Ethan Ruan’s unavoidable hard life; Clenches teeth and jumps into smelly fountain

Translated by minivicki @

For SETTV’s idol drama “Fated To Love You”, Ethan Ruan had to swim, jump into the sea, be drenched by the rain etc and had to endure lots of “water disaster” torture. Even when “Fated To Love You” turned to Shanghai to film their scenes, he still could not avoid his fated to be wet life. He had to fall into the fountain for the drama and is near being the idol drama male lead with the hardest life.

Ethan fell into a fountain in “People’s Square” and the water was extremely dirty. He could only clench his teeth tightly and jump inside. That won the claps of 100+ Shanghai people who had crowd around to see. Ethan commented that “I suspect that people urinated and spit in the fountain! After I got out from the water, my whole body was stinking and the crew had to quickly flag a taxi to sent me back to the hotel for a shower.

Ethan’s money value is rising with “Fated To Love You”‘s ratings and SETTV recently signed with Catwalk a 2 year 2 drama contract for Ethan. However, it is rumored that GTV’s “Paper Rose” has stepped out to snatch him. The producer even openly commented that they have been in contact with Ethan and River. However, SETTV’s drama manager has refuted that “Xiao Tian has already signed a contract with SETTV, he can’t go to another channel to act.”

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