joe chen (qiao en) caught kissing with ming dao? (valentines 2008)

Source: UDN
Translated by Cmiley

Joe Chen Celebrates Valentines with Someone Else’s Boyfriend

After Joe Chen Qiao En and Ming Dao have caused a stir regarding the extreme kissing at a club, express yesterday that she and her foreign boyfriend Michael’s relationship hasn’t changed, but today is Valentines and she’s spending it with someone else’s boyfriend; Ethan Ruan. Ethan says, he hasn’t thought up of what to get for his girl friend Tiffany Xu Wei Ning, but of course it wouldn’t be a ring, that’s because to him that is a gesture of securing the partner, which has to be treated carefully.Joe Chen in Sanli’s idol drama “Fated To Love You” mistakingly takes Aphrodisiacs and has a sexual relationship with Ethan and ends up getting pregnant. Yesterday the two runs to a gynecologist, not only were they giving out condoms, they also told everyone about how to calculate the “safe period”. Interestinly, the drama crew even used a computer to combine both their features to produce their “love child”; making Joe Chen laugh hard: “this little baby with thick eyebrows and large eyes, looks very mature.”

Earlier Joe Chen was rumoured to be kissing at a club with her senior Ming Dao, after the news were exposed; both stood strong to deny it, but online Joe was attacked by Ming Dao’s fans heavily. In reality is she and her foreign boy friend Michael’s relationship broken is a concern, yesterday Joe was asked regarding this issue, she started of playing dumb, then later shyly said: “Ok, we are still together.” But for Valentines present, she doesn’t have high hopes, also today since 6:30am I’ll be filming.

Ethan and Tiffany has a stable relationship, Valentines has arrived, because he’s been busy filming since Lunar 3rd day, he hasn’t had the time to go pick a present, but the one thing he can confirm is he won’t be giving a ring, he says: “This idea of locking someone, it’s too serious”.

photo of ethan and tiffany leaving a moviehouse.


photo of ethan and tiffany at kenting


by the way, here’s a link where you can see qiao en’s aussie boyfriend michael:

and here’s a link about a magazine featuring qiao en, video clip also compare ming dao and the aussie bf:

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  1. Wow MingDao and Qiao en kissing?! Adorable

  2. WOW!! really??? that’s good,,, no GREAT!!! i really like both of them… i wish they could be together again in a film… i miss them sooo much! and I’m really hoping for the time when they can be rally sweetheart, on and off the cam!!!

  3. Ming Dao & QE Kissing? Yay!!!! I’m so Happy to hear that! gosh I love these two together soooo much! I’m just waiting for the day they let it out to the public.(that they are real lovers) Ehehe!

  4. lolz everyone seems so happie about an incident they both denied XD

  5. ming dao and joe chen qiao en kissing so sweet …………… ethan ruan and tifanny xu @#$%^&!*

  6. Wow adorable. I want Ethan and Qiao En to be together more though. Fated to Love You was the best show I’ve watched ever. (: All the other shows are BLEH when being compared to Fated. I sooo hope they’d do a part 2. XD

  7. i think its alright…
    coz they’re complement w/ each other…

  8. i love joe chen and ming dao im your number1 fan ming dao wacht your favorites food and joe chen hos your boyfriends rigth now it ming dao i love you guy

  9. its a wow.. yehey

  10. hi i am a fan of you and also ming dao coz for me both of you are deserve for each other……i love your loveteam

  11. wala bang friendsterlayout ni maing dao?

  12. hi,
    just finish watching fated to love you.
    I think drama fanatics should watch this ! it’s really very entertaining. All the characters here are so perfect for their role. not only ethan and qiao en. But also the ladies who played the grandma and mother of qiao en. I’mot not really fond of taiwan drama , but this one is really fantastic! Hoping to have a part II

    • I’m back.. you know what, I’m always checking this site because I love reading what people are saying about joe chen because I want to know her personality very much… bout her lovelife, personality, hobbies, tv series, etc…. my friend told me that I’m addicted to her… I already watched, ying ye 3+1, prince who turns into a frog, fated to love you and a game over love. and for me I love ming dao and joe chen..

  13. Hello Marie-S,

    To me Qiao En’s ‘foreign’ boyfriend isn’t foreign at all, because I’m an Aussie! Apparently Michael works in currency exchange, and is not very interested in Qiao En’s fame. Supposedly he watched about ten minutes orf Ep 1 of Fated to Love You, but didn’t understand it.
    I’m a fan of Ming Dao and some of the other idols. Check it out on my blog:

  14. ming dao and joe chen 4 ever!!!!

  15. wow…ming-en kissing????
    it’s amazing!!! they are so sweet couples..
    hope they can make it to endless love.
    i always waiting for their teamwork in a new drama..
    ming dao and qiao en…jia you…

    • Really??// I love ming dao and joe chen to be together espescially when I watched sakurano and prince who turns into a frog.. they’re comfortable with each other. I’m one of the fanatics mingen and I love Ethan too.. ethan has a similarity with ming dao, maybe that’s the reason why for the very first time that ethan works with joe chen they had a chemistry on cam… I admire joe chen because she’s very talented and cute… I hope that joe chen will do a tv series again in the future with ming dao and it would be great if you two have the same kissing scene like what joe chen did in fated to love you(one night stand) lol… love you mingen… ^_^

  16. i like ming dao and joe chen..

  17. wow,is qiao en and ming dao kissing?That i wish!

  18. well…that’s great!!!!!
    i think you two were meant to be!!

  19. ouch.

    i love ming dao 😦

  20. I love both chen qiao en and ming dao, they look very good together, pls.Air all the series that they’ve together. Chen-Ming 4ever!

  21. Huhu,im totally ming-chen addict! FP and Sakurano were the best taiwanese drama series! Kip it up!

  22. To any1 who’s ming-en adik,txt txt nio nman aq, i wnt sm1 to talk to abt.Them. 09283052636.

  23. Seeing them with different partners hurts me! Hopefuly ur tandem wont last 4evr. thanx GMA 4 introducing them 2 us!

  24. ooohh..didnt expected it…she kissing with ming dao????..but it okay,they look okay 2gether..2 ming dao fans..dun be sad!!!

  25. oops!!!,im broken heart right now!!but it nothing..i always support both of ur big fans!!!

  26. I’m an avid fan of mingdao and qiao en,i really like their team up,i wish they are 4 ever

  27. perfect couples..maybe,..joe chen is a cute gurl and i’m her fans and always support her 4ever!!

  28. ???i don’t care bout that thing..i always support them..4ever

  29. i love u ….wing dao

  30. love u wing dao

  31. ming dao and joe chen are perfect couple but I don’t like tiffany xu for ethan ruan just my opinion

  32. menurut gue mereka cocok koq, jadi no problem

  33. It’s my first time to watch Joe Chen via Fated to love you and I got hooked. I’m a mother of two but still can’t help myself admiring Joe Chen. I missed her stint through Philippines’ Sugo TV series. Hope to know more about you, Joe Chen. Kudos to your good acting prowess through Fated to love you. Cheers!

  34. hi Ethan Ruan
    i though that your girl friend is Joe Chen coz i like bouth of you

  35. I love joe chen and ethan ruan
    to be married
    and to be couples
    I wish that joe chen
    and ethan ruan to come
    on phillipines

    • Joe Chen qiao en has came to the Philippines and she was one of the guest of sugo here in the philippines.

    • what??? Your thinking is completely crazy, Joe and Ethan are can’t be married, they impossible, because Joe loves Matthew so much, and they will be together forever…

  36. Qiao en or joe chen
    Iwish to be married to ethan ruan
    and not to ming dao

    • your very very very right, girl!

      • what??? Your thinking is completely crazy, Joe and Ethan are can’t be married, they are impossible, because Joe loves Matthew so much, and they will be together forever…

  37. I saw an outtake of Fated to Love You. Ming Dao was in one of the Fated to Love You taping and that got me thinking why he was there. Is it possible that they, Joe Chen and Ming Dao are together? ’cause that’d be awesome ’cause they seem to have chemistry.

  38. i think it must be joe chen qiao en and ethan ruan jing tian must be kissing together…………!!!

    • it is very bad, you know ?

  39. i think that if you already have a boyfriend … should not be dating somebody else…

    juz a friendly comment…

    but i think that chen qiao en and ming dao look great together…..

  40. hi joe chen and ethan ruan i wish you will come in the philppines and i wish you will get be marry not ming dao joe chen LOVE ETHAN RUAN

    • what??? Your thinking is completely crazy, Joe and Ethan are can’t be married, they impossible, because Joe loves Matthew so much, and they will be together forever…

  41. are you two in love????
    its good.. i wish you two can go in islam

  42. Ming_qe I love them,so sweet I like

  43. im a newbie here i lyk them so much i lyk dao ming and joe chen

  44. huh!how dare u kissing with another women,,
    I’M SO SAD! hohoho..

  45. I don’t think Joe and Ethan is a couple, that not true, Matthew and Joe, that’s right!

    • yes, it is very nice ^^

  46. love u joe chen

  47. hi, im new to this site
    and i agree that ethan and en are cute couples
    but i MUCh MORE prefer qiao en with ming dao
    sorry ethan fans, but i just like ming dao better!
    jia you, ming dao!!!!:)

  48. Ming Dao and Qiao En ❤

  49. . OMG ! iLOVEit ! Ming dao and Qiao en looks so cute together .. but i like Ethan Ruan and Qiao en too .. Even though im a little “jealous” about this rumours , i’ll still support qiao en , ethan ruan and ming dao FOREVER ! haha . ❤ ming dao and ethan ruan are the best !! ❤

  50. . i dont like the fact that ethan ruan likes tiffany xu and qiao en has her boyfriend .. NO OFFENSE but i really hate this fact ! :(( i love ethan and ming dao together with qiao en .. i wish the three of them can have a drama together .. 🙂

  51. llove ming dao……..~:(

  52. i love joe chain…

  53. Congratulation for best female drama award in Golden Bell Award also queen indorser of latest underwear garment and miss Avon for commercial skin care product, your so beautiful!!!! , wish you more movies together with ming dao.. I am your die hard fans here in the philippines, I have many collections of your pics and articles… god bless and more power!!!

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