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Chen Qiao En rise to fame with “Fated”; Developing in mainland

Chen Qiao En rise to fame with “Fated”; Developing in mainland
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Translation by minivicki@asianfanatics.net
Note: I compiled the articles into one (Stuff repeated and not related to Qiao En (as in on Guo De Gang, Liu Hua – the two that Qiao En filmed the drama with) has not been translated)

On Qiao En’s upcoming drama/endorsement and the cast’s popularity leap
The idol drama “Fated to Love You” that holds the highest ratings in Taiwan currently not only set a new record for idol drama rating but it also helped to boost the male and female lead into fame; Chen Qiao En who acts as the ugly duckling turned swan in the drama has risen in popularity and a lot of mainland television company and business companies are interested in her. She has hence received a lot of drama and endorsement invitations, earning an income up to millions.

“Fated to Love You”‘s new ratings has let the value of the cast risen too. According to Apple Daily’s report, the male lead Ethan’s salary has jumped from fifty thousand per episode to one hundred thousand; Bianca’s salary has risen slightly by 10 to 20 thousand. As for River Chen, besides his salary rising, up to 5 idol dramas are fighting to have him.


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Mingdao Didn’t Film ~ Ethan Destined to Fame


May 29 2008 8 45 AM

Mingdao photographed for a magazine “Blessings for the disaster victims of Sichuan”, asking everyone to continue caring for the disaster area. Ethan starring in “Fated to Love You”, even Mingdao complimented him with good acting.

Source: UDN
Translated by Cmiley (Please credit or link if this is posted elsewhere)

“Fated to Love You” is hot, with male lead Ethan Ruan (Ji Cun Xi) Mingdao loosing this role, does he regret? Currently in mainland China participating in the disaster functions expresses mannerly: “Xiao Tian acts better than I, many have said we look similar, I hope later we’ll have a chance to work together.”

Mingdao and Joe Chen Qiao En originally with “Prince Turns Into a Frog” became the most popular couple, off screen electricity between the two were rumoured. Before “Fated to Love You” started filming, preferred was still the two of them, but at that time Mingdao and SETTV were not in good terms, the reason was during filming of “Ying Ye 3+1”, regardless of salary or treatment, the TV station made him feel he’s just “an employee”, so he left annoyed, and went to film Ke Yi-Qin’s “Secretly Falling In Love With You”

Mingdao didn’t film, SETTV had to find another male for Joe Chen Qiao; it was Ethan Ruan. Interestingly Ethan with his thick brows, height both look similar to Mingdao, in one of the bed scene pictures kissing, his body was over Joe’s body, after the newspaper had posted it, even Mingdao said to himself: “How come it looks so much like me?”

The drama “Fated” once started was not looked well, after broadcast it darted to the sky, lately it even broke originally Mingdao and Joe’s “Prince” record, many people think, this time Mingdao has used the wrong move. But Mingdao says he doesn’t regret, after looking at it closely, even said Xiao Tian has acted better than him, and the one stuck in the middle Joe Qiao En, once knowing that the ratings broke new record, the first person sharing the news was also Mingdao.

Mingdao for the good, lately has been in the mainland focussing on the disaster area charity functions. He orignally was to go to Beijing to film “Dream Heaven”, after the disaster function for Sichuan, the filming has been delayed, he also didn’t go back to Taiwan, decided to stay locally to help out. Just with the Anhui province disaster banquet, he personally donated $200,000 Renmenbi, and represented Jungiery Star in also donating $100,000 Renmenbi.

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