lobo episode guide: episodes 61-80



Episode 61 – 042308
Lyka is ready to become the savior of the werewolves.

Nessa and Lyka are now staying at Lady Elle’s house where they learn about the black wolves and the Lunas. Later on, Lyka dreams of a man in ancient warrior garb who asks her if she’s really ready for her mission. When she stumbles upon his portrait the next day, she learns from Lady Elle that he was the clan’s protector 500 years ago, the last time the red moon had risen. Will this man be involved in Lyka’s training to become the savior of the werewolves?


Meanwhile, Nessa is troubled to discover that she has become a black wolf. Many years ago on the night of Emil’s death, she had attacked a human being—who happened to be Anton—which means she needs to face the council and whatever punishment they may hand out. What awaits her once Lady Elle and Lyka learn her secret? Don’t miss the beginning of Lyka’s preparation for the coming of the red moon on Lobo, weeknights, after Kung Fu Kids on Primetime Bida.




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Love at first watch: The magic of “Dear Heart” revisited


The magic of “Dear Heart” revisited

It was the film that started it all for Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion. “Direk Danny [Zialcita] wanted my character in the movie to be close to my real self para daw hindi ako mahirapan,” confided Sharon to entertainment columnist-host Ricky Lo when asked about her first film Dear Heart in 1981. As for her leading man, Sharon bluntly confessed that, at first, “Anybody but Gabby Concepcion. I found out na mabait naman pala siya when we started shooting.”

Love at first watch: The magic of “Dear Heart” revisited

Bong Godinez (philippine entertainment portal)

After Sharon was given a recording contract at the age of 12, singer-composer Rey Valera remembers feeling perplexed when he was commissioned to write a song for the young singer. A straight-ahead love song, according to Valera, didn’t seem fit for someone so young.


But Rey wouldn’t allow himself either to write anything like a nursery tune. He toiled for a few days. And then, while riding a jeepney he suddenly came up with a song he’d call “Mr. DJ.”  Valera instinctively knew that he unearthed a gold mine. “Mr. DJ” did become a major hit and the young Sharon Cuneta became a singing sensation.


Sharon charmed her way into the OPM charts and into the hearts of Filipino listeners. Two years after her breakthrough as a recording artist, she was being eyed by some producers to star in a movie.


ANYBODY BUT GABBY. The theme of Sharon’s first film, at only 15, was a no brainer—young love with the usual Romeo-and-Juliet elements, minus Shakespeare’s tragic touch.


Contrary to popular notion, Sharon’s first movie was not produced by Viva Films but by a production outfit known as Sining Silangan. Director Danny Zialcita was tapped to direct the film; part of his job was also to convince the Cuneta household to allow Sharon to jump into acting.


“I was a singer when this movie was offered to me,” said Sharon in an interview with QTV 11’s Ang Pinaka…


Almers De Luna, a proud member of the group Sharon’s Angels, revealed that the Cunetas asked for a P220,000-talent fee, which at the time was a staggering amount for a newcomer. To the disbelief of Sharon’s parents, Sining Silangan agreed to pay the sum without reservation.


“Direk Danny said to my mom, and I will never forget this until the day I die, if the mayor [Sharon’s dad, Pablo Cuneta] and you do not allow Sharon to do this I will never make this movie. I will shelve this forever,” Sharon fondly recalled. “So it was really me.”


Sharon was the only choice for the heroine but the leading man was a  different story. She did not like Gabby.


the prince who turned to a frog (王子變青蛙) starring ming dao and chen qiao en

watching fated to love you got me into watching the prince who turned to a frog! i really like qiao en! she’s real funny!

while this was being broadcast in the philippines, i thought it was not worth recording it (as it was in the afternoon pre-primetime slot), because mingdao did not look dashing and/or cute enough! plus i felt he was cross-eyed!

although i hate amnesia stories (for heaven’s sake this probably happen to 0.0001 of the people in the world!), the story seemed to work for me! thanks to the funny characterizations, and the right pacing, it worked!


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心愿便利贴 By: 元若蘭 & 吴忠明 (Sticky Note for Wishes By: Shorty Yuen and Quack Wu)

心愿便利吴忠明 & 元若
Xin Yuan Bian Li Tie – Wu Zhong Ming & Yuan Ruo Lan
Sticky Note Wish – Quack Wu & Shorty Yuen

Yi tian yi tian tie jin ni de xin
Day by day I come closer to your heart
你开心 我关心
Ni kai xin wo guan xin
When you’re happy I care

Yi dian yi di wo dou neng gan ying
Every bits and pieces I can sense them
你是我 最美的相信
Ni shi wo zui mei de xiang xin
You are my most beautiful belief


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甜甜的 | tian tian de | Sweetly by jay chou

credit: jay-chou.net

Zuo Ci: Fang Wen Shan
Lyrics: Vincent Fang

Zuo Qu: Zhou Jie Lun
Music: Jay Chou

Bian Qu: Lin Mai Ke
Arranger: Michael Lin

#我輕輕的嚐一口 妳說的愛我 
wo qing qing di chang yi kou / ni shuo de ai wo
I gently taste / the love you said was for me

hai zai hui wei ni gei guo de wen rou
I am still savoring the warmth you gave

我輕輕的嚐一口 這香濃的誘惑 
wo qing qing di chang yi kou / zhe xiang nong de you huo
I gently taste / This aromatic temptation

wo xi huan de yang zi ni dou you
You have all the ways I like#


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when love begins starring aga muhlach and anne curtis: read synopsis and watch full trailer here

you can watch the full trailer here:



Benedicto “Ben” Caballero (Aga Muhlach) is an environmentalist who founded the Mother Earth Movement, an NGO committed to educating Filipinos about the protection of nature. Michelle “Mitch” Valmonte (Anne Curtis) is a marketing assistant who works for his father’s company. She decides to take a vacation with fellow rich friends in Boracay. When Michelle accidentally steps on a sea urchin, she meets Ben, who suggests that someone should pee on her foot to relieve her of the pain.The two instantly hit it off despite their apparent differences. Ben is a vegetarian while Michelle is a carnivore. Ben doesn’t have any vice while Michelle loves to intoxicate herself with alcohol. But their passionate personalities bring them together that they learned to love and accept each other.

But love isn’t always too good to be true. Ben’s involvement in his NGO pushes him to come face to face with Michelle’s father. In the end, Michelle has to make the ultimate decision of choosing between the two men she loves the most.

and here’s a write-up (credit philippine entertainment portal)

Direk Joey Reyes talks about the chemistry between Aga and Anne in

Direk Joey Reyes (in photo) describes When Love Begins as a movie about people who are afraid of commitment. This Star Cinema and Viva Films co-production starring Aga Muhlach and Anne Curtis will premiere on April 30, 2008.

Direk Joey Reyes talks about the chemistry between Aga and Anne in “When Love Begins”

Jocelyn Dimaculangan

Aga Muhlach and Anne Curtis were in Boracay from March 25 to April 2 to shoot Star Cinema and Viva Films’s  co-production When Love Begins. Despite the 14-year age gap between the two stars, the director of the movie believes that they were able to effectively portray lovers who are both afraid of being in a relationship.


Direk Joey Reyes told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during his solo presscon earlier today, April 9, that the chemistry of the 38-year-old matinee idol and the 23-year-old actress was “fine.” But he admitted that he was initially worried how the two would appear together.


“I was worried because people might say, ‘My God, he’s been around for so long and she’s so young.’ But it doesn’t matter. He’s so good-looking and she’s so sexy,” said the director.


In When Love Begins, Aga plays a lawyer-turned-environmentalist named Ben Caballero while Anne is a marketing executive named Michelle “Mitch” Valmonte. According to Direk Joey, Mitch is “a very rich girl who’s dancing from one relationship to another. And she does not believe in commitments, either.”


Christopher de Leon plays a special role in this movie as Anne’s father. He works in a real-estate company that plans to convert land in Boracay into commercial areas. This puts his work in conflict with the character of Aga who aims to maintain ecological balance in Boracay.


This is the 18th movie of Direk Joey with Aga but his first time to work with Anne Curtis. “I’ve done so many movies with Aga Muhlach before and again, this is a pleasant experience. He’s a personal friend, so again, I’m looking forward to working with him again and again.”


Direk Joey and Aga’s last project together was the movie Kung Ako Na Lang Sana (2003) with Sharon Cuneta.


As for his working relationship with Anne, he said, “This is the first time I’ve worked with her and this is a delight. I’m happy that I have been entrusted and given the privilege of working with them. Anne is so uncomplicated, walang arte, walang kiyeme, napakabait at pleasant na bata. And I want to work with her again, very very soon! After the many months of working with them, I’m very happy,” revealed Direk Joey.


According to Star Cinema’s promo specialist Jun Mayuga, they started shooting the film last year but shootings were cancelled when Aga Muhlach’s mother, Mrs. Anita Aquino, passed away last November 18 due to lung cancer.


Scenes of the movie were shot in Station 1, Station 2, and Puka Beach on the other side of the Boracay island. When Love Begins will open in theaters nationwide starting April 30, 2008.

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when love begins starring aga muhlach and anne curtis: one hello (BY RANDY CRAWFORD) soundtrack lyrics

sing along with this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VIuIGZk6MU

If you’re not afraid
Of what love brings
Then endings are beginnings
Of beautiful things
It’s a chance you take
A chance you’re in
If someone’s gonna find you
First you’ve gotta let them in…

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gabby’s children: video of kc, gabrielle (gary), chloe concepcion

kc and chloe look similar. but kc looks more like gabby and sandra (gabby’s sister)

here’s a link where you can see their photos in the following videos:





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千里之外 | Qian Li Zhi Wai | Faraway by jay chou and fei yu qing

~~~   just love this song! fei yu qing’s voice is so good!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0rRCITG240 ~~~

credit: jay-chou.net

千里之外 | Qian Li Zhi Wai | Faraway
Other Translations: A Thousand Miles Away
Qu : Zhou Jie Lun
Music: Jay Chou詞:方文山
Ci: Fang Wen Shan
Lyrics: Vincent FangTranslation: Ling & cs_omigosh – www.jay-chou.net

屋簷如懸崖* 風鈴如滄海 我等燕歸來
Wu yan ru xuan yai* / feng ling ru cang hai / wo deng yan gui lai
The roof is like a cliff, wind chimes like the ocean, and I am waiting for the swallow to return

時間被安排 演一場意外 你悄然走開
Shi jian bei an pai / yan yi chang yi wai / ni qiao ran zou kai
Time is scheduled to act out the accident of you leaving quietly

故事在城外 濃霧散不開 看不清對白
Gu shi zai cheng wai / nong wu shan bu kai / kan bu qing dui bai
The story occurred outside the city [where] there were thick fogs. [I] can’t see the dialogue clearly

你聽不出來 風聲不存在 是我在感慨
Ni ting bu chu lai / feng sheng bu cun zai / shi wo zai gan kai
You can’t hear that, the sound of the wind never existed, it was the sound of me sighing

夢醒來 是誰在窗臺 把結局打開
Meng xing lai / shi shui zai chuang tai / ba jie ju da kai
Awakened [from my] dream, who stood by the window sill and opened the ending

那薄如蟬翼的未來 經不起誰來拆
Na bo ru chan yi de wei lai / jing bu qi shui lai zhe
The future is as thin as the cicada’s wing and can’t withstand being torn by anyone


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青花瓷 |Qing Hua Ci| Blue and White Porcelain by jay chou

~~~  love the mv! the twist at the end is nice!

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRn5PaGKFcc    ~~~

credit: jay-chou.net

青花瓷 |Qing Hua Ci| Blue and White Porcelain

曲:- 周杰倫
Qu:- Zhou Jie Lun
Music:- Jay Chou

詞:- 方文山
Ci:- Fang Wen Shan
Lyrics:- Vincent Fang

Pin Yin: ekyec – http://www.jay-chou.net
Translation: laruku – http://www.jay-chou.net

su pei gou le chu qing hua bi feng nong zhuan dan
The brush outlines a beautiful pattern, brush strokes becoming lighter

ping shen miao hui de mu dan yi ru ni chu zhuang
The peony on the bottle, simplest beauty, just like you

ran ran tan xiang tou gou chuang xin shi wo liao ran
Whiffs of incense smoke bring your troubles to my heart

xuan zhi shang zou bi zhi ci ge yi ban
I pause halfway while painting

you se xuan ran shi nv tu yun wei bei si cang
The glazing of the lady’s portrait hides her charm

er ni yan ran de yi xiao ru han bao dai fang
Your smile, to me, like a budding flower

妳的美一縷飄散 去到我去不了的地方
ni de mei yi lv piao san / qu dao wo qu bu liao de di fang
But your beauty dissipates like smoke, to a place I can never reach


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