fated to love you (命中注定我爱你) episode 3 ratings: ratings soar and hits new high, Ethan Ruan pledge to go vegetarian

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Source: http://taiwan.ttv.com.tw/taiwan/InfoView.asp?InfoID=2102
Translated by meosles@asianfanatics.net



TTV/SETTV idol drama “Fated To Love You” hits new high after only three episodes. The average rating is 5.18 and is the champion among idol dramas. When Ethan Ruan heard that the ratings hits new high at the site of filming, he said happily: “I am stunned! It’s already so high after only three episodes. If it really breaks 8 in future, I will go vegetarian on the 1st and 15th (of the lunar calendar) during the period when we are filming this drama.” The female lead Chen Qiao En said: “Then we can have celebrations feast every week!”

The ratings for “Fated To Love You” rose again when the third episode was aired last week. According to Nelson rating analysis, age 4 and above rating was 5.18 with the highest segment reaching 5.77. For the 15-44 age group, the average rating was 6.38 with the highest segment reaching 8.84. Regarding the rise in numbers, Ethan Ruan who was busy filming in Hsichih exclaimed: “There were more than 8 million people added together who watched our drama during the first episode and the repeat broadcast. I was thinking then that if this drama still doesn’t succeed, I will have to go back to Taichung and become a farmer.” Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan happily carried their grandma in the drama Tan Ai Zhen. Tan Ai Zhen joked: “In the past, Takeshi Kaneshiro carried me in a movie and now he has become an international star. Today you carried me also, so you will have a chance in future too!”“Fated To Love You” is well-received by the audience. Many netizens dub Ethan Ruan as “idol drama’s new first brother” and Chen Qiao En as the “flower of idol drama”. When they heard the titles given to them by the netizens, Ethan said modestly “If the script is good, the entire team will be strong too. The veteran actors in the drama also add many points.” When Chen Qiao En heard that she is dubbed the flower of idol drama, she laughed and added: “Even if the ratings are high, we still have to wake up very early for filming.” The sweet talking Ethan even credits the soaring ratings to Tan Ai Zhen who is a vegetarian for twenty years. Ethan flattered her and said: “It must be granny who is a vegetarian and bring us good luck!” He words make Tan Ai Zhen very happy and she joked: “You can also go vegetarian together with me! Then the ratings will be even higher!” At this time, Chen Qiao En couldn’t help joking: “Xiao Tian wouldn’t be happy without meat. Asking him to go vegetarian is like asking for his life!” Under Chen Qiao En provocations and the looks of the people around him, Ethan Ruan had to promise: “If the rating for this drama breaks 8, then I will go vegetarian on the 1st and 15th (of the lunar calendar) during the period of filming for this drama! Actually in the past I made a pledge before, but I didn’t know where to buy vegetarian food. So on the days I was supposed to go vegetarian I didn’t eat for the entire day.” At this time Tan Ai Zhen said fondly: “In the future you can eat vegetarian food with me on the 1st and 15th. I won’t let you go without food.”
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  1. wow..>>it’s super gnda tlaga ng dramang 2 grave

  2. its reli a gud teleserye… until the end.. nka2relate aq!!! pro sna magng kmi dn no… 😦

  3. ^_^….
    nakaka-addict na ‘tong panoorin … kaya manood na rin kayo!


  4. well… what can i say? very amazing tele serye!!!
    kahit busy at pagod sa work d ko pina lalagpas every episode… nakakakilig hehehehe super intertaining promis!! sa mga d pa nakakanuod hay naku napag iwanan na kau… its never too late so check it out men,
    keep watching fated to love you!!

  5. hallo i love the fated to love you….
    i hope they have part 1

  6. eLoOw uZtA nA hMmpf,,,?

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