Fated to Love You bed war again; Ethan has no intention of filming sequel; Qiao En’s popular in Mainland

july 4, 2008

Translation and comments by minivicki @ asianfanatics.net


TTV and SETTV idol drama “Fated to Love You” let Ethan Ruan and Chen Qiao En’s value skyrocket and recently, Qiao En was selected by mainland’s crosstalk master Guo De Gang to act in mainland’s new drama “Xian Zhang Lao Ye” for 80 thousand yuen per episode (NT 350 thousand). She will also be filming two advertisements – on beverages and clothing, earning up to hundren thousand as endorsement fee.

Because of “Prince turned to Frog”, Qiao En has already been well-known in mainland and although “Fated to Love You” has not been broadcast there, a lot of people are downloading the show from the internet to watch already. Crosstalk master Guo De Gang admires Qiao En’s acting a lot and the mainland media has termed her as “The shark fin of idol drama industry” This nickname is humorous and creative. Qiao En is scheduled to set off for mainland to begin filming next week.

Wants to work with Takeshi Kaneshiro (Jin Cheng Wu 金城武) the most

“Shark fin queen” Chen Qiao En has high taste, her biggest wish is to act with her idol Takeshi Kaneshiro and for female actresses, she wants to work with Sun Li the most. Qiao En said that “I admire her a lot after seeing her act in “Shanghai Bund”.

Intimate scene boost by mutton

Other than that, in “Fated to Love You”, Ethan and Qiao En are having a “bed battle” the 2nd time. When the two first filmed a bed scene, they were unfamiliar and relied on red wine to “boost feelings” but for the 2nd time, they’re already very familiar and Qiao En even ate mutton while filming the intimate scene with Ethan.

This happened as during filming, someone bought barbeque to visit and watch the filming and because Qiao En and Ethan were afraid that the crew will finish all the food, they quickly gobbled down a few stick. The mutton taste was stuck in their mouth and didn’t disappear. Ethan even joked that “This kissing scene is the rankest that I’ve ever filmed. But after eating, I felt that Qiao En was even “hotter” and engross.”

Xiao Tian became popular because of “Fated” but he doesn’t wish to film a sequel. “I think for a drama, like this is enough. I hope to try something different.”

Before certain people start to claim that FTLY’s super duper high ratings are due to bed scenes/nude swim etc AGAIN, I would like to remind you that episode 1’s bed scene did not have the highest ratings for that episode.
And episodes after that had little kiss/intimate(or none even) between Qiao En and Ethan and they STILL managed to have high ratings and broke records.
The nude swim promise came after the ratings were already high and frankly, if nude swim is able to boost ratings by so much, do you think other people wouldn’t have made such promises before?

FTLY never needed to rely on bed scene/intimacy to boost ratings.
And if they really do have a bed scene again, wait to see how the story goes before commenting that it’s another boost ratings attempt.

Okay, back to topic, I’m SUPER HAPPY that Qiao En is finally taking on a mainland drama!!!! It’s not something huge though, it’s more like short stories. Another news has reported that it’s basically 25 episodes in total, and there will be 9 crime cases. This drama time period is in the olden days.
Qiao En herself will not have scenes with Guo De Gang but he’s the director of the drama I think.
her role in the drama might not be really huge.
Other cast reported to be involve in this drama: Ruby Lin, Jin Qiao Qiao, Pan Chang Jiang,
I personally don’t know who any of them is though, except for Ruby.

Hopefully we will see Qiao En’s new advertisements soon!

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  1. FTLY really the best series i’ve watched. Both Ethan and Qiao En got their love chemistry. Really 2 a perfect pair. With lots of laughter and tears, i can’t stand for another day to watch the series till the last episode. Love both of you, keep up the good work. Jia you Ethan, jia you Qiao En. After watching this series, i keep hoping that someday, like chen xin yi, i will find someone like Ji cun xi.

  2. With lots of laughter and tears, FTLY is the series worth to be seen and we will be waiting to see the next colaboration between Ethan and Qiao En.

  3. hopes she wins the best actress award. she’s totally awsome!

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