maging sino ka man book 2 ending: the verdict

except for the fine and stellar acting of christopher de leon and philip salvador, maging sino ka man book 2 considerably failed to give the viewers a good story.

i think now i can finally and concretely say that book 2 was such a huge disappointment (referring to my earlier blog when the show just started airing). what is there to like? so full of useless, forgettable and negligible new characters and senseless plots and subplots. 

  • lena’s character is so damn negligible
  • the senseless dove dream, which was all there is to eli in book 2 (john lloyd’s excellent acting ability was seriously undermined with this ridiculous subplot!)
  • the death of the yet to appear joaquin (aba kawawa naman si derek ramsay extra lang!)
  • veron and mamu g pushed aside (i read veron would come back for revenge since she’s already rich now.)
  • matteo “dead” hand seemingly strong (he’s having lots of fight scenes and he uses the hand!)
  • why matteo hates mamu g was not discussed! (i mean we don’t even know how eli came into being!!!). this is a really rich subplot, why not discuss it?
  • i also really really really want to know what’s in mamu g that made fidel steal eli! i want to know about the history of the oldies! and this could have made the difference!
  • and the death of celine (sigh!!!), and the absence of imelda (irma adlawan!) my God! your daughter dies and you are not at her funeral (so what if you’re pregnant, i suppose people will tell imelda even if she is pregnant! i miss imelda and corazon’s bickering!)
  • the never-ending on and off relationship of jackie and eli, totally baseless and without proper foreshadowing!
  • jiminez! oh! it just seems so illogical that the man who helped matteo earn his big bucks suddenly loses all his fortune, considering it was well told that he (jiminez) was the brains in their group of 2, not enough foreshadowing! such a pity tommy abuel is an okay character actor. (i can’t help to compare his role to the mang oca character though. mang oca is a much better charcer! and soliman cruz could give chrisotopher de leon, philip salvador and john lloyd a run for their acting abilities! he’s such a good actor!)
  • the “duh” friendship of jb and onay! (seriously???)
  • the useless use of jb’s character in the last fight scene (man he looked liked he didn’t know how he was gonna act! pero ah sam milby’s acting progress is truly phenomenal! during the latter part of book 1, you can already say that he can act! oh so much better than the never improving onemig bondoc!)

although the unfavorable stuff are far more than the favorable stuff, i’d do like to comment that

  • chin chin gutierrez seemed to have struck gold in book 2, she gave a very solid performance and her exposure was longer, but not necessarily better. corazon was at her bitchiest best in book 1 
  • as always, the cinematography is great. loved the ending scene landscape
  • and of course the soundtrack. superb!

just many loopholes. though i guess abs-cbn didn’t want to give them further air time because it’s losing in the ratings game! kaya hindi na pinahaba. unlike the ending of book 1, which showed 2 months of worthless shit. the ending waas really so dragged out!   

book 1 seriously is the best among all that i’ve watched in my 28 years of serious existence! book 1 by far exceeded all my benchmarks (kay tagal kang hinintay which i though was the greatest at that time, and pangako sayo!).

book 2, oh nevermind! i guess you get the point!

i just miss the excitement of anticipating everyday! that’s what book 1 was all about! there is something important happening everyday! the last 2 months though was senseless. book 2 is senseless and worthless! there is no need to “tumutok” (pay close attention and give full concentration).

oh i will also miss seeing john lloyd the actor, jb the character, and celine the character!

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  1. i agree with your assessment of MSKM2’s finale. I really liked the start of book 1, even tho by the end, i was really thrown off by the hokiness of the supernatural element. Pero pinoy ito, part of the genre ika nga. In book 2, chin chin was excellent. She should be in a comedy!

  2. I agree Book 1 is the better of the two. Actors act according to the script.The writers, I guess, got bored. Good ideas got strewn on the wayside. I blame the scripwriters for the scatter brained subplots and for the off again on again Jackie and Eli. The Jackie and Eli characters got me hooked in Book 1.[well acted by Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz, in my humble opinion.]
    I continue being flamuxed by the hostility of Fidel towards Eli and Mateo towards Mamu G.
    Among Pinoys, there seem to be a difficulty interms of loyalty towards parents against spouses when it arises and one is made to choose. At the Altar one makes a commitment to honor and to hold, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health ….
    and parents who should know better, put their offspring into a predicament. Unless the spouse is evil, I always believed that we honor our commitment.
    The parents lived their lives, they should let their children live theirs.
    I agree with Gabby, Chin Chin acted superbly as Corazon.
    Does anyone know the titles of the music that was used?
    Thank you.

  3. i totally agree that book two is indeed a trash. why do they always have to kill the characters? what’s with death that makes them so focused about it? ( i just really hate the fact that they killed celine’s character. C’mon! it was the only character that really shows how to love and to laugh. the rest are all and always full of drama! i also don’t like the thing that goes between onay and jb . duoy? friends? crap. )


  4. I am from Kenya, and i am an addict of the Filipina Soap Operas; well in our local channel that air Maging Sino Ka Man just brought bk 1 and not bk 2.i was wondering whether the ABS-CBN denied them the Episodes. I also like bk 1 though may not be able to say anything coz we in Kenya havent watched bk 2 instead they have started airing one call FishPort Princess!
    Please give NTV (KENYA)direction,tell them that its unfair to the viewers to be left in suspence.

  5. I am from kenya and i too luv Filipino soap operas especially Maging Sino Ka man. I watched the whole of season one and it was seperb. I liked Jackie’s character she is such a princess! Celine too was nice and i have to bet a fact here that she is so pretty. The same goes to Eli and Jb they all took their roles in the right way. Bravo filipino soap operas!!!

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