ethan ruan on his bed scene with qiao en

Date: March 19, 2008
Source: UDN
Translation Credit: tammiest@asianfanatics

The acting of TTV/SETTV drama Fated To Love You’s male lead, Ethan Ruan JingTian, is becoming broader and more and more mature; he has also become bolder and more unrestrained in conversation. Ethan, who is a Scorpio, admitted bluntly that his sexuality is very strong; beginning in high school, this “characteristic” was very obvious. Additionally, kissing is his forte; he is very proud of his natural-born lips, which he considers perfect for kissing.

At first, Ethan was very perplexed and uneasy over why filming such a daring bed scene was necessary. He said, “When I was in junior high, I probably wouldn’t have wanted to watch such a barefaced love scene. Neither was I that ‘open’ to the idea of sex. Why do idol dramas these days have to film such ‘realistic’, undisguised scenes? It was only after some of the crew discussed it with me that I realized that the environment and ‘atmosphere’ nowadays has changed. The audience wants dramas and performances that are more realistic, not artificial.”

Ethan and good friend Joe Cheng YuanChang will often discuss the things that they have learned from work. When Ethan heard that Joe had moaned while filming a bed scene with Ariel Lin YiChen for ISWAK II: TKA, thus, keeping his acting and the overall performance extremely true to life, he was determined to engross himself entirely while filming his own bed scene for Fated To Love You. When filming kissing scenes with Chen QiaoEn, he tried to come up with ways to make himself fall immediately in love with her. He explained, “If you don’t engross yourself in the scene while filming, the acting will really be very strange.”

Ethan, who has a bad alcohol tolerance, drank half a bottle of red wine the day of the bed scene shoot, and actually became drunk! Afterwards, when he saw the playback, he was really startled because he saw what he was like while drunk– it was very funny! The director was very satisfied with the bed scene’s final result. Ethan, meanwhile, expressed that it would be very difficult to forget his “virgin” (first) bed scene; he felt that, in the scene, there was a nice contrast between the shyness of QiaoEn’s kissing* and the bold, intense style of his.
* Translator’s Note: The article places the emphasis on QE and Ethan’s acting… so, no, it’s not saying that QE is always shy in kissing or that Ethan is always bold in his

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