hundred thousand. She can be said to be the biggest winner.

Although “Fated to Love You”‘s promotion focus has been mainly placed on Ethan Ruan which caused a lot of netizens and fans to complain of injustice and feel that she has been neglected, in actual fact, Qiao En has successfully managed to break into the mainland market and it is understood that she will be starting to film her first mainland drama soon. She is incline towards taking up a trendy drama that’s adapted from a online novel. This estimated 20 episode script will help he earn an income of 5.6million NT. Other than that, she will have another NT 4 million income flowing in from endorsement pay. She will easily have a inflow of up to a few million dollar. To successfully enter mainland, Qiao En has withdrew from her “Xing Nan Da Zhu Chu” hosting job. She bid farewell to other workers last week and expressed that it will be her last filming. From her hosting fees of fifteen thousand per episode estimate, she will be losing a monthly income of three hundred thousand. But she will earn more from mainland. Her manager Sun De Rong said “She will probably finish hosting this season. The mainland drama will start filming fastest the end of this month. Her focus will be in mainland then. ” As for the endorsements, he answered that “can’t be revealed.”

Chen Qiao En act as “Chen Xin Yi” and has entered into character. The her that originally went for the “natural” look has suddenly followed the Chen Xin Yi in “Fated” and transformed from a dull girl to a trendy, fashionable hot girl. Sadly, the australian boyfriend Micheal taht she dated for 3 years couldn’t see the change in his girlfriend!

Debut fashion show tomorrow

Chen Qiao En has been in the industry from many years and although she has jumped into the idol drama big sister group a long time ago, she has not been tagged with being fashionable all along. However, this saturday, she will be breaking her usual style and attending the fashion show of a famous designer. She recently lost 6kg and her figure gives off the aura of beauty. She has even said that she want to fight to be the new generation of fashion queen.

Not reluctant to spend money to keep up with trend

In reality, Qiao En has been slowly “progressing” together with her character Chen Xin Yi. She used to wear T-Shirts and jeans only but recently, she has started to place focus on her looks too. When she attended “Fated”‘s wrap up party a few days ago, she even wore the gladiator sandals that are very trendy now and showed off her beautiful legs. Lots of people were amaze by her change.

Qiao En tends to be very practical but recently, when she saw a pair of denim shorts that cost NT 15 thousand after discount, she bought it without a blink of her eye. Her monthly spending has been increasing.

However, her 3 year boyfriend Micheal did not notice Qiao En’s transformation at all. Her manager Li Shi Shan laughed and said that Micheal likes Qiao En’s straightforward, honest and innocent character. He doesn’t place focus on looks and no matter what his girlfriend wears, he will sweetly praise her. But because Micheal’s a shy person, he probably won’t dare to accompany his girlfriend to fashion parties!

On the mainland drama

Taiwan actress Chen Qiao En has joined in the filming of “Xuan Zhang Lao Ye” and will be guest starring as a female bandit. According to Guo De Gang, Qiao En will be acting as a kind female bandit. “The female bandit she act as likes me but she has a marriage agreement with the bandit that Liu Hua acts as. When Qiao En and I are consuming our marriage, Liu Hua will attack the place and in the end, the bandit he acts as will be beaten to death by me. It’s basically a sad death.” Liu Hua added that “I die very quickly this time so it’s sad that we can’t collaborate for long.” Guo De Gang immediately replied that “Your death method is good already. Earlier on, Liu Jin Shan and the others were all buried alive.”

At the filming scene, Guo De Gang taught Qiao En to speak Beijing language in front of the media. “I’ve eaten…. I like secretly release oil… ” Qiao En bites her tongue as she said those “Beijing language” and this made Guo De Gang who played some trick on her very happy.
What made Qiao En really touched was that her fans came from very far to see her and they brought along mosquito repellant, fan and many other presents.

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