lobo episode guide: episodes 100-118


Episode 101 – 061809
More couples in love: Manolo-Lady Elle, Rodolfo-Nessa & Yani-Zoe

Love begets love on Lyka and Noah’s wedding day. Prior to the ceremony, Manolo asks for Lady Elle’s hand in marriage while Yani begins his courtship of Zoe. Rodolfo on the other hand expresses his attraction towards Nessa. As for Gaby, Lyka finally convinces her to do her duty as Noah’s best man. With such good tidings, love is truly in the air but unfortunately, danger as well. Anton is still hell-bent on destroying the wedding with his continuous massacre of the innocent. And it seems that he has an unidentified accomplice who will help him assassinate Noah. Will Lyka be widowed even before her married life begins? How will Trixie prevent the danger ahead if she refuses to accept her gift of clairvoyance? And where is Tikboy going right before the occasion starts? Is he off to the house from his dreams again? Is this the same place from Trixie’s ominous visions? Find out all the answers tonight on Lobo.









Episode 102 – 061908
Noah and Lyka tie the knot

An unforgettable wedding ceremony unfolds with Noah and Lyka’s much-awaited union. Their endless struggles in the past few months have made this moment all the more poignant because finally, the star-crossed lovers end up together. As such, they can’t help but be moved to tears while exchanging their personalized vows as husband and wife.


Meanwhile, Gaby walks out the church and locks herself in the ladies’ room where she cries over her unrequited love for Noah. Alec soon follows her and offers her comfort in his arms. With their guard down, they fail to notice the suspicious-looking waiter who’s hired by Anton to assassinate Noah.


Back at the church, Trixie gets attacked by one of her visions again. Then suddenly, Lyka transforms into a wolf, human being, then wolf again in rapid succession. Noah however is at a loss as to how he will attend to his bride. Will the gunman succeed in killing Noah? How will they find the man behind all the mayhem?


Episode 103 – 062008
Ylvana betrays the Wayas

All hell breaks loose as the sniper proceeds to shoot Noah. But even before he finds Noah in his line of fire, Manolo heeds Trixie’s warning and shields Noah from the gunshot. Alec, Gaby, and Rodolfo on the other hand manage to capture the sniper and hold him under arrest. However, he refuses to confess who his boss is except the fact Noah is indeed the target in the shoot-out.


Unknown to them, the person behind the mayhem is really close to home. But aside from Anton, Ylvana also has a hand in the whole scheme. Apparently, she had recently discovered that Anton killed Silva and Choy himself. She planned to confront him about it but she ended up conniving with him instead. And with Anton’s instructions, she later kills the sniper too to cover up their involvement in the shoot-out.


Meanwhile, Lyka still fails to transform herself back into a human being. Luckily, Tikboy’s innate closeness with animals enables him to interpret whatever Lyka is feeling at the moment. With his help, Noah manages to understand whatever she is going through at the moment. In the meantime, can anyone of them manage to catch the real culprit before the situation gets worse? How can Noah protect Lyka from an unknown enemy? Don’t miss the chair-gripping events on Lobo, right after The Singing Bee on Primetime Bida.


Episode 104 – 062308
Anton abducts Lyka.

The untimely death of Manolo is the last of Lady Elle’s worries as Lyka gets kidnapped by an unidentified black wolf. Noah remains helpless for Ylvana has convinced them that she failed to see her captors. In truth though, she has paved the way for Anton to capture Lyka.


Incidentally, Nana Sela’s recent demise makes it impossible for Lady Elle to discover the person behind Lyka’s abduction. But it’s only a matter of time before Trixie’s duty as the next fated guide becomes revealed to the Wayas. In fact, Tikboy finally divulges his family ties with Trixie and the late clairvoyant.


Meanwhile, Anton surprisingly sees the detached spirit of Lyka from her wolf body. She tries to understand her failure to transform back into a human being to Anton. But instead of helping her out, Anton shocks her with his promise to seek answers for the sake of their future together as rulers of the earth.


His explanations open Lyka’s eyes to the cruel truth that he is responsible for the murder attempt towards Noah’s life during their wedding. As such, she threatens to kill herself if Anton persists with his plan to slay Noah. Her threats however fail to faze him as he merely keeps her locked up to her jail.


Episode 113 – 070408
Lyka returns to human form.

Remus hinders Anton from entering the cave for it is up to Noah to save Lyka from becoming a wolf for life. Apparently, Noah and Lyka both come from the same race of the first man-wolf whose children failed to alter the ancient curse that prohibits man and man-wolf to unite in marriage. Remus narrates this to Noah after battling with each other inside a church.


As if his dire warnings aren’t enough, Remus multiplies into a number of wolves so that Noah won’t find Lyka in their midst. But Noah’s truly determined to win over Lyka for he asks Remus to turn him into a man-wolf as a last resort. He then faces the pain of becoming one of them and thus, enabling him to recognize Lyka at last.


But they still have to face the wrath of Anton who’s hell-bent on breaking them apart. How will they defeat an enemy whose powers are stronger than theirs?


Episode 114 – 070708
Lyka and Noah bring hope to the Wayas.

At the last minute, Remus grants Noah’s wish to become a man-wolf for it is the ultimate act of sacrifice that breaks the curse that prohibits a man and a man-wolf to fall in love with each other. It also represents his desire to embrace the whole clan of man-wolves, leaving no doubt to his great love for the chosen one. As such, Noah and Lyka immediately leave the cave to attend the confusion among the Wayas.


Their return provides a huge relief to Lady Elle and the rest of their allies for they have been helpless in the wake of Anton and Ylvana’s brutal attacks. Luckily, Lyka and Noah have picked up a lot of info regarding Anton’s plans while they were in captivity. So they begin to plot how they can defeat the enemies.


Meanwhile, Anton has finalized the concoction that will turn the human race into men-wolves. Gabby on the other hand is unaware of this hence; she continues to support all his schemes. As for Ylvana, she is trying to persuade the men-wolves she has recently captured to turn against Lady Elle and the Wayas.


How can Lyka stop Anton’s wicked plans from unfolding given that Trixie, the new clairvoyant, is imprisoned together with Annie and Tikboy?


Episode 115 – 070808
Nessa pleads with Anton.

Looks like nothing can stop Anton from wiping out the human race. Before he does that, he instills fear first among the men-wolves whom Ylvana had captured recently. All those who turn against him are immediately burnt to death just as Trixie has seen in her visions. With this turn of events, Trixie and the kids make their escape through the help of Gabby. The latter also asks them to deliver a secret code to Noah. It turns out to be a place of rendezvous where Gabby hands him a stock of firearms for them to use against Anton’s followers.


Meanwhile, Nessa takes it upon herself to convince Anton that it’s not yet too late for him to make peace with the Wayas. She firmly believes that there’s still something good left in his heart. True enough, Anton lets her go back to the Wayas’ camp for he can’t hurt the mother of the woman he loves. However, Anton swears that the next time they meet and she’s still on the side of the Wayas, he won’t think twice on making her an enemy, including Lyka.


On the other hand, Tikboy tells Noah about Anton’s deadly bomb which is set to turn all human beings into men-wolves. How will Noah and Lyka stop Anton from fulfilling his crazy notions?


Episode 116 – 070908
Gaby gets caught.

Anton’s doubt towards Gaby’s loyalty increases when Trixie and the kids were able to escape captivity in his camp. But he decides to bide his time before punishing her. Gaby on the other hand stubbornly endangers her life by meeting Noah again to give him more information about Anton’s plans. She’s determined to see through the whole operation as part of her sacrifice for all the misgivings she had brought to Noah and Lyka’s relationship before. Because after everything that has happened, she finally learns to accept that Noah is never meant to be hers. However, her daring has eventually led to Anton’s discovery of her betrayal. He proceeds to tie her up beside a bomb which is about to detonate within three hours time!


Meanwhile, Noah shows Lyka that he had kept Silva’s gun which was used to poison her to death before. He explains that worst comes to worst, he will use it against Anton to end his wicked schemes for good. What he fails to anticipate however is Lyka’s sudden decision to face Anton herself with the deadly weapon on hand. Is Anton really past reason? Will a divine intervention make him change for the better? Or will Lyka be forced to put an end to his life?


Episode 117 – 071008
Lyka tries to defeat Anton.

Lyka finds Anton inside her favorite church where he is said to be preparing their kingdom. But she immediately points a gun at him to ward off his crazy idea that she will agree to be her queen. This enrages Anton for he has sacrificed everything just to please her. He recalls his lonely childhood and how Lyka’s arrival in his life has given her hope despite the curse brought about by her mother. Amidst his speech though, he disarms Lyka with his ball of fire, leaving her without a choice but to wrestle with him. Luckily, Noah arrives with another of Silva’s gun on hand to finish off Anton.


Meanwhile, Ylvana attacks the camp of Lady Elle together with a number of Luna members. She is viciously hitting Lady Elle when Rodolfo returns with the men-wolves whom he had freed from the enemy’s warehouse. He could have easily killed Ylvana then but Lady Elle’s sense of justice prevails. However, her kindness towards Ylvana becomes useless when the latter suddenly stabs her with a knife! As such, Rodolfo unthinkingly chokes Ylvana to death just as Lady Elle’s powers returns again.


Will Noah and Lyka’s undying love be their ultimate weapon against evil?


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