fated to love you (命中注定我爱你) at asianfanatics



i am totally addicted to this drama. probably the last i’ve been so into was coffee prince, but not to the level that fated to love you has made me feel. objectively speaking, coffee prince is more wittily written, and is done with better pacing and is executed in a tasteful (not slapstick) manner. but subjectively speaking, i’ve really fallen in love with fated to love you. (wan dan le! i even bought the novel (even if my chinese is just intermediate) and read it backwards. i always read the ending first. this is a special case, i started with the epiologue, then chapter 10, 9, and so on.)

perhaps, it’s because the plot is a fresh and new idea in that the story starts backwards: having had a one-night stand with the wrong person, getting married, and falling in love. the chronology just seems to be different than all the others. the execution is fine too, but it is more fast paced than i had anticipated. i would have loved to see more details and the leads evolving relationship with each other.  

i have an exam tomorrow but my feelings are overflowing that if i delay writing, i just might lose the feeling. that is it for now.

i’ve contributed so much of my thoughts to the asianfanatics forum (i think starting with episode 7 or 8), which i might incorporate here when i have the time.

here’s the asianfanatics thread link to the upcoming episode 9:


if you want to see the one for other episodes,  you can use the asianfanatics search engine to look for it.

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  1. both of them are compatible and this drama series is very lovable and sweat so there are many relationship that can relate to this series in all of the drama that i have seen this is the most “kilig” and “astig”

  2. chen qiao en you are a beutiful girl i think now you have a baby i know who is your boyfriend it is mingdao right?

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