fated to love you (命中注定我爱你) : One night stand love not ended

credit to meosles of asianfanatics for translating!

One night stand love not ended

Source: http://ol.mingpao.com/cfm/star5.cfm?File=2…/saa03/mzi6.txt
Translated by meosles@asianfanatics.net

The popularity of Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan’s Taiwanese idol drama “Fated To Love You” is unstoppable. Since it aired in March, the ratings keep rising and easily beat opponents like Mike He, Jiro Wang, Joe Cheng and Vic Zhou etc. When episode 12 aired last Sunday, it even set a record rating of 7.84 on average with the highest segment reaching 9.23. They keep on holding one celebration dinner after another. Ethan Ruan has previously promised to swim naked if the ratings break 10. Looking at the situation, he has to train his body fit now!

“Fated” is a simple, charming and heartwarming drama that makes you laugh between tears. And the outstanding performance of Chen Qiao En, Ethan Ruan and the supporting cast plays a huge part in its success, especially the ordinary looking Chen Qiao En. She has a unique affinity that draws the audience into her character, causing them to experience sadness, happiness and pain together with her. Since “Prince Turned To Frog”, her acting skill has improves greatly. Ethan Ruan’s performance in a scene where Qiao En had a miscarriage in an accident wins him praises. It is rumored that his role was originally offered to Qiao En’s “screen lover” Ming Dao. But “Tian En” match actually gives off a fresh feeling.

Enter wrong room go to wrong bed

Qiao En acts as Chen Xin Yi who is a “sticky note girl”, meaning that she is ordinary. She is like sticky notes that have little functionalities, can be tear off easily when you need them and toss away when you finish using. She is rule-abiding and is often ordered around like a worker by her colleagues. To please her boyfriend Gucci, she borrowed money to go on a luxury cruise with him, planning to give him her first time. However, she had an extraordinary encounter of “entering wrong room, go to wrong bed and even get pregnant”!

The son of rich family Ji Cun Xi (Ethan Ruan) planned to propose to girlfriend Anna (Bianca Bai) on the cruise. But Anna had a last minute offer of a chance to join a ballet troupe in New York and stood him up. Cun Xi and Xin Yi then had a one night stand under mistaken circumstances. Xin Yi even found that her boyfriend is fooling around. Cun Xi couldn’t stand his behavior and helped her get back at him. After this, Xin Yi became pregnant. When Cun Xi’s grandmother who always wish that the Ji family has a descendent knew about it, she forced Cun Xi to marry Xin Yi. However, Xin Yi knew that Cun Xi loves Anna deeply and signed a divorce agreement promising to leave after giving birth to “Ji Nian Pin (Souvenir)”. The two of them eventually developed true feelings for each other. Cun Xi is touched by Xin Yi’s kindness but Anna’s appearance caused him to be at a loss!

Anna lied to Xin Yi in order to keep her love and said that Cun Xi wanted her to sign an “abortion agreement”. Xin Yi is disappointed and even met with an accident that caused her to miscarriage. Heartbroken, she decided to go with Dylan (Baron Chen) who has been watching over her to Shanghai to start a new life. Cun Xi has fallen in love with Xin Yi and decides to pursue her to Shanghai…… Under episode 12 tear-inducing offensive, the rating hit new high and the future development of the storyline should make audience anticipate even more!

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