“Fated To Love You” only promotes Ethan Ruan, Chen Qiao En’s fans protest

june 18, 2008

Source: http://udn.com/NEWS/ENTERTAINMENT/ENT7/4389215.shtml
Translated by meosles@asianfanatics.net

Chen Qiao En acted in “Prince” and “Fated”, which launches Ming Dao and Ethan Ruan into fame

The ratings TTV/SET’s idol drama “Fated To Love You” hits new high, but the media only set the focus on the male leads Ethan Ruan and Baron Chen naked swimming. This causes Chen Qiao En’s fans to protest, saying “We watched the drama not because we want to see Xiao Tian swim naked”. There are also netizens who says that her luck is bad. Because when she costars with Ming Dao and Ethan Ruan, both of them become the top actors in idol dramas but she only gets in the news when there’s bad news. They named her “two eights beauty”. (Translator’s note: for breaking the rating 8 two times.)

Chen Qiao En and Ming Dao starred in “Prince Turned To Frog” and the ratings broke 8%, launching Ming Dao into popularity. When she stars with Ethan Ruan in “Fated To Love You”, the ratings broke 10%, causing Ethan Ruan to become the current hottest idol. But the media’s focus will never be on Chen Qiao En, causing fans that support her to protest on SET’s forum: “In the beginning the credit (for the high ratings) goes to the male lead’s bed scene and stripping scene. Now the credit goes to the male lead’s naked swimming. Will they also credit Millionstar guest starring later on?” Even Ming Dao and Ethan’s former girlfriend who didn’t participate in “Fated” get mentioned in news linked with the drama. But the television station’s publicity ignores Chen Qiao En’s presence. “This is the best example of tearing down the bridge after making use of it“.

Chen Qiao En does not have as much news topics as Ethan Ruan. But her portrayal of sticky note girl has given rise to a social phenomenon. Even the Jiang Mu island that the female lead lives in, Lord Jiang Mu on the island and the Jiang Jun buns that she loves to eat all become topics of hot discussions on the internet. There are internet auction sites that sell related products in the dramas. Shanghai internet auctions sites even have pranksters selling imitation productions but the prices are astronomical.

The hottest topic is Ethan Ruan’s naked swimming. After discussion with SET, Ethan Ruan has decides set the date to fulfill the rating vow on the 26th. It will not be open to media interviews but handled through a series of photographs. SET’s explanation is that they are worried that it breaks the law and that the male leads will get into trouble with the law.

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  1. ang pogi ni steven!!!!!
    at alam ko na sa isang araw ng pagkakamali nilang dalawa
    ay sa bandang huli sila rin ang mag kakatuluyan!!!!
    grabe nakakakilig!!!!♥♥♥steven♥cindy♥♥♥

  2. hay naku”
    bagay na bagay c ming dao & qiao en..
    xana clah nlang sa personal…
    i love them so much…

  3. ang gwapo nman ni ming dao pati ng brother nyang c
    ethan ruen…
    xana kcng gwapo nila ang magiging asawa q…

  4. adik n ko sa fated to love you,..
    ganda ng story,..

  5. I love you ethan, you’re the best !

  6. HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hi. did u know na sinusubaybayan q ang fated to love you…. bagay kayo…. ur real name is eathan ruan… in fated to love you your name is steven g… did u have an ym… cam we chat…. just add my fs…

  8. hi ethan, u know i rili lov u so much…….. bgay kau ni joe chen sana kau na lang nagkatuluyan…………………………………………

    cindy and steven forever

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