maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: XIV. finale


Maging Sino Ka Man

33 – 052207
Someone swears to get revenge on Eli!
Maging Sino Ka Man
JB sings with such gusto one night, as Celine as among the audience, watching him from a distance. Amang then approaches her, and tells her that JB’s performance is something that tugs at the heartstrings, a frist ever since JB started singing in his bar! On the other hand, Gloria, Mang Simo, Guada, Aling Bebeng all go to the island and for the first time since JB’s disappearance, everyone’s reunited once again. Meanwhile, Corazon reads JB’s letter, telling her of his whereabouts, and adding that if she has time, it would be great if the she’ll come visit him. On another part of the country, a bitter young man recalls the past, specifically when he and his gang cornered Dadoods and Eli, after which a man fired several gun shots at his friends! Thinking that Eli is behind all this, the young man swears vengeance!

Tomas wakes up to an empty bed, and realizes that Corazon is gone, as well as the contents of his wallet! At the island, Eli discovers Amang playing the piano, and some time after Gloria catches up with Amang at the beach, whom she lovingly calls, “Samuel”. It is then discovered that Amang is no otehr than Eli’s father, but whe Eli tries to discuss this with him, Amang turns his back on him! Gloria then apologizes to her son, for his father’s actions. However, Eli tells his mother how blessed he is to be with the people around him, who never stopped loving him, and he couldn’t ask for anything more!

On the other hand, JB approaches Amang, and tells him that it’s never too late to change. An angry Amang tells JB to go away, as he had buried his ast already! As JB turns to leave, he sees Corazon, much to Amang’s shock! Soon, Tomas follows thereafter, as well as the bitter young man who swears revenge on Eli!

Maging Sino Ka Man
33 – 052307
Eli gets shot!
Maging Sino Ka Man
Corazon finally lays her eyes on her son, and after their brief reunion, Corazon again brings up the subject of Celine, whom she insists JB loves more than her! Corazon then leaves in tears, and gets noticed by Samuel! It turns out that she’s the woman he’s always been pining for, as she shows her the scarf he lovingly held on for so many years! Unfortunately, Tomas arrives at the scene, and a mad fit of jealousy overcomes him, dragging Corazon away from Samuel! It turns out that Samuel and Tomas had a previous encounter before, as in the past, Tomas wrongfully accused Samuel of flirting with his girl, causing him to fire a gun shot to Samuel’s hand! Samuel then swears to take back Corazon from Tomas, while at home, Tomas threatens Corazon that he will cut off her stealing fingers if ever he steals money from him again!Meanwhile, Celine and JB talk, and Celine tells JB that Corazon is his mother, so there will come a time that he and his mom will finally settle their differences. However, Celine admits that he can never forgive Corazon for everything she’s done, and things will never work out between her and Corazon! As such, Celine understands if JB will have to choose between her and his mom, and says that it’s understandable for JB to pick his Corazon, since she’s his mother! However, JB says that his journey led him to what his heart really wants, and days after, promises Celine a grand engagement party much better than Eli and Jackie’s!

On the other hand, Gloria formally breaks things off with Samuel, and tells him that it’s such a shame that he turned away his son, for anybody would’ve been proud of Eli as a son. Eli also invites him to their wedding out of respect, but Amang doesn’t give an answer, while on another part of the island, a nameless man swears revenge on the soon-groom-to-be!

Jackie and Eli renew their vows once again, and promise each other their undying love! However, an uninvited guest arrives at the scene, and aims his gun at Eli! His is a perfect aim, and soon, Eli is covered in his own blood, much to the shock of everyone! Will this be the end for Eli? Find out tonight in Maging Sino Ka Man!

Maging Sino Ka Man
33 – 052407
Is this Eli’s final bow?
Maging Sino Ka Man
A flurry of questions bombard the doctor from Eli’s loved ones, each hoping that Eli will wake up soon, and their lives are back to normal again. Unfortunately, the doctor only has grim news for them: Eli is not looking so good, and he has slim chances in recovering from his current state! Soon, wails from Jackie and Gloria erupt from Eli’s room, much to the surprise of Eli, who haven’t realized yet that he’s holding on for dear life!Soon, Eli is welcomed by Dadoods, much to his surprise! Dadoods then takes him to a fountain, where all souls should jump in, lest they become wandering souls for eternity. Dadoods tells Eli that the minute Eli loses touch with his loved ones, the minute he’s unable to recognize them anymore, only spells that his time has already come! Dadoods then takes Eli to where Pong is, who tearfully tells Guada to take care of Eli in his place. Dadoods admits to Eli that maybe the reason why he hadn’t jumped in the fountain yet is that he had a feeling that Eli will soon follow, and that Pong needs his guidance as well. Guada tells Pong that Atong, Eli’s killer, is already dead, as he was apprehended when he tried to escape from prison! Still, Eli refuses to believe that he’s dead, and decides to hold on for dear life!

Jackie keeps a vigil at the hospital, hoping that the minute Eli wakes up, she’ll be the first person he sees! She professes her undying love for him, and even goes on a trip down memory lane! Celine tells Jackie to take a rest and come home, but she insists to stay by Eli’s side, taking good care of him and talking to him as if he’s alive! Jackie’s mom soon arrives at the hospital, and she tells Jackie that Eli called them up the minute Jackie came back from the States, and he had a long talk with Fidel, continuously asking for forgiveness. Eli then proceeds to pay all of Fidel’s medical bills, and even told them to fly home for their wedding, a surprise for Jackie on the day of their wedding, which is supposedly a day away! At night, Jackie tucks Eli in his sleep, hoping that he actually hears her, and feels her love for him, and that he will give her a hint of response! Eli tearfully goes to Jackie’s side, hoping that she will feel his warm embrace, and all the love he has for her. As such the two lovers hope, in the world of the living and the dead, their undying love tying them together.

Maging Sino Ka Man
33 – 052507
It’s Maging Sino Ka Man’s nail-biting grand finale!
Maging Sino Ka Man
Corazon decides to drop by the hospital to pay Eli a visit, and Gloria notices her, happy that her sister shows a hint of concern for her beloved son! Corazon then haughtily says that she’s at the hospital not because of concern, but to watch Eli slowly die! This infuriates Gloria, and without a moment’s hesitation, she slaps her older sister on the face, enraged at the words Corazon said!At home ill luck masquerading as infatuation welcomes Corazon, as Tomas greets her, asking for her whereabouts, and eventually tells her that he’s been waiting for her the whole night! He then shows her around the house, and Corazon notices the flowers all over the place, with Tomas proudly saying that they’re all from him! He then shows her an expensive-looking necklace, which he places around her neck. However, he again gets overcome by a mad fit of jealousy and beats Corazon up!

Meanwhile, Eli goes back to the fountain with Dadoods, and tells Dadoods that inexplicably, he’s always taken to that certain place! Dadoods explains that its’ the only place that listens to him, and Eli asks that if the place really listens to him, then why isn’t he brought back to Jackie’s arms, to end her suffering! Dadoods explains that he can end her suffering by letting go of his hold on Jackie! Eli says no, and Dadoods explains that he’s slowly losing grip in this world, as he’s unable to see Pong anymore! Dadoods then tells Eli how much he loves them.

Eli reminisces on his own life, and it seems as if he’s saying goodbye to Jackie. At the fountain, he’s engulfed by light, breathing a prayer to God, and plunges himself to the fountain! At the hospital, Jackie is faithfully keeping vigil over Eli, crying and hoping that the love of her life will miraculously be brought back to life! And it seems as if all hope is lost, as Eli loses his pulse! Jackie throws herself over Eli in tears, praying that Eli won’t be taken away from her!  She then feels Eli’s heart beating, and he suddenly comes back to life, much to Jackie’s joy!

On another part of the country, a seedy lady, together with a mysterious girl, meets up with Samuel, and gazes at the photo of Eli! Who is this person, and what role will she play in Eli’s life? Soon, a wedding invitation reaches Tomas and Corazon, but Tomas prohibits Corazon to come, as she looks at the invitation, all battered and bloody!

It’s a joyous moment as Eli’s family minus Corazon, as well as Jackie’s mother, all gather for Eli and Jackie’s wedding ceremony! Celine silently mouths “I love you,” to JB, while Eli and Jackie exchange their wedding vows! Afterwards, a mysterious lady in black approaches the newlyweds, wishing them good luck. A confused Eli asks her who she is, but she only gives a cryptic reply: he’ll meet her soon enough! Who is she and what fate awaits Eli and Jackie?

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  1. This soap is so captivating as it teaches many the meaning of true love.continue with the good work.chao

  2. This soap is so captivating as it teaches many the meaning of true love.continue with the good work.I have got more than love for your soaps.

  3. I really love this Telenovilla and is the best among the lot

  4. this soap is so emotional i wonder where the tears from every one comes from each side cries emotionary keep up trhe good work

  5. irly love this

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