lobo episode guide: episodes 81-100

Episode 81 – 052108
Noah and Lyka: still at odds over their mission

Noah’s decision to join the Lunas has become the bone of contention between Lyka and himself. Noah is also troubled by Lyka’s insistence that not all men-wolves are bad. Silva makes the situation worse by telling Noah that Lyka may have been brainwashed by the people at the House of Elle. Noah’s anger is further fuelled when he learns that Alec Aragon is a werewolf.


In the meantime, Lady Elle worries that the Stone of Remus will stay out of Lyka’s reach because of her grudge against the black wolves. She’s also unable to stop Lyka from going with Alec to pursue the wolf responsible for Leon’s death. While looking for the wolf, they almost capture Nessa who was in her black wolf form. Until when can Nessa hide her identity? What awaits the men-wolves with the advent of the third full moon? Don’t miss Noah’s first Luna operation tonight on Lobo.

Episode 82 – 052208
Noah reveals Alec’s ‘true nature’ to Lyka

The third sign of peril has come! All men-wolves now bear the mark of the red moon in the palm of their hands. More alarming than that however is the violence that pervades the night of the full moon. Many lives of men-wolves are killed because of Ylvana’s decision to punish all black wolves with death, and the Lunas’ tactical operations as well.


Meanwhile, Lyka almost kills an ordinary black wolf in her desperation to find Leon’s killer. Her hatred is soon diminished however when she later heard the woman’s plight in life because of her cursed nature. Feeling guilty of her shameful deed, Noah seeks her beloved Noah for comfort.


Just like Lyka, Noah is equally filled with mixed emotions after he callously killed his share of wolves that same night. In spite of his self-doubts, he did not hesitate to install a tracking device under Alec’s car the next day. He almost gets caught but he explains that he’s merely waiting for Lyka.


But as soon as Alec gets out of their sight, Noah warns Lyka that the former is a dangerous wolf!Will Lyka tell Lady Elle that the Lunas already know about Alec’s secret identity? Or will she refrain from betraying Noah’s trust in her?




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fated to love you (命中注定我爱你): relationship chart

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more photos of honey lee without make-up

she really looks different without make-up, and she looks better without it.

two more photos here:


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fated to love you (命中注定我爱你): wonder what cunxi and xinyi’s child would look like?

these are old photos and i just forgot to post them. they just mixed xiao tian’s and qiao en’s features!

the boy looks hao kong bu but the girl looks fine!

(click to see close up shots)


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pbb teen plus houseplayer shy is rumoured to be gerald anderson’s ex

i cannot believe that this shy was gerald anderson’s ex! well to see is to believe! you be the judge!

(credit: write-up from mukamo, photos from i blog everything)

Her real name is Sharleen Farina Runkle (screen name: Farina Runkle), 18 years old. She was a former contestant of the fourth season of StarStuck, the GMA reality-based talent search for teens. She was also the rumored girlfriend of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition contestant and now actor, Gerald Anderson.

more pictures below
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anne curtis fulfills dream of playing a mermaid in “dyosa”

so i guess “the wedding” is not pushing through. i am so happy anne and sam are paired off again. nothing beat celine-jb. but i’m open to see them in new characters.


(credit: pep)
Since she was 12 years old, Anne Curtis has always wanted to play a mermaid. She finally got the chance yesterday, May 5, when she shot her underwater scenes as a mermaid during the first taping day of Dyosa in a secluded cove in Calatagan, Batangas.

Anne Curtis fulfills childhood dream by playing mermaid in "Dyosa"

FIRST READ ON PEP: Anne Curtis fulfills childhood dream by playing mermaid in “Dyosa”

Jocelyn Dimaculangan


She is the goddess of the earth, sea, and sky. She is destined to restore balance to the universe. She is Dyosa, who will be played none other than Anne Curtis.


Through the help of ABS-CBN’s PR manager Lorelie Dionisio-Piravalasamy, PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) was able to visit Anne Curtis during the first official taping day of Dyosa. This fantaserye directed by Wenn Deramas pairs Anne with Sam Milby, Luis Manzano, and Zanjoe Marudo.


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fated to love you (命中注定我爱你) at asianfanatics



i am totally addicted to this drama. probably the last i’ve been so into was coffee prince, but not to the level that fated to love you has made me feel. objectively speaking, coffee prince is more wittily written, and is done with better pacing and is executed in a tasteful (not slapstick) manner. but subjectively speaking, i’ve really fallen in love with fated to love you. (wan dan le! i even bought the novel (even if my chinese is just intermediate) and read it backwards. i always read the ending first. this is a special case, i started with the epiologue, then chapter 10, 9, and so on.)

perhaps, it’s because the plot is a fresh and new idea in that the story starts backwards: having had a one-night stand with the wrong person, getting married, and falling in love. the chronology just seems to be different than all the others. the execution is fine too, but it is more fast paced than i had anticipated. i would have loved to see more details and the leads evolving relationship with each other.  

i have an exam tomorrow but my feelings are overflowing that if i delay writing, i just might lose the feeling. that is it for now.

i’ve contributed so much of my thoughts to the asianfanatics forum (i think starting with episode 7 or 8), which i might incorporate here when i have the time.

here’s the asianfanatics thread link to the upcoming episode 9:


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ethan ruan on his bed scene with qiao en

Date: March 19, 2008
Source: UDN
Translation Credit: tammiest@asianfanatics

The acting of TTV/SETTV drama Fated To Love You’s male lead, Ethan Ruan JingTian, is becoming broader and more and more mature; he has also become bolder and more unrestrained in conversation. Ethan, who is a Scorpio, admitted bluntly that his sexuality is very strong; beginning in high school, this “characteristic” was very obvious. Additionally, kissing is his forte; he is very proud of his natural-born lips, which he considers perfect for kissing.

At first, Ethan was very perplexed and uneasy over why filming such a daring bed scene was necessary. He said, “When I was in junior high, I probably wouldn’t have wanted to watch such a barefaced love scene. Neither was I that ‘open’ to the idea of sex. Why do idol dramas these days have to film such ‘realistic’, undisguised scenes? It was only after some of the crew discussed it with me that I realized that the environment and ‘atmosphere’ nowadays has changed. The audience wants dramas and performances that are more realistic, not artificial.”

Ethan and good friend Joe Cheng YuanChang will often discuss the things that they have learned from work. When Ethan heard that Joe had moaned while filming a bed scene with Ariel Lin YiChen for ISWAK II: TKA, thus, keeping his acting and the overall performance extremely true to life, he was determined to engross himself entirely while filming his own bed scene for Fated To Love You. When filming kissing scenes with Chen QiaoEn, he tried to come up with ways to make himself fall immediately in love with her. He explained, “If you don’t engross yourself in the scene while filming, the acting will really be very strange.”


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Ethan Ruan’s unavoidable hard life; Clenches teeth and jumps into smelly fountain

Translated by minivicki @ asianfanatics.net

For SETTV’s idol drama “Fated To Love You”, Ethan Ruan had to swim, jump into the sea, be drenched by the rain etc and had to endure lots of “water disaster” torture. Even when “Fated To Love You” turned to Shanghai to film their scenes, he still could not avoid his fated to be wet life. He had to fall into the fountain for the drama and is near being the idol drama male lead with the hardest life.

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Chen Qiao En brings posperity to males. Ming Dao and Ethan Ruan benefits

Translated by minivicki@asianfanatics.net
Source: http://showbiz.chinatimes.com/Chinatimes/ExteriorContent/Showbiz/Showbiz-Page/0,4434,content+110511+112008033100300,00.html

Chen Qiao En was voted “Most popular female artiste from Taiwan and Hong Kong” by the mainland netizens before and recently, she managed to break into the mainland market to be the spokesman of a sports shoe brand. Regarding this endorsement’s fee, Jungiery manager Sun De Rong has been very secretive and he only revealed that the fees were higher than millions by a lot. He also said that he was very picky about what Qiao En endorses. “Earlier, a bra company looked for her but I thought that it was too early for that.” (more…)

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