mother at 14 (14才の母 sai no haha): eng sub / subbed (with english subtitles)


chanced upon this heartwarming jap series! i’m not a drama (i love comedies, particularly romantic comedies) nor a jap series fan (i prefer pinoy and korean), but this series really captured my heart! it’s neither sugar coated nor exaggerated, i would say a little too subtle and subdued for my taste, but there’s no better to describe it: heartwarming.

japanese society is so unforgiving to people who make mistakes, i realized! not that it’s something to frown upon, but it’s something not to be proud of either.

the story is not new, but the way it was told was really special. from ep 2 to 10, we see miki’s struggles: people shunning her and her family. it’s like they’re practically outcasts. this also happens in the philippines but filipinos are more forgiving. japan is really so conservative, i deducted.

miki so free-spirited and courageous! she’s so 14, small (she even looks smaller than mariaflor de luna) and she’s going to have a baby! i like the visual register of miki being so small, it adds to the drama that she’s just a child having a child. she’s courageous not because she kept the baby (although i am a catholic i believe in free will. though i personally will not get an abortion if i do get pregnant!). she is very brave and courageous because she has convictions and she stands up to it, even when everybody (even her parents) oppose it. the scene where she told the doctor in front of her mom and dad that she was not gonna cry anymore, really touched my heart! the actress who played the part was good! she reminds me of maja salvador and yeng constantino, whom i both like. 

all in all, the support characters are also great in their own aspects. the mom (who by the way, has an uncanny resemblance to daisy reyes) is so supportive, despite being shunned! the dad cries and it is the first time his children saw it! satoshi (miki’s bf), is so stiff, emotionless, and yet you feel his pain! he’s lost. and his mom, so stern, but has a story to tell as well. the reporter, who looks like julio diaz, is a such a bastard, but i somehow understand where he’s coming from and what he’s doing is logical.

perhaps this video clips sums the tone and execution of the story i am describing to you all along:

  • mom, dad, brother kenta finally accepting whole-heartedly the reality they must go through
  • miki crying because she cannot do anything but say sorry
  • satoshi wanting to finish his studies in japan bec he promised miki
  • miki’s teacher finally saying to the principal what she feels
  • satoshi’s mom losing her company because of the pregnancy 
  • miki symbolically packing her uniform, the imminence of a new world to face

this 13-minute videoclip really said a lot! episode 6 was really the best!

 anyway, here are the links where you can watch it with english subtitles:



(on the side: speaking of unwanted pregnancies, you might want to watch fated to love you! it’s a taiwanese drama executed in a funny, sometimes slaptick, a little bit corny style, though still enjoyable!)


(credit: wikipedia and dramawiki) 

14-sai no Haha: Aisuru tame ni Umaretekita (14才の母 ~愛するために生まれてきた~? lit. “14-year-old Mother: Born to love”) is a Japanese television drama broadcasted on NTV. It was aired from October 11, 2006 until December 20 of the same year. The drama concerns 14-year-old Miki Ichinose, who becomes pregnant with her boyfriend’s child. After struggling with the fact that she is pregnant, she decides that she will keep the baby and raise it by herself. The show follows what this means for her, her family, her school life, the life of her boyfriend and his family, and the society in which she resides.

Episode Titles

  • Ep 01: A Junior Highschool Student’s Pregnancy… I’m sorry, Mom
  • Ep 02: You are not my Daughter Anymore
  • Ep 03: Goodbye… My Baby
  • Ep 04: Journey – I Won’t Cry Anymore
  • Ep 05: Bye bye… The Day My First Love Died
  • Ep 06: Can you also give me a Maternity Handbook?
  • Ep 07: Can Money Buy a Future?
  • Ep 08: Two Lives… Which one to Choose?
  • Ep 09: Delivery ・ Life threatening 24 Hours
  • Ep 10: Smile Once More…
  • Ep 11: The Last Moment of Tears Special… What is Life?

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  1. hey, thanks for links. it helped a lot. 14 sai no haha suddenly became unavailable in crunchyroll, and i was in the middle of watching. -_-

    i had to find something like this. ;D

    thanks again.


  2. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow thanks

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