Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz team up for “A Very Special Love”

Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz team up for "A Very Special Love"

Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz star in A Very Special Love, a Star Cinema movie that will open in theaters nationwide on July 30, 2008.


A Very Special Love is about two young people with totally different backgrounds but they discover that love truly knows no barriers.

Sarah plays Laida, the breadwinner of her family. John Lloyd is Miggy of the Montenegro clan, the owner of several businesses including a publishing firm that he manages.

Laida is hired as an editorial assistant of one of the magazines named Bachelor, which Miggy publishes. The boss decides to make Laida his own personal assistant and even forces to pretend to be his girlfriend (more…)

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Chen Qiao En road to first sister: from leftovers in the fridge to drama sharks fin

JUNE 22, 2008

Translated by

In today’s world where the ratings determine everything, Chen Qiao En who has been in the industry for 8 years use figures to proves that she is the true idol drama queen. Her drama “Fated To Love You” has achieves the best ratings that idol drama has so far — break 10. The last highest rating drama “Prince Turned To Frog” was starred Chen Qiao En. This girl who is both simple and charming not only excel in both acting and hosting, she also wrote a book “See or Not?” Her energy and charm are equally astonishing. How does she reach the top? Let us go and “see”.

No matter how many people denounce Taiwanese idol dramas’ various malpractices and retarded symptoms; they have to admit that in the entire Chinese region, only Taiwan is carrying the heavy responsibilities of producing idol dramas. “First Sister” and “First Brother” of idol dramas naturally becomes the golden prize of actors of every generation. When we switch on the TV, it’s not hard to find that the female leads of Taiwanese idol dramas are always Chen Qiao En, Raine Yang and Ariel Lin. Recently “Fated To Love You” starring Chen Qiao En broke 10 and became the highest rating idol drama in Taiwanese history. She is also the female lead of the previous record holder “Prince Turned To Frog”.

Working with different partners in two different dramas and can still set new records, the title of idol drama first sister falls on her. If Barbie Hsu can achieve a high status with 2001 “Meteor Garden”, then perhaps Chen Qiao En can declare: welcome to the era of Chen Qiao En. What charms does this lady process? How does this girl who had been frozen by her boss for half a year and viewed as a “difficult” willful actress by her friends manages to climb step by step to the top? Other than Chen Qiao En, who else?

After acting with Ming Dao in 2005 “Prince Turned To Frog”, they are rumored to be dating


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“Fated To Love You” only promotes Ethan Ruan, Chen Qiao En’s fans protest

june 18, 2008

Translated by

Chen Qiao En acted in “Prince” and “Fated”, which launches Ming Dao and Ethan Ruan into fame

The ratings TTV/SET’s idol drama “Fated To Love You” hits new high, but the media only set the focus on the male leads Ethan Ruan and Baron Chen naked swimming. This causes Chen Qiao En’s fans to protest, saying “We watched the drama not because we want to see Xiao Tian swim naked”. There are also netizens who says that her luck is bad. Because when she costars with Ming Dao and Ethan Ruan, both of them become the top actors in idol dramas but she only gets in the news when there’s bad news. They named her “two eights beauty”. (Translator’s note: for breaking the rating 8 two times.)

Chen Qiao En and Ming Dao starred in “Prince Turned To Frog” and the ratings broke 8%, launching Ming Dao into popularity. When she stars with Ethan Ruan in “Fated To Love You”, the ratings broke 10%, causing Ethan Ruan to become the current hottest idol. But the media’s focus will never be on Chen Qiao En, causing fans that support her to protest on SET’s forum: “In the beginning the credit (for the high ratings) goes to the male lead’s bed scene and stripping scene. Now the credit goes to the male lead’s naked swimming. Will they also credit Millionstar guest starring later on?” Even Ming Dao and Ethan’s former girlfriend who didn’t participate in “Fated” get mentioned in news linked with the drama. But the television station’s publicity ignores Chen Qiao En’s presence. “This is the best example of tearing down the bridge after making use of it“.

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lobo episode guide: episodes 100-118


Episode 101 – 061809
More couples in love: Manolo-Lady Elle, Rodolfo-Nessa & Yani-Zoe

Love begets love on Lyka and Noah’s wedding day. Prior to the ceremony, Manolo asks for Lady Elle’s hand in marriage while Yani begins his courtship of Zoe. Rodolfo on the other hand expresses his attraction towards Nessa. As for Gaby, Lyka finally convinces her to do her duty as Noah’s best man. With such good tidings, love is truly in the air but unfortunately, danger as well. Anton is still hell-bent on destroying the wedding with his continuous massacre of the innocent. And it seems that he has an unidentified accomplice who will help him assassinate Noah. Will Lyka be widowed even before her married life begins? How will Trixie prevent the danger ahead if she refuses to accept her gift of clairvoyance? And where is Tikboy going right before the occasion starts? Is he off to the house from his dreams again? Is this the same place from Trixie’s ominous visions? Find out all the answers tonight on Lobo.









Episode 102 – 061908
Noah and Lyka tie the knot

An unforgettable wedding ceremony unfolds with Noah and Lyka’s much-awaited union. Their endless struggles in the past few months have made this moment all the more poignant because finally, the star-crossed lovers end up together. As such, they can’t help but be moved to tears while exchanging their personalized vows as husband and wife.


Meanwhile, Gaby walks out the church and locks herself in the ladies’ room where she cries over her unrequited love for Noah. Alec soon follows her and offers her comfort in his arms. With their guard down, they fail to notice the suspicious-looking waiter who’s hired by Anton to assassinate Noah.


Back at the church, Trixie gets attacked by one of her visions again. Then suddenly, Lyka transforms into a wolf, human being, then wolf again in rapid succession. Noah however is at a loss as to how he will attend to his bride. Will the gunman succeed in killing Noah? How will they find the man behind all the mayhem?

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raining in “big” scenes

i used to find it such a big coincidence that most big scenes are rain scenes. but after living in taipei, i guess nothing is really impossible! weather in Taiwan is so unpredictable that it can be so hot in one minute, and raining in another! So Taiwanese dramas showing such, i have only one thing to say….it is not a coincidence, totally believable!

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a decent and reasonably-priced cinema (moviehouse) in Taipei

watching movies in Taiwan seems like a luxury. coming from the philippines where roughly nt 85 can get you to decent cinemas and nt 130 into the most posh ones, i had to be resourceful! (i heard it would cost around nt 250-300 here in Taipei. i never tried, too expensive!)

being a movie-fanatic, imagine the happiness i felt when i discovered 湳山戲院 (nan shan xi yuan). for the fair price of nt 140, you can watch two movies. the cinema has 4 viewing screens, which show two movies alternately. if you are gutsy and thick-skinned enough, you can watch all the eight movies, though you are only allowed two. the drawback of course, is that the movies they show are two months old! but it’s better than shelling out nt 300 right?

the cinema is clean, the chairs are comfortable, the viewing rooms are quite small, giving you that cozy feeling of private viewing. my take is that it is worth one’s try!

well anyway, here is the address and directions on how to get there!

CINEMA NAME: 湳山戲院 (nanshan xiyuan)

ADDRESS: 通化街 24巷 1號   (tonghua street lane 24 number 1)



  • take 662, 663, 235.
  • then get off at 文昌街口, 安和路 (wenchang jiekou in anhe lu), which i think is 1 or 2 bus stops away from Carnegie’s.
  • walk straight, then turn left.
  • if you see triumph, triumph, then you are going the right direction. just walk straight ahead. 
  • then i think about 3-4 blocks, turn left.
  • just ask around, locals are meant to know. from the bus stop, it would just take about 5-10minutes to get there.
  • if you get lost, just go by the address i gave or give them a call for more detailed instructions.
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my favorite soaps

1. fated to love you, full house, princess hours,  maging sino ka man book 1

2. coffee prince, ikaw ang lahat sa akin, kay tagal kang hinintay, natutulog ba ang diyos, my name is kim sam soon

3. prince hours, pangako sayo, mulawin, lovers in paris

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曖昧 by rainie yang

Translated by —WaterOB 21:45, 5 May 2008 (CDT)


ai mei rang ren shou jin wei qu
Ambiguity makes me feel hurt
zhao bu dao xiang ai de zheng ju
I can’t find the evidence of our love
何時該前進 何時該放棄
he shi gai qian jin he shi gai fang qi
When should I go forward, when should I give up?

lian yong bao du mei you yong qi

I don’t even have the courage for an embrace


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fated to love you (命中注定我爱你) : One night stand love not ended

credit to meosles of asianfanatics for translating!

One night stand love not ended

Translated by

The popularity of Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan’s Taiwanese idol drama “Fated To Love You” is unstoppable. Since it aired in March, the ratings keep rising and easily beat opponents like Mike He, Jiro Wang, Joe Cheng and Vic Zhou etc. When episode 12 aired last Sunday, it even set a record rating of 7.84 on average with the highest segment reaching 9.23. They keep on holding one celebration dinner after another. Ethan Ruan has previously promised to swim naked if the ratings break 10. Looking at the situation, he has to train his body fit now!

“Fated” is a simple, charming and heartwarming drama that makes you laugh between tears. And the outstanding performance of Chen Qiao En, Ethan Ruan and the supporting cast plays a huge part in its success, especially the ordinary looking Chen Qiao En. She has a unique affinity that draws the audience into her character, causing them to experience sadness, happiness and pain together with her. Since “Prince Turned To Frog”, her acting skill has improves greatly. Ethan Ruan’s performance in a scene where Qiao En had a miscarriage in an accident wins him praises. It is rumored that his role was originally offered to Qiao En’s “screen lover” Ming Dao. But “Tian En” match actually gives off a fresh feeling.

Enter wrong room go to wrong bed


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hua jie shou diao ling

Flower accepts withering,



feng jie shou zhui xun

Wind accepts searching

心的伤还有一些 不要紧
xin de shang hai you yi xie bu yao jin

There are still some alright injuries in the heart

wo jie shou ni de jue ding

I accept your decision


ni jiang hui bei shei bao jin

Who will hold you tight


chang shen me ge hong ta kai xin

What song will you sing to make her happy

wo xiang zhi tian kong shen mo shi hou hui fang qing

I wonder when the sky will turn sunny

di qiu bu ceng wei shei ting yi ting

Earth never stops for anyone




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