lobo episode guide: episodes 81-100

Episode 81 – 052108
Noah and Lyka: still at odds over their mission

Noah’s decision to join the Lunas has become the bone of contention between Lyka and himself. Noah is also troubled by Lyka’s insistence that not all men-wolves are bad. Silva makes the situation worse by telling Noah that Lyka may have been brainwashed by the people at the House of Elle. Noah’s anger is further fuelled when he learns that Alec Aragon is a werewolf.


In the meantime, Lady Elle worries that the Stone of Remus will stay out of Lyka’s reach because of her grudge against the black wolves. She’s also unable to stop Lyka from going with Alec to pursue the wolf responsible for Leon’s death. While looking for the wolf, they almost capture Nessa who was in her black wolf form. Until when can Nessa hide her identity? What awaits the men-wolves with the advent of the third full moon? Don’t miss Noah’s first Luna operation tonight on Lobo.

Episode 82 – 052208
Noah reveals Alec’s ‘true nature’ to Lyka

The third sign of peril has come! All men-wolves now bear the mark of the red moon in the palm of their hands. More alarming than that however is the violence that pervades the night of the full moon. Many lives of men-wolves are killed because of Ylvana’s decision to punish all black wolves with death, and the Lunas’ tactical operations as well.


Meanwhile, Lyka almost kills an ordinary black wolf in her desperation to find Leon’s killer. Her hatred is soon diminished however when she later heard the woman’s plight in life because of her cursed nature. Feeling guilty of her shameful deed, Noah seeks her beloved Noah for comfort.


Just like Lyka, Noah is equally filled with mixed emotions after he callously killed his share of wolves that same night. In spite of his self-doubts, he did not hesitate to install a tracking device under Alec’s car the next day. He almost gets caught but he explains that he’s merely waiting for Lyka.


But as soon as Alec gets out of their sight, Noah warns Lyka that the former is a dangerous wolf!Will Lyka tell Lady Elle that the Lunas already know about Alec’s secret identity? Or will she refrain from betraying Noah’s trust in her?




Episode 83 – 052308
Alec becomes a captive

Because of the never-ending war between the white and black Wayas, Nessa decides to turn her own daughter into Rodolfo’s ally. With Raul’s help, she brings Lyka into the cemetery where she plans to bite her. But before she does, Nessa reveals that she is actually a black wolf, much to Lyka’s shock!


Alec is supposed to follow Lyka when Noah corners him in a deserted building. A brawl ensues between them but Alec gets defeated as Gaby shoots him with a tranquilizer. While Gaby is checking on Noah however, Alec leaves his phone’s camera on for Lady Elle to know the danger he is in.


Meanwhile, Silva has Anton under lock and key and he plans to use the latter’s ground-breaking experiments to transfer the chosen one’s powers to himself. Will Noah discover Silva’s sinister motives towards Alec? What will Silva do once he learns that Alec is not really the destined savior of werewolves like him?



Episode 84 – 052608
Lyka learns that Noah has captured Alec

Lyka is slowly realizing that black wolves do not intend to harm other people. Nessa’s assurance that Rodolfo—the leader of the breakaway Wayas—is not responsible for Leon’s death is quite hard for her to believe. But in the meantime, Lyka decides to keep her mother’s secret from Lady Elle. As soon as they return home however, they learn that Alec is missing ever since he went after Lyka. Then Trixie reveals that Alec risked going out that night because of his love for Lyka.


Soon after that, Manolo launches a search operation for Alec to be brought home. It was Lyka who discovers Alec’s phone showing a photo of his captivity with Noah at its helm! But she refrains from telling Lady Elle that Noah is responsible for Alec’s disappearance. Such decision—coupled with the fact that Alec is in a dire situation because of her–makes her feel guilty but she has no other choice at this point in time.


Meanwhile, Raul gets killed after his skirmish with the Lunas. As such, Rodolfo quickly seeks retribution by breaking into Noah’s home. He is choking Zoe to death when Lyka arrives in time to stop him. Then comes Noah who immediately shoots Rodolfo with his gun. Catching the identified black wolf would have been an easy feat but Lyka quickly allows Rodolfo to escape Noah’s clutches. How will Lyka explain her involvement in this incident?



Episode 85 – 052708
The Stone of Remus resurfaces

In the midst of Lyka’s search for Alec, she learns from Nessa that Ylvana is out to kill her and the rest of the black wolves. Blood is almost shed that night if not for Lyka’s timely arrival in Rodolfo’s lair. Contrary to Ylvana’s judgment, Lyka insists that the lives of the black wolves should be spared. Because when it comes down to it, all of them—whether black or white—are fated to die in the coming rise of the red moon. And perhaps, being united would save them from impending death.


As the leader of the Wayas, Ylvana is shocked that an ordinary wolf like Lyka would have the gal to oppose the traditional punishment for their evil counterpart. As such, Lyka justifies her right to protect their race by revealing that she is the chosen one! To prove her claim, she beats Ylvana, the strongest Waya, in a fight. Only then did Ylvana begin to listen to Lyka’s pleas for peace and harmony between the black and white wolves.


During her moving speech, the Stone of Remus finally shows itself in the form of a ball of fire! The stone emerges from the painting inside Lady Elle’s office and is bound to hit them all. What’s in store for Lyka and her fellow men-wolves after this chair-gripping event?


Episode 86 – 052808
Lyka tells Noah the truth

All the Wayas are in awe as they witness how the Stone of Remus (in the form of a ball of fire) becomes one with Lyka. The stone’s reappearance also makes Lyka realize that love should prevail for her to be worthy of the stone. She then seeks her fellow wolves’ help to prepare for the rise of the red moon.


Worries arise as Nana Sela makes a prediction about Lyka’s perilous journey ahead. To ease some of the chosen one’s burdens, Lady Elle entrusts Remus’s medallion to Lyka so she can temporarily transfer the spirit of the stone there. But Lady Elle warns her to keep it close to her heart at all times.


Afterwards, Lyka meets Noah at a church where she plans to reveal her secret identity. However, telling him the truth proves to be even more difficult than she expected because Noah is agitated about his discovery that Anton is a wolf. Worse, he calls Anton a monster that Lyka should stay away from.


Desperate to reason with him, Lyka has no choice but to show Noah that she also happens to be the very creature he detests. After affirming how much she loves him, Lyka finally transforms into a wolf right before his very eyes.


Will love be enough for Noah to accept Lyka’s true identity? Or will he wage war with the woman whom he has promised to protect with his own life? Don’t miss the heartbreaking events on Lobo, weeknights, on Primetime Bida.


Episode 87 – 052908
Clara gets killed

The strong bond between Noah and Lyka becomes irrevocably destroyed because of Lyka’s wolf identity. Though both crushed, Noah cuts his ties with Lyka and wages war with all her kin. He even attempts to shoot Manolo and Lady Elle whom he believes are involved with Leon’s death. But he spares their lives for now until they cross paths again.


At this point, Silva already suspects that Lyka plays a vital role amongst the Wayas, but he seems confident that she can’t be the destined savior. Nevertheless, he blackmails Clara into finding the chosen one through her niece’s connection with Lady Elle, in exchange of Anton’s freedom.


Since Clara is now in good terms with Lyka and Nessa, she easily learns from them that Lyka is what the Wayas’ call, the chosen one. However, she can’t find it in herself to endanger Lyka’s life so she chooses to confront Silva about Anton with a gun in hand. During their squabble, the Lunas also break into Clara’s house to arrest Anton, who was in truth, held captive by their leader Silva. Without Noah’s signal, one of his men suddenly fires his arms, leading to Clara’s death. And Silva is already gone by the time Noah discovers Clara’s lifeless body. Though he feels enraged by his mistah’s incompetence, Noah can’t do anything about it anymore.


Unbeknownst to him, Anton—who has just escaped from wherever Silva has hidden him and Alec—has seen his dead mother being carried by the paramedics with Noah at its helm. Will Anton follow Alec’s instruction to see Lady Elle immediately and reveal everything he knows about Silva? Will he pursue his love for Lyka knowing that they are of the same nature? And how will he avenge his mother’s untimely demise?


Episode 88 – 053008
Silva meets the chosen one

Clara’s death deepens the conflict between Lyka and Noah. But it’s not reason enough for Lyka to hurt her ex-boyfriend back in spite of Anton’s pain and fury. After talking about Clara’s death, Anton reveals that Silva has held Alec captive. When Lyka expresses her desire to save the latter, Anton becomes stricken with worry, saying that he can’t bear to see Lyka hurt. Then he suddenly kisses her, much to Lyka’s shock. To his defense, he finally confesses his long-hidden feelings for her. He ends up disappointed however because Lyka only sees him as a brother, nothing more.


The next day, Anton gets additional blood sample from Nessa to further his research on wolves. But in truth, he uses it to strengthen his powers for him to kill Noah. But he soon learns that Noah is immune to a wolf’s attack. At the same time, Gaby and Choy are able to wound Anton on the spot. Thinking that he would be captured again, Anton laughs at the ironic truth behind Silva’s identity. But even when he revealed that Silva happens to be a black wolf, Noah, Gaby, and Choy refuse to believe his “lies”.Then Silva, in the form a wolf, rescues Anton from his own men and later initiates him into tasting the blood of the man who accidentally shot Clara during the raid.


In the meantime, Lyka arrives at Silva’s hideout to save Alec, who’s on death’s door because of the poison Silva has given him. After knocking Silva off, Lyka proceeds to cure Alec by using the Stone of Remus. The stone comes out of her medallion and revives Alec’s lifeless body successfully.In her elation however, the medallion falls from Lyka’s grasp and rolls into the ground near Silva’s reach. Unfortunately, Silva suddenly stirs and quickly runs off with the medallion in hand! Will Silva’s wickedness prevail now that the Stone of Remus is with him?


Episode 89 – 060208
Noah shoots Lyka

The truth about Silva’s origins is out. It finally enlightens Noah as to the confusing killings involving the men-wolves. Since Gaby and Choy are not convinced by Anton’s revelation, Noah turns to Andrew again for help. Much later, they both break into Silva’s hideout where Lyka recently saved Alec. There they happen to capture Hector, Silva’s right hand, who has come to retrieve the gun which is specially made to kill wolves. After torturing Hector for hours, he finally reveals that Silva intends to use it to obtain the capabilities of a powerful wolf. As such, Noah prepares to kill the person responsible for all the turmoil in his life and Lyka’s.


However, Noah didn’t know that Silva is set to meet Lyka that night. Even Lyka learns too late that Noah is in the forest too. She’s supposed to get the Stone of Remus from Silva, not knowing that Silva does not really have it. Because the real stone was left in the hideout and was later found by Andrew who in turn gave it to Noah. In the meantime, Lyka tries to find Silva before she ends up bumping into Noah. But when she finally spots a black wolf, and she herself transforms into one, Noah—who also spotted the black wolf—pulls the trigger of the specialized gun and hits the white wolf instead! Can Noah forgive himself knowing that he has shot the only woman he truly loves? And what happens once Silva seizes the powers of the chosen one?


Episode 90 – 060308
Lyka’s downfall

Lyka gets into Noah’s line of fire so she ends up getting shot with the deadly poison for wolves. Noah’s still reeling with shock when Silva suddenly shoots him too then proceeds to obtain enough blood supply from Lyka. Afterwards, Silva tells a wounded Noah that he paved the way for him to take over as the new chosen one. Then he shoots him again before returning to his hideout.


Triumphant, Silva later asks Anton to inject a portion of Lyka’s blood into his veins. The effect of the transfusion seems risky at first. Then Silva gradually musters an extraordinary strength similar to Lyka’s. To test his powers, he cuts and burns his left arm to see if it will heal immediately.He feels overjoyed when it did for he has now the ability to hold the Stone of Remus


Meanwhile, Tikboy—who followed Noah into the forest—arrives in time to help Noah bring Lyka back to Lady Elle’s house. Both Noah and Lyka receive immediate medical attention there. Unfortunately, the doctor can’t figure out how to remove the poison that’s rapidly spreading in Lyka’s body. Then after minutes of trying to resuscitate her, Dr. Charisse announces that nothing can be done anymore.


However, Lady Elle resorts to the ancient ritual that will enable to bring Lyka back from the dead. But this entails sacrificing her own life, which Manolo firmly opposes to. Undeterred, Lady Elle locks herself inside the room with Lyka and proceeds to utter the life-saving chant that will revive the real chosen one.


Can Lady Elle save Lyka from something as irrevocable as death? Can Noah forgive himself for shooting his beloved? And what happens now that Silva has the powers to control the men-wolves’ destiny? Don’t miss these exciting events on Lobo, weeknights on Primetime Bida.


Episode 91 – 060408
Gaby reveals her true feelings to Noah

With his new powers, Silva can easily kill anyone who tries to hinder his plans. After Lyka and Noah, his next preys are Gaby, Andrew, and his captured right hand Hector. But he soon realizes that Gaby is still the orphaned girl whom he raised so he decides to spare her life. But their brief encounter has opened Gaby’s eyes towards the truth behind Silva’s evil character as well as Lyka’s real identity.


When she later confronts Noah about it, Gaby learns that Silva has been seizing powers from all the wolves the Lunas’ have captured including Lyka’s. Such info is still too much for her to take but Gaby still pledges her support to Noah because she loves him. She even reveals her true feelings to him, hoping that he will reciprocate it since a relationship with a wolf is moot at this point. But no, Noah is still deeply in love with Lyka.


Meanwhile, Lady Elle has weakened after saving Lyka’s life. But even that merely bids extra time for Lyka before the poison reaches her heart again. Only the Stone of Remus can fully bring her out of danger. Will the fused powers of the Wayas enough to defeat Silva? Or will Noah be the one to save Lyka for he alone has the indestructible ability to fight wolves?

Episode 92 – 060508
Silva tries to kill Lady Elle

Despite Rodolfo’s dire warnings, Lady Elle still proceeds to face Silva in a one-on-one battle.Since her strength has diminished after prolonging Lyka’s life, Lady Elle gets defeated easily in the wake of Silva’s added powers. With his distorted notion that he is fated to rule over the men-wolves, nothing can really stop him from killing all those who hinder his path. And slaying Lady Elle is his ultimate revenge for his father’s death in the hands of the Waya council years ago. Unknown to him, Anton has followed him there in the mausoleum and he hears everything Silva said about Lyka being the real chosen one.

Back in Lady Elle’s mansion, Ylvana and the rest of the Wayas also get their hands full with the Lunas’ unexpected attack that night. Since Noah, Gaby, Alec, and Rodolfo were delegated to rescue Lady Elle, it was up to Ylvana, Manolo, and Choy to keep their post safe. Will Noah’s team save Lady Elle in time? Can the Wayas fight off a number of skilled military men?


Episode 93 – 060608
Noah saves Lyka from the brink of death

In his father’s mausoleum, Silva repeatedly stabs Lady Elle almost to death. But Noah, Alec, and Rodolfo arrive in time to rescue her. Though all their strength combined cannot compete with Silva’s strength, Gaby on the other hand uses her sharpshooter skills to defeat Silva albeittemporarily. Then Lady Elle tells Noah to get the medallion frm him, only to discover that the Stone of Remus is not there. Their stunned reaction paves the way for Silva to escape their clutches again.

Back in Lady Elle’s house, Lyka begins to lose her strength again and Lady Elle can no longer do anything to extend her life. Anton who belatedly learns about Lyka’s situation explains that Noah’s blood was used on the poison that threatens to kill her. That said, Noah immediately transfuses his blood to Lyka despite Anton’s protests. After her body’s negative response, Lyka eventually recovers from the poisonous shot.

As soon as she gains her consciousness, Lyka proceeds to look for Noah who intends to run away from her. But after all the hardships that they surpassed, Lyka asks him to give their relationship another chance. In spite of their reunion, a greater danger awaits them with the rise of the red moon. How will Noah help the Wayas fight off their terrifying fate?


Episode 94 – 060908
All is set for the rise of the red moon

The Wayas have come fully prepared for the rise of the red moon. With Lyka’s instructions, Manolo has set up a control booth in the mountain where the fates of men-wolves will be determined. Since the Stone of Remus is still with Silva, Lyka plans to retrieve it by showing up in the appointed place for the chosen one. Apparently, Silva doesn’t know that the ancient warrior Remus also pointed the designated location to Lyka. But unlike him, she wishes to espouse peace and harmony if their race survives the perilous effect of the red moon on them. This will be possible because of the powers that the Stone of Remus will give her after this dreaded event. On the other hand, Silva intends to use such powers to accomplish his selfish desires. Which between good and evil will prevail? Can Lyka save her fellow wolves during the advent of the red moon?


Episode 95 – 061008
Lyka retrieves the Stone of Remus from Silva

On the dreaded night of the red moon, the Lunas and Wayas alike have come fully prepared for a battle in the mountains. Since Noah has come up with a good plan to divert the Lunas’ attention, Lyka has successfully arrived at the mountaintop to face Silva. To the very end Silva tries to maintain his ownership over the Stone of Remus. But Remus himself tells him that he has not passed the ultimate test and only Lyka has the ability to use the stone against the blazing beam of the red moon. Lyka then musters all her strength to fight off the ill fate of men-wolves. She begins to weaken though when Silva repeatedly stabs her at the back. Then Noah arrives to kill Silva and help Lyka in her difficult duty to her race. Will the men-wolves survive after this night?


Episode 96 – 061108
Anton becomes the new enemy

After a grueling fight against the red moon, Lyka eventually succeeds in saving their race. In her exhaustion however, she drops the Stone of Remus while Noah remains unaware of it since Lyka’s safety comes first. Silva on the other hand has run for escape even before Lyka finished her monumental task. It was Anton who gets hold of the Stone of Remus to gain great powers. He believes that this is the only way for Lyka to see that he’s the only one meant for her. So when Silva later arrives at their hide-out, Anton proceeds to kill him with the poisonous shot that almost killed Lyka before. Conspiring with Silva prior to this event has helped Anton know all the secrets of the Wayas and the evil schemes that will accomplish his own selfish desires. Yet even as he makes plans to get Lyka, Nana Sela has already predicted the impending danger. The clairvoyant also predicts that it is up to Trixie to stop Anton from harming the real chosen one and other men-wolves. How will Trixie fulfill her mission?


Episode 97 – 061208
Lyka is hailed as the new ruler of Wayas

Ironically, Lyka keeps on seeking Nana Sela’s advice yet she remains stubborn about her decision to marry Noah. The clairvoyant tells her repeatedly that she and Noah have to give up each other for the sake of common good. But the two is bent on defying fate itself. In the meantime, Trixie becomes more agitated by her nightmarish visions about the impending wedding. As it is, she’s still unaware of her inherited clairvoyance from Nana Sela.

Later at the rehearsal dinner, everyone seems to be happy for the groom and bride-to-be until Anton brainwashes Gaby into opposing the marriage. As such, Noah is surprised when she suddenly backs out from her duty as his best man. Afterwards, Lyka explains to him that she completely understands Gaby’s reaction, believing that the latter will come to accept their union in time. Unknown to them though, Anton plans to launch an attack against Noah on their wedding day! In fact, he’s currently out to victimize innocent people as an attempt to create confusion and dissent between Noah and the men-wolves. Will he succeed in alienating the tough couple?


Episode 98 – 061308
Lyka accepts Noah’s wedding proposal

The news of Noah and Lyka’s engagement quickly spreads among their family and friends. Both Gaby and Alec are hurt by this but all the same they wish the couple well. Only Anton remains embittered but he puts up a happy face in front of Lyka. Noah in turn tries to bridge the gap between them by revealing the truth behind Clara’s death. Apparently, Silva had choked her to death way before the Lunas have attacked her place. Still, Anton insists that it wouldn’t take away his resentment against the Lunas.

Amidst their argument, Noah receives a call from Gaby telling him that Choy’s already dead. He and the others immediately rush to the crime scene where they discover his tortured body near Silva, who also suffered a brutal death in the hands of Anton. Not one of them has a hint though that he is behind such atrocious deeds. This latest development only proves the clairvoyant’s prediction that Noah and Lyka’s union will only cause more bloodshed. Nevertheless, they remain firm on their decision to fight together.

Later on, Anton learns from Nana Sela that he can possess his desired power from the Stone of Remus after the first new moon. Indeed, the stone blazes in fire again as soon as he covers it with his own blood. The fire then consumes Anton’s whole body and looks like it will kill him or make him stronger than ever. Will he finally gain the power he yearns to steal Lyka from Noah?


Episode 99 – 061608
News on Lyka’s engagement and Choy’s brutal death

When Lyka chances upon Anton on his lab, the latter convinces her that he’ll never lay hands on Noah again. But in truth, he is still set on avenging his mother’s death and Lyka’s decision to choose Noah over him. Unlike Silva though, Anton knows how to play his cards right. Instead of killing his rival outright, he chooses to test his newfound powers first on Choy. Unfortunately, Choy’s military skills are useless in the wake of Anton’s extraordinary strength. Will no one get to Choy before Anton devours him?

Contrary to Choy’s current situation, a heart-melting scene unfolds at the House of Elle’s rooftop as Noah formally asks Lyka to be his wife. Making the occasion more special is his acceptance of Nessa’s responsibility over his real father’s death. This time, no sinister secrets can stop them from being united in marriage. Will they stand in one too as they face more danger ahead?


Episode 100 – 061708
Anton plans to destroy Noah and Lyka’s wedding

The aftermath of the red moon’s arrival has brought victory to Lyka’s clan. Their lives have been spared and more importantly, Lyka and Noah’s love story continues. Noah humbles himself to Lyka’s awe-inspiring identity and the two of them later succumbs to the depth of their feelings. But after their memorable night together, Lyka faces her new responsibilities as Lady Elle delegates her to be the new leader of the Waya council. First on her list is to include Nessa, Rodolfo, and Alec as part of the elite group of men-wolves. Noah in turn pays for his past offenses by dealing with Rodolfo’s retribution for his brother’s death. Finally, he asks for Lyka’s hand in marriage from Lady Elle and Nessa.

It seems that everything is falling into its proper place. But Noah is yet to react to Nessa’s confession that she is the wolf who had led Emil to his untimely death years ago. On the other hand, Trixie manifests a distinct ability of a clairvoyant wherein she foresees a greater danger looming over Lyka.Will Lyka realize on time that her cousin Anton is brewing a trap for her and Noah?


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