maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: X. karma


Maging Sino Ka Man

22 – 030807
Fidel ends up in a hospital!
Maging Sino Ka Man
Now, it’s Fidel’s turn to suffer, and he lies incapacitated in a hospital: broke, unable to do anything. It seems that finally, the king has fallen, destroyed by the very people he trampled on before! It is in this state that Jackie sees him, with tears freely flowing from his daughter’s eyes. People visit him with various motives, always at the opposite end of the spectrum: while Jackie sees him out of love, Corazon visits him out of spite.As such, Jackie begs for Eli’s mercy, even going as far as saying that she will be his slave, in return for Eli’s favor towards her father! She just rcently heard that Eli is pulling all his accounts from the bank, and encouraging Fidel’s clients to do the same, leaving the Madrigals with virtually no money left. However, Eli turns a deaf ear to his wife’s cries, and leaves her alone crying!

Jackie also asks a favor from her mother to take care of Fidel, and Monique dutifully does so out of love for her daughter. Soon, fidel tells her that he really loves her, and that he’s sorry for all that he’s done. Also, Gloria pays him a visit, and later begs Eli not to withhold his mercy this time. Eli then dreams of Dadoods, slowly fading away from his sight.

May it be the dream, or Gloria’s prodding, Eli decides to let Fidel go, and tells Jakie to whisk him far away from Eli, before his rage against him returns again! But is Fidel really off the hook now? What will Oca do once he hears about Eli’s decision?

Maging Sino Ka Man
22 – 030907
Fidel and Monique say tearful goodbyes to their daughter.
Maging Sino Ka Man
Fidel and Monique prepare to leave, and Jackie informs both of her parents how much she loves them. She says to her mother that she’ll give them a stipend every month, and that she just sold their mansion to pay off PDBC’s debts. Soon, the waterworks rush in, with mother and daughter saying their goodbyes. Jackie also says a tearful goodbye to her father, and promises him that their family will be complete again one day.Tearfully reminiscing fond memories of her family on the way home, Jackie gratefully gives her thanks to Eli upon reaching the house. However Eli tells her that he did it for himself, for Pong, for Dadoods and for his mother, and not exactly for Jackie per se. Also, Gloria asks Jackie to make Eli happy again, just like before when they were still in the barrio. The following day, Jackie cooks all of Eli’s favorite dishes for breakfast, only to find out that he will come home late at night instead.

It turns out that Eli accompanied Pong to the mental insitution, to help him recover from the trauma he experienced in jail. The following day Jackie also pays Pong a visit, to see how he’s doing.

Maging Sino Ka Man
23 – 031207
Tragedy strikes!
Maging Sino Ka Man
JB gives us a pep talk to RSL’s Board of Members, and successfully urges everyone to give everything they got to help RSL stand on its own two feet again. Meanwhile, Celine gives Brian a birthday surprise, who wishes for another kid.However, things make a turn for the worse, as JB receives a call telling him that one of their ships had sunk, and unfortunately the cargo that it carried along with it can’t be retrieved anymore. Corazon, on the verge of breaking down, asks her son to be strong for the both of them, as she can’t bear to see the company she worked so hard for wilt away just like that.

Meanwhile, Oca pays Eli a visit, and ends up harassing Jackie. Eli orders him to back off from his wife, and tells him that their plan for revenge has come to an end. Oca leaves in disgust, and tells Eli that their paths better not cross again, as something really terrible will happen.

Maging Sino Ka Man
23 – 031307
RSL’s problems pile up, while Jackie thinks she’s already had enough.
Maging Sino Ka Man
Jackie finally gets to talk to her mother after for what seemed like eternity, and in between the “hello’s” and “How are you’s”, Jackie discovers an ominous name that Fidel repeatedly says to  himself: Oca! Meanwhile, news of RSL’s disaster has spread nationwide, alarming Celine and Gloria respectively. As Celine’s mother admonishes her daughter about her feelings towards JB and Brian, Gloria relays to Eli the trouble RSL is currently facing, and decide to help them out, even going as far as investing in the company again! However, a stubborn Corazon won’t accept their help, and decides to pursue with the mass layoff to keep the company afloat, despite JB’s promise to the union that they won’t.

A heartbroken Jackie runs to Celine for refuge, as Eli shuns her more and more each day. In fact, she even considers separating from Eli, who even went as far as offending Mang Simo himself! As Celine and Brian give her tidbits of love lessons, she receives a text message from Eli, ordering her to go back home immediately.

Maging Sino Ka Man
23 – 031407
RSL continues to sink low, while Jackie plays the role of a dutiful wife.
Maging Sino Ka Man
Jackie decides to be stronger, and plays the role of a dutiful wife to Eli. Although obviously hurt, Eli tries to offend Jackie in any way he can, but it seems that the joke’s on him, as Jackie really tries to make an effort to be the obedient wife he wants her to be, even going as far as waking up early in the morning to prepare his clothes and breakfast!RSL faces a four month’s freeze, due to an investigation of all their ships, while membres of the deceased crew ask for compensation from JB. A stressed Corazon faces them instead, and hurls insults at them, only making the gap between the company and the union worse. Later, she tells JB that she feels like the entire world’s against them, but she’s determined to rise through it all, and show Corazon and Eli that she can survive without their help.

As the gap between the Roxas sisters widen, a stalker watches closely from a distance, preparing for his ultimate act of vengeance against the ally he had lost. What will happen to Jackie and Eli, now that Oca is planning something? Will Corazon and JB survive their company’s problems?

Maging Sino Ka Man
23 – 031507
Celine finally gets her closure.
Maging Sino Ka Man
Jackie still tries to be the best wife for Eli, while he on the other hand, meets up with an associate for a business meeting. Also, Celine feels glad for her cousin, as she thinks that things are fine and dandy between Jackie and Eli. Later that night, Brian tells Celine that JB needs a friend right now, with all the hullabaloo at RSL, so he won’t prohibit Celine from going there and lending JB a hand.In fact, JB does need a shoulder to cry on, and runs to his Mamu G for moral support. She offers him a small amount as a token of help, and assures him that he’s in no way a failure. Jackie runs into him uncomfortable at home, and both avoid each other awkwardly.

Celine decides to do something about JB’s current situation and tells Brian that she’ll meet up with JB the following day. She then tells JB that she still cares for him, and will always do so. JB replies that no matter what he’ll do, he can never redeem himself to her. Celine tells him that she’s grateful that he became part of her life, and for making her for what she is now. Finally, she gets her closure.

Maging Sino Ka Man
23 – 031607
Amidst everything, Eli remains bitter.
Maging Sino Ka Man
Things seems bleak for Jackie and Eli, as he continue to spurn his new wife. Jackie then gets the surprise of her life when Gloria reaches out to her, and asks her go out with her!JB also reminisces his moments with his dad, who told him to be strong just like his mother. At his business meeting, Eli says that he wants to open up a business that will cater to the masses, so that he can provide his services to the poor. A desperate Corazon on the other hand, meets up with her contacts for some financial help.

At home, Eli talks to his mother about his dad, whom Gloria fondly recalls is good at playing the piano. He then tells her that he can’t go on his life pretending everything is over, for the hurt and pain still remain deeply etched in his heart.

Maging Sino Ka Man
24 – 031907
Jackie thinks Eli has a mistress!
Maging Sino Ka Man
Corazon meets up with her friend’s contact for financial assistance, with the money going to the family members of the deceased crew of the sunken ship. Meanwhile, Jackie gets more paranoid by the minute, as Eli is always seen clutching his cellphone, and even receives his calls in the bathroom! She also noticed that he gets frequent calls from a girl named Yvette, furthering her suspicions of a mistress more.JB also comes home with bad news, as he informs Corazon that their investors are pulling out, and even want their money back. He then tells her that they don’t have any choice left: They have to sell the company!

Celine calls up Jackie to remind her of their out of town trip. Jackie tells her that both she and Eli will come, which infuriates her husband! They get into a heated argument at home, with Jackie telling him that she will go have fun on her own!

Maging Sino Ka Man
24 – 032007
Jackie and Eli reminisce the past in their out of town trip.
Maging Sino Ka Man
Celine and Brian drop by Eli’s house to pick up Jackie and Eli for their out of town trip. Unfortunately Jackie shows up alone, as Eli says he won’t go with them. To their surprise, Eli shows up soon after, telling them that he can’t let his wife go out alone. Jackie then questions regarding the trip, with the latter rebutting that he has an image to project, and that is, that he’s a loving husband to Jackie.While the two get into an argument, Celine and Brian seem to be having the time of their lives. During dinner, Brian and Eli talk about life, with Eli blurting out how hard it is to lose your way in life, when all you want to do is go back from where you started. Meanwhile, Gloria notices what appears to be an ominous figure at a distance, and rushes home in fear. It turns out that Oca is out in the dark, silently watching her while Eli isn’t around.

That night, Jackie and Eli reminisce the good old days, back when they were still together, madly in love with each other. However, bitterness is keeping Eli from rushing back to Jackie’s arms, who is silently weeping at the other side of the bed. Is everything really lost for the two lovers?

Maging Sino Ka Man
24 – 032107
Jackie investigates on Eli, as RSL gets sold!
Maging Sino Ka Man
Eli ends their out of town trip abruptly by waking Jackie up early, and telling her that they have to leave for Manila immediately, as he says he has an important meeting he couldn’t miss! A pissed Jackie sits silently, frustrated at Eli. JB urges Corazon to get a grip on herself, as RSL is about to be sold. Unfortunately, she tells him that she wants to be left alone. Soon, the time for RSL’s turnover comes, and Corazon takes over the transactions. She then recalls everything that RSL went through, and everything she did to put it up.

Meanwhile, Jackie investigates on Eli’s frequent meeting partner, Yvette, and follows them to the restaurant! What will she do next?

Maging Sino Ka Man
24 – 032207
With RSL’s downfall comes the separation of two sisters.
Maging Sino Ka Man
There’s no turning back, as RSL has already been sold. The company the Rixas family worked very hard for is now gone, and Corazon doesn’t take it too lightly. After all, everything she did, everything she worked very hard for, has been snatched away from her hands, gone from her forever. As such, she pays Gloria a visit, and tells her that RSL’s demse marks the end of their sisterly bond, much to Gloria’s sorrow!Meanwhile, Jackie trails behind Eli to check out Yvette Ramos, the girl he’s constantly talking to. Unfortunately, Eli meets up with an older woman first, whom Jackie thinks is the real Yvette! So she goes home, happy and relieved, feeling stupid for trailing her husband like an overly paranoid wife. In bed, Jackie pours her heart to a sleeping Eli, as she reveals that she still loves him very much! The morning after, Jackie fixes Eli’s breakfast in bed, and much to her surprise, the cold-hearted Eli greets her a good morning! Will this mark a brand new start for the two lovers?

Feeling guilty about his mother’s current state with Corazon, Eli meets up with JB, and offers him financial assistance. However, JB refuses and tells him that he wants to get back on his own two feet, without getting help from Eli and his Mamu G. Meanwhile, Corazon receives a call from Tomas, the person she pawned her house to. He informs her that although he feels for them, a business deal is a business deal, so he doesn’t have a choice but to take over Corazon’s house in one week, if she doesn’t come up with the money she borrowed from him!

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