the prince who turned to a frog (王子變青蛙) starring ming dao and chen qiao en

watching fated to love you got me into watching the prince who turned to a frog! i really like qiao en! she’s real funny!

while this was being broadcast in the philippines, i thought it was not worth recording it (as it was in the afternoon pre-primetime slot), because mingdao did not look dashing and/or cute enough! plus i felt he was cross-eyed!

although i hate amnesia stories (for heaven’s sake this probably happen to 0.0001 of the people in the world!), the story seemed to work for me! thanks to the funny characterizations, and the right pacing, it worked!

mingdao was so dashing as shan junhao! he was just way cool! he portrayed shan jun hao very well! handsome, cold and rich. and the way he switches from junhao to dang-ou is really noticeable! he indeed can act! i loved his restraint jealousy, very subtle and effortless, very shan junhao! it’s just the first time i’ve seen a different perspective of showing jealousy, but still sweet!

qiao-en, was as usual, so damn funny! though i do not particularly like the character ye tianyu as i find her shallow, i still can’t help but laugh! i like xinyi the character better (of fated to love you)!

sam wang, who played xu ziqian, was quite okay. though he could have been better. the character so resembles jb in maging sino ka man, in that i feel among the four leads, both are supposed to NOT feel any hurt at all. it just happens that circumstances lead them to be bad, at one point in the story! i so felt the pain of ziqian, being alone, growing up in a family who killed his real family! it was just so damn faithful. i liked sam wang, but his portrayal falls one point short. it was real subtle, and his acting should have been more emphasized. also, i feel that this character has so much more to give. wish he’d been given more airtime!

fan yunxi, on the other hand, is the character i least liked, and joyce is the actress who least can act! i find her overreacting!

this is a very promising love quadrangle but it aimed showing more of the main leads! but the second lead characters are very rich as well! they could have explored more like they did in maging sino ka man, where it definitely wouldn’t be complete without jb and celine!

another funny character was zhengze, tianyi’s dimwit brother! he was really so funny! i don’t know how he got to speak chinese with a lisp! and his “hirits” (there is no english translation for this. the nearest i could think of his dialogue but it is still far off) are just real funny, which reminds me of xiangqing in it started with a kiss! that character was so stupid and i hate her! zhengze was also stupid but real likeable!

fengjiao ai was also funny! and who could forget jingzhi mama! she’s funny, but not as funny as xinyi’s mom in fated to love you!

zhang minghan, though may seem like a villain, was real cool! the actor who portrayed this role is okay in terms of acting! and i really like the way he “battles” with shan junhao! i feel suspense!

the pacing (maybe i was watching it continously and not only once a week) and the subplots were good. but i hate the premise of amnesia! i feel that people having amnesia is less probable (prince who turned to a frog) than having sex with the wrong person (fated to love you).  oooh i am so into fated to love you i just wish it broadcasts more than once a week!

of course taiwanese dramas cannot do without its usual exaggeration but at least i could say that the laugh was worth all the cons!

by the way, here are the links where you can watch it:

ALL EPISODES (each episode divided into 5 parts): and just click on the right hand corner for the succeeding parts

EPISODES 1-24 (each episode NOT divided into parts):

EPISODES 25-30 (each episode NOT divided into parts): 


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  1. i loved this drama! I know it is ridiculous how Ming Dao’s character loses his memory at least twice but otherwise doesnt seem to have any other brain injuries! But it was all so funny and romantic. I enjoyed Tianyu (Qiao En) cos she was a strong feisty girl–she had to carry natural gas bottles around and could repair things–lots of girl power.
    Did you recognise Jacky Zhu (ex-183 Club) as Michael, the prep school bully who lures Tianyu into the bikini party? Hes only in two eps.

    Lots of posts about Taiwanese dramas and music on my blog…

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