maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: XI. reversal of fortune


Maging Sino Ka Man

24 – 032307
Jackie finally meets the real Yvette Ramos!
Maging Sino Ka Man
Corazon isn’t left with a choice, but to sell her house to Tomas, and move into a condo unit with JB. Meanwhile, JB tells her that he didn’t get the job. Swimming in their problems, both mother and son still try to be strong for each other, and keep their heads up besides the odds that are against them.Aling Bebeng, just like her husband, takes a blow from Eli, when she tried to settle a date for him and Jackie, and tells Mang Simo that she misses the simple life in the province.

On the other hand, Jackie fixes up a treat for Eli and Gloria, when Yvette pays Eli an unexpected visit. The jealous Jackie finally confronts her, lets her know that she is Eli’s wife, and that she will not let someone like Yvette ruin their marriage. As such, Eli and Jackie erupt into a heated fight afterwards. Soon, Jackie tells Eli to just fire a shot to her head to finish things off, so that both of them will finally be happy.

Maging Sino Ka Man
25 – 032607
Eli decides to leave!
Maging Sino Ka Man
Eli and Jackie erupt into a heated argument, whit a hurt Jackie telling Eli to just get a gun and fire a shot at her head, to end both their misery. Unknown to them, Gloria is in the background, and has heard everything they fought about, even the true nature of their marriage!As such, she gives a very long talk to her son, and informs him that Mang Simo and Aling Bebeng are now gone. She then proceeds to treat Jackie like a princess, and serves her daughter in law breakfast. On the other hand, Corazon says goodbye to her house, and all her furnitures.

Jackie then proceeds to sleep in a different room, away from Eli, who in turn, pours out his feelings to a picture of his family, and tells Dadoods that all he ever wanted was to marry the woman he really loves. Meanwhile, Eli pays a visit to Pong, and tells him that he will be leaving for a while, to fix his life up.

Maging Sino Ka Man
25 – 032707
Brian, Celine, Jackie and Eli get into an accident!
Maging Sino Ka Man
JB and Corazon settle in their new home, and both mother and son try to make ends meet. Soon, JB is greeted with good news: he now has a job!

However, things go from bad to worse in Gloria’s household, as Eli decides to pack his things and leave. Jackie pours out her feelings to Celine in a nearby restaurant, where Oca awaits. He then threatens Eli, even if various policemen are roving the area. Brian then contacts Eli as they deduce the two are together. Soon their husbands arrive at the scene, and quickly dragged them in the car, to avoid Oca.

Jackie and Eli erupt in a heated argument in the car, but soon they stop dead in their tracks as Brian informs of them of a car that’s been tailgating them ever since they left the restaurant! Soon, their car falls into a cliff, leaving the four all bloody and unconscious.

Maging Sino Ka Man
25 – 032807
Brian dies!
Maging Sino Ka Man
Oca drives Eli’s car into a cliff, sending the four passengers in a downward spiral! As Jackie, Eli, Brian and Celine are rushed to the hospital, Oca takes his own life, by drowning himself!

Soon, Jackie and Eli recover, with Eli ending up getting crippled. Celine also recovers, only to find out that her dear Brian is gone! Just as any wife will do, she takes it against Jackie and Eli, for dragging them into their own mess! JB reaches out to her, while still continues to harbor anger towards Jackie and Eli!

Maging Sino Ka Man
25 – 032907
Celine deals with the hurt and pain brought about by Brian’s absence.
Maging Sino Ka Man
Celine goes through her pain alone, as she goes back to her home. There, she sees every trace of Bryan, and reminisces all that they have gone through. Her mother urges her to move out, as Marcia will be staying with her grandparents, but Celine insists on staying at the house that she shared with her late husband.

Jackie tries to reach out, but Celine always discards her calls. The former then begins to feel troubled, and tells Aling Bebeng that Brian’s death was her fault, for if she didn’t go out that night, the whole accident could have been avoided. Meanwhile, JB pays his respects to Bryan, and pours out everything he wanted to tell his good friend if he were still alive. Interestingly, Celine sees JB on his way out, as she is also about to “talk” to her late husband as well.

Jackie then talks to Eli, and thinks that maybe it would be better if they tell Celine the truth: that Mang Oca was behind all of this! However, Eli tells her that Mang Oca’s already dead, and that everything is all his fault! Meanwhile, Celine pours out all the hurt and pain she’s experiencing to the husband she lost. On the other hand, Eli tells Jackie that they should just go on their separate ways!

Maging Sino Ka Man
25 – 033007
Jackie still holds on to her relationship with Eli.
Maging Sino Ka Man
Eli tells Jackie that it will be better if they would just separate, to spare each other from the pain and hurt. However, Jackie continues to hold on to her love for Eli, in spite of everything, for she hopes that the old Eli will come back.

Meanwhile, JB strives to make it in his job, no matter how lowly his current position is. Corazon on the other hand, tags along with her friend, Lillian in the casino, which seems to be a growing addiction for her.

Celine still nurses the pain brought about by Bryan’s recent death, and even turns JB away when he visited her, as she says that she’s not in the mood to talk. Jackie, on the other hand, stays by Eli’s side, both literally and figuratively, as she decides to lie next to him in bed. Her sincere love touches Eli, as he cries next to her while she sleeps.

Maging Sino Ka Man
26 – 040207
Jackie and Celine finally make up.
Maging Sino Ka Man
Jackie finally pays a visit to the grieving Celine, who still didn’t want to see her… at first. Soon, Celine reveals that she wants to blame somebody else for Bryan’s death, because his absence really hurt her so much. Jackie then comforts her cousin, and tells her to be strong.

Meanwhile, Corazon still craves for her former filthy rich lifestyle, which she candidly relates to her son JB. JB, on the other hand, assures her that they’re going to go through their current rut, and that things will be soon okay. She then hands her son twenty thousand pesos, a chunk of her earning from her current casino visits, which she hides from JB.

Soon, Celine tags along Jackie to finally settle things with Eli. She then tells him there’s no one to blame for Bryan’s accident, and that they all need to be free from the hurt and pain brought about by his death. At the casino, Corazon bumps into Tomas, the person whom she loaned her house to. He then confesses to her that he had always a crush on Corazon, and proceeds to play the piano, much to Corazon’s surprise!

Maging Sino Ka Man
26 – 040307
JB finally discovers the truth behind Corazon’s frequent night outs!
Maging Sino Ka Man
At a coffee shop, JB unexpectedly bumps into his Ninang Lillian, who spills that she left Corazon at the casino! At home, JB confronts his mother, and tells her not to squander whatever’s left from their hard-earned cash.

Meanwhile, Tomas bumps into Eli one day at a clinic, and a surge of intuition flows between the two. Is there something more that binds Eli and Tomas together?

On the other hand, JB tries to support the grieving Marsha and Celine, while Jackie still tries to play the good wife to Eli, even if he still spurns all her efforts. Before sleeping, Jackie prays that the old Eli will come back. Eli overhears everything, and tearfully snuggles to his own corner in their bed.

Maging Sino Ka Man
26 – 040407
Corazon promises JB that she’ll change.
Maging Sino Ka Man
Celine tries to start anew by immersing herself in work, as organizing events has always been her first job. Tiring as it may seem, Celine assures her baby that she’s doing it to ensure her child’s future, so she’s asking her unborn child to just hold on, despite the pressure her job brings.

Meanwhile, Corazon further goes on a downward spiral, as her lucks runs out in the casino. She then runs out of cash, even going as far as selling her condo unit to a total stranger just to sustain her vice. A frustrated JB, unable to hold it any longer, vents out his anger to Corazon, who carelessly squanders his earned cash for nothing. She then comes to her senses, and asks for her son’s forgiveness, assuring him that she’ll also look for a job herself and that she will never set foot in the casino again.

Eli’s hunt for his father still continues, and one night, Gloria stumbles upon his conversation with the private investigator. Eli then explains that he just wants to know who his real father is, if Gloria won’t divulge details about it herself. Gloria then retorts that it’s best for them to kill the memory of Eli’s father, as he has always been absent in their lives!

Maging Sino Ka Man
27 – 040907
Celine loses her baby!
Maging Sino Ka Man
JB and Corazon finally move out of their condo unit due to Corazon’s frequent gambling sprees. As such, they settle in a middle-class neighborhood, something which Corazon can’t stomach. Yearning for her rich lifestyle, Corazon thinks of working abroad, but lacks contacts. She says she can’t work here in the country as well, either, as she doesn’t want to be bothered by other people’s gossip regarding her downfall. Her friend Lilian then says that her only option is Tomas, who has lots of money. As such, she goes on a date with him one day.

Unfrotunately, she spots JB leading Celine out of a restaurant, and thinks that Celine is still in love with JB, when they only happened to meet in the restaurant that time!

As such, she goes to Celine’s house to berate her, saying that she’s a good for nothing slut, and even went as far as insulting Celine’s relationship with Brian! An angry Celine then tells Corazon that JB’s life wouldn’t be like that if not for his mother, and the two ends up in a catfight. Unfortunately, Corazon pushes Celine to the flpoor, leaving her and her unborn baby all bloody! Soon, the doctors reveal that Celine had a miscarriage due to the fall, and it’s all Corazon’s fault!

Maging Sino Ka Man
27 – 041007
JB confronts his mother!
Maging Sino Ka Man
Celine loses her unborn child because of Corazon, and Imelda storms off to Corazon’s house to avenge her daughter. Unfortunately, Corazon wasn’t around, so she ends up slapping JB, for the child that Celine lost.

A shocked JB then confronts Corazon, and his mother ends up spilling the truth behind Eli’s disappearance: that she was the one who had him thrown away as a baby! She then adds that if she could turn back time, she would have Eli killed, to prevent him ruining their lives as well as RSL’s downfall! A disillusioned JB calls her selfish, unable to love anybody else but herself, and that he’s very ashamed that she’s his mother! With that, he storms out of the house, leaving Corazon in tears.

Corazon then gets herself drunk, and Tomas stays by her side, trying to talk some sense into her. He then tells her that he wants them to be more than friends, and immediately sends her a large bouquet of flowers the next day. Meanwhile, JB pays Celine a visit, but Celine tells him that they can’t be friends if Corazon still sees Celine as nothing but a trashy woman. With that, she’s left to grieve for the child she lost, the product of her love for Brian.

Maging Sino Ka Man
27 – 041107
Eli and Jackie finally talk.
Maging Sino Ka Man
JB reminisces everything that has happened to him: frm his relationship with Celine, Jackie leaving him at the altar, RSL’s downfall, even his latest argument with his mother, Corazon. He then clings to his late father’s picture, and tells him that he’s so tired of his life. He then packs some of his belongings in a backpack, as if he’s going to leave. He then takes a peek at his sleeping mother on his way out of their house.

Soon, he arrives at his beloved Mamu G’s house, asking her if she’s okay. After he was assured that she’s doing great, he proceeds to wait for Jackie, and greets her a happy birthday, which Eli notices from afar. Lastly he pays Celine a visit, and from a distance he looks at Celine, in tears. He then leaves a large bouquet of flowers by her doorstep, which Marsha notices, and later gives Celine. Content, JB leaves, his whereabouts unknown.

Jackie finally confronts Eli about his apathy, and JB finally decides to talk. He tells her that try as he can, he can’t still find the old Eli that Jackie used to love, and tells her that he needs to find his own self first. Jackie then tells him that when he finally discovers the old Eli, she’ll really appreciate it if she’s the one he’ll come back to the minute he finally finds himself.

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