Ethan grabs Bianca’s hand to touch his butt as compensation. Picture credit SETTV.

Source: UDN
Translated by Cmiley

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Even SETTV’s “Fated to Love You” ending celebration party has sex appeal! After the liqor, Bianca Bai protested: “Ethan, you showed your butt when you nude swim, I didn’t see it!” Ethan also very boldly: “Fine, you close your eyes!” then took her hands towards his butt, leaving a picture to show proof.

Drama “Fated” ratings increase with no sign of lowering, at the ending celebration party it was also naturally extremely high, director Chen Ming Zhang was sexually assulted by all casts “french kiss”, Ethan stuck his tongue out and licked the face, Baron kissed the neck, Bianca and his nose played touchy, Lin Mei Xiu and Zhong Xin Yi bit his ear, comparing to the bed scene its not even enough to watch.

This night the biggest event was Ethan again “giving his body”. Last time he swam nude to let everyone watch enough of the butt, maybe that day the alcohol got to his head, he directly grabbed Bianca and a female PR’s hand by touching, sure enough it assisted in the interests, but don’t know if Ethan’s girlfriend Xu Wei Ning well be jealous? And in the group of laughter, Joe Chen Qiao En is crying, perhaps to emotional or maybe reluctant to part.

“Fated to Love You” coming up will be broadcasting in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and other areas, scheduled around Aug to Sept. And SETTV is preparing for a thanking and meeting tour, to return to all of Taiwan’s fans.

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