maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: XII. a new jb


Maging Sino Ka Man

27 – 041207
JB leaves!
Maging Sino Ka Man
Corazon goes home to find JB gone, and angrily storms to Celine’s place, thinking that her son is there! Of course, Celine doesn’t know JB’s whereabouts, and Corazon sends her a flurry of insults as a response! With the loss of her husband and her child, Celine’s has had enough, and threatens to kill Corazon with relish the minute that woman steps into her household! Scared, Croazon flees!On the other hand, Jackie and Eli settle in different rooms, as they have decided to have a little distance from each other. Meanwhile, Corazon storms to Gloria’s house, demanding her son’s whereabouts, soon leaving Gloria in tears. Meanwhile, Celine visits Bryan’s remains, and pours out her heart to him.

Maging Sino Ka Man
27 – 041307
JB lives a different life, while Eli goes back to his roots.
Maging Sino Ka Man
A deranged Corazon thrashes about her house, as she misses her son JB. Miserable, she blames it all on Celine, unaware that everything is all her fault. Meanwhile, JB sets on a journey to find himself, away from everything, and everyone. It turns out that he’s somewhere far, and has enlisted himself as a worker in a mining site.Eli also goes on a journey, but this time, he revisits the house he grew up on. As Eli gets reunited with the people he grew up to, JB settles for the hard work as a miner. At home, Eli finds Jackie sleeping on the sofa, somehow seeing her in a different light.

During his break, JB befriends his co-workers, and gets to know their own stories in the process. On the other hand, Corazon loses her self in alcohol, while their landlady demands for their rent. Meanwhile, JB strums his guitar alone in the dark, and suddenly gets interrupted by a rustling sound. He then goes around the area to investigate, and chances upon a woman bathing in the river! Who is this woman, and what role will she play in JB’s life?

Maging Sino Ka Man
28 – 041607
Eli bumps into Tomas… again!
Maging Sino Ka Man
Corazon continues to go on a downward spiral due to JB’s absence, who will leave to mining site he’s in to venture out to new horizons. Meanwhile, Tomas pats Corazon a visit, who tries to make up excuses for her poverty. She then assures him that she’s okay, and will survive the problems that she’s currently going through.Eli visits some of his mother’s former acquaintances, in the search for his real father. At home, Jackie asks Gloria why won’t she tell Eli details about his biological father, and Gloria tells her that some people are meant to be forgotten.

As luck would have it, Eli bumps again into Tomas, who gives him his calling card so that Eli can inquire some details from him. Later, Eli tells Mang Simo that he felt really different when he was around Tomas. Unable to keep it any longer, Eli asks Gloria if she knows somebody named Tomas Arroyo. Sternly, Gloria tells him never to bring that name again, making Eli’s mind spin.

Maging Sino Ka Man
28 – 041707
Eli is shocked that Tomas didn’t register any emotion upon hearing Gloria’s name!
Maging Sino Ka Man
It seems as if fate is bringing Tomas and Eli together, as they found themselves face to face once again. This time, however, Eli believes Tomas and his mother had a past, as a picture in their college yearbook testifies to that. But when Eli mentioned Gloria’s name to Tomas, he was disapppointed that Tomas didn’t register any emotion, as if Gloria didn’t become a part of his life her. This leaves Eli dumbfounded, as he tells Mang Simo that his instincts tell him that Tomas may just be the father he has been looking for.Meanwhile, Gloria advices Jackie to go back to business, as she’s not doing much at home anyway, and has natural talent at business management. Jackie ends up thinking the same way, when she meets Celine’s clients and helps them plan an upcoming wedding. Jackie then tells Celine that she wants to be Celeine’s partner, and that she likes doing that kind of business. A happy Celine then tells her that she should look forward to a lot of work, and that she’s really glad that she finally found someone to split her work with!

Celine’s preoccupation with work worries Jackie a bit, but Celine tells her that immersing herself in her work is the only way to deal with her loss, and move on with life.

Meanwhile, JB spots a bar that’s looking for a singer, which gets him thinking. Incidentally, he also notices a stranger, who eyes him curiously. Who is this man, and what role will he play in JB’s life?

Maging Sino Ka Man
28 – 041807
Tomas becomes Eli’s associate in business!
Maging Sino Ka Man
As Eli and the rest of the family try to find JB, he stumbles upon a bar in a rural area, and applies as a singer. There he meets Amang, the bar’s proprietor. What past does Amang conceal behind his seemingly strict visage? Also, how will he affect JB’s life?Meanwhile, Eli sends his car, Pangga, to Tomas’ shop to have it fixed. There a friendsip between the two blossoms, and Eli ends up starting a car business, with Tomas as his associate! How will he tell all of this to his mother?

On the other hand, Jackie happily immerses herself with work, with Celine taunting her that she’s spoiling Eli too much with all the affection she’s giving him! Corazon lives the hard life, trying to evade her rent, and living life without her beloved son, JB!

Maging Sino Ka Man
28 – 041907
Is Tomas really Eli’s long-lost father?
Maging Sino Ka Man
In the throes of poverty, Corazon desperateley clings to her contacts, her fair-weather friend Lilian leaving her hanging, and the lovestruck Tomas.As such, Tomas waits for his date with Eli at a bar, and to pass time, Tomas plays the piano upon his friend’s request. Eli then recalls his mother telling him about his father, who was really good at playing the piano. At home, Eli asks for more details about his father, while Gloria tells him that she’d rather have the memory of his father extinguished.

Meanwhile, Tomas meets up with a mysterious man, who tells him that he has found the guy Tomas is looking for! Who is the person Tomas is looking for? Could it be that he’s looking for his son as well?

Maging Sino Ka Man
28 – 042007
Eli surprises Jackie with Pangga!
Maging Sino Ka Man
Celine talks to Jackie about her marriage with Eli, and Jackie spills the truth to her cousin! However, she says that she married Eli because she loves him, even if their marriage was built on an agreement to save Fidel from Eli’s wrath! Jackie adds that she’s still wishing the old Eli will come back, and worries over Celine, who looks terribly overworked.On the other hand, Eli cherishes the moments that he have with Tomas, while Jackie tries to balance her duties to Eli as a wife, and her responsibilities to Celine as her co-worker. After a long night at work, Jackie gets surprised by Eli as he brings a newly makeovered Pangga to their doorstep! Will this mark the start of a better relationship between the two?

Meanwhile, Celine gets a letter from JB, but leaves it unopened, just like the rest of his letters from him. Also, trouble strikes when Jackie fails to fulfill her responsibilities to Celine!

Maging Sino Ka Man
29 – 042307
Things Heat Up Between Jackie and Celine!
Maging Sino Ka Man
Jackie unfortunately forgoes an important exhibit Celine assigned to her in order to make sure her husband is okay, who had food poisoning earlier that day. As they missed an important engagement, an infuriated Celine snaps at Jakie for being irresponsible, and tells her that she’s nothing but Eli’s slave! Shocked, Jackie insists that she’s not just a mere shadow of her husband, but his wife. She then gives Celine a few points about grieving, then leaves.At home, Eli notices that something is amiss with Jackie, and gives her a tiny ray of comfort by offering her a glass of water. he then checks up on his brother Pong, who is under somebody else’s care at the moment. Like talking to a young child, Eli assures Pong that he will visit him sometime, and will give him treats to boot! At her own home, Celine recalls everything her cousin told her, and bursts into tears!

On another part of the country, JB strums his guitar religiously in the bar that he works in, and notices a beautiful lady, making him recall the incident he encountered when he was still working in the mining site, wherein he accidentally chanced upon a mysterious lady taking a bath in the river. However, the mysterious girl leaves, and JB is left with the chatter of his workmates and the bar’s owner, Amang, who was lecturing them about love.

The next day, JB decides to sell fish, and the mysterious woman he saw the night before again appears, inquiring about his merchandise! Who could this girl be, and what role will she play in JB’s life?

Maging Sino Ka Man
29 – 042407
Eli finally discovers the truth behind his father!
Maging Sino Ka Man
JB again sees the girl that he saw the night he sang at the bar. No doubt, the woman was very beautiful, and his friends never lost time teasing him to her, as they say that the two make a good couple. However, JB says that his heart is with someone else, as he’s smitten by a lady far more beautiful. As if reading JB’s mind, Celine begins to open a letter from him. However, she stops midway, telling herself that it’s better to stop things before they start.Eli, on the other hand, invites Tomas over to their house one night. He then subtly drops hints regarding Tomas and Gloria’s friendship, angering his mother! He then spills the beans to Tomas, who ends up telling him that he and Gloria are just friends, and although he did have a son, it was with another woman. Tomas adds that his son is long dead, but he wishes that he was someone like Eli.

Eli starts to apologize to his hurt mother, who finally tells him everything: that she just forced herself to his father, who doesn’t even care about her, or his son, Eli! Meanwhile, Corazon is thrown out of her apartment, and shows up destitute, in front of Tomas’ doorstep!

Maging Sino Ka Man
29 – 042507
Family ties are finally reconciled.
Maging Sino Ka Man
Eli goes to his own room, mulling over his discoveries. He then talks to Dadoods, telling him of his disappointment. Tomas opens his house to Corazon, and promises her material wealth. Grateful, Corazon embraces Tomas, who didn’t hold back anything just to make the love of his life happy.At home, Gloria is cold to everyone, despite Jackie’s efforts to cheer her up. Eli then apologizes to Tomas, and tells him that he will distance himself from him for a while, as he’s doing it for his mother.

At home, Jackie feels inadequate, and gets the surprise of her life when Celine pays her a visit! Celine tells her that she mised her cousin very much, and apologizes for all that she’s done. On the other hand, Amang gives JB a pair of slippers, because JB can’t afford to replace his worn out ones. Also, after days of silence, Eli apologizes to Gloria. Gloria apologizes to him in return, and the two are finally reconciled!

Maging Sino Ka Man
29 – 042607
Eli receives Oca’s final letter!
Maging Sino Ka Man
Jackie calls up her parents, and tells them how much she misses them, and how she wishes to be by their side. At least with them, she knows that she’s needed, as opposed to her current situation with Eli, wherein she feels like they don’t need her help at all. Eli happens to overhear the whole conversation, and he tells himself that one day, Jackie will wake up in her parents’ company, happy and needed.Meanwhile, an unexpected guest shows up in Eli’s front door, and gives him a letter from Oca! In the letter, Oca apologizes to Eli, and tells the truth to Eli: that he was the one behind Pong’s insanity, that he was the one behind it all. However, Oca urges him to put an end to his bitterness, and that the letter signifies an end to his relationship with Mang Oca! Soon, Eli learns that his marriage with Jackie wasn’t actually official, and that it’s null and void!Also, Celine says goodbye to Jackie, to properly grieve for her husband and child. Jackie then expresses her desire to go away as well, and Celine agrees, for Jackie needs time for herself, as opposed to giving everything to Eli. At home, Eli reveals to Jackie everything, and that their wedding is actually null and void. Tearfully, Jackie gives Eli back her wedding ring, and tells him that he’s finally free from her love! Now, they can finally live their own lives, apart from each other’s grasp!
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