maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: VIII. the new eli


Maging Sino Ka Man

18 – 020707
Despite their blood relationship, Eli and JB still hate each other’s guts.
Maging Sino Ka Man
mskm020707-2.jpgEli, who has just been reunited with his mother Gloria, tells her all about the trials and tribulations he has gone through. His mother, on the other hand, is adamant about all this, but tells him that the only thing that kept her going all through these years was her yearning to be with her son again. Eli is glad that his mom is on her road to recovery.


Meanwhile, Gloria finds Eli’s birth certificate, and regains a lost part of her past. She remembers finding out that her infant son has mysteriously disappeared. She remembers running out in the rain, desperately seeking him. And she remembers overhearing Corazon on the phone with Fidel, arranging her son’s disappearance. And thus she gets in touch with the root of her depression. Angrily, she confronts her sister, who is shocked to learn that Fidel meant to kill her nephew.

 Jackie also confronts her dad, who tells her that the case against Eli has been lifted as the decision of a loving father, when in reality he only gave in to Oca’s blackmailing. He then manipulates Corazon into keeping mum about the whole matter, saying that it was Gloria’s treachery that broke his heart and led him to do what he did. Obviously, the scheming Fidel is still far from a change of heart.

Finally, JB overhears Gloria and Eli, and waits for the latter outside. He tries to offer Eli money so he would leave ‘his’ family alone, but Eli rejects this – and the two reluctant cousins still remain mortal enemies.

Maging Sino Ka Man
19 – 021307
Fidel tries to pull one on Eli but Oca’s way ahead of him.
Maging Sino Ka Man

mskm021307-1.jpgJackie, who is betrothed to JB, is beset by her need to fulfill the family’s wishes, and her feelings for Eli. But he overhears them talking, and tells the two that he does not care for the two’s sentiments. Later, Jackie confides in Celine that she can’t take it anymore, and that her attempts to keep the family together are tearing her apart inside. Meanwhile, Oca also advises Eli to steady himself; lest he compromises those he loves the most.

A fuming Monique rushes to Corazon, and demands an answer to why Jackie is set to marry someone she does not love. But Corazon has no love for her either; and a fight breaks out, and would probably continue if not for Siony’s interference. Later, Corazon confides in Fidel, and the latter quickly warns Monique that it would be best not to meddle in his affairs.

At work, Eli asks Corazon about his true father, and she replies that all she knows is that life would be a lot better for everyone without him… and this would prove to be true. While Fidel was overseeing a charity event, Oca suddenly calls him and warns that in a few moments, something grave would happen; and Fidel suddenly sees a laser target on Jackie’s head. At the same time, Eli enters his car, when suddenly an intruder from the back seat pulls a gun to his head

Maging Sino Ka Man
19 – 021207
Jackie gets into two uncomfortable meetings with Eli.
Maging Sino Ka Man

Jackie was surprised to see Eli at Celine’s. Eli volunteers to leave but Jackie was quick to herfeet and goes out the door first. Celine asks them if they can be at least civil with one another. However Eli tells her that it’s Jackie who distanced herself from him. Celine gets distracted again by her cousin’s problems and somehow Brian blames himself for restricting his wife from meddling with Jackie’s affairs.

Monique has been drinking herself into a stupor nightly and Siony has had enough. He tells his friend to fight back. They find a way to see Jackie by conniving with the designer of her wedding gown, who turns out to be a friend of Siony’s. Monique scolds Jackie for allowing herself to be trapped in that situation with JB. She explains to her mom though that she has to sacrifice her happiness for every one’s welfare.

JB and Eli have their share of run-ins in the office. JB’s ego was too big to have him admit defeat to his cousin. He thinks of a plan to make Eli jealous by ordering Jackie to visit him at the office. Jackie, clueless of the current situation at RSL barges in on Eli, thinking the room was still JB’s office. Jackie furiously stormed JB in his new office, placing her in such an embarrassing situation. While they fought, the two were oblivious to Eli’s presence at the doorway. He then announces that he doesn’t care if the couple gets married or not. He also tells them to shut the door if they want privacy during personal discussions.

Maging Sino Ka Man
19 – 021407
Gloria warns Fidel and Corazon to back off.
Maging Sino Ka Man
MSKM0214.jpgFidel surrenders to Oca and aborts his plans to have Eli killed. He has Jackie’s security tightened. But Jackie’s not touched by her father’s actions. He should have just let her die and placed out of her misery. Monique’s absence during her gown fitting was another blow for Jackie. She finds out from her Yaya Heidi that Siony and her mom has closed shop. They are nowhere to be found. Celine tries to console Jackie. Fidel overhears their conversation. He gets a worried look upon hearing Jackie say she’s breathing yet she feels like she has already died.

Eli plans to counter Fidel. Gloria’s wary but he tells her that it’s not only his revenge but their family’s too. She also provides security measures on Eli. She has lost him once and it won’t happen again. Gloria then gives Fidel another warning. She then marches off to her sister and gives Corazon the same advice she gave th rich man. This prompts Corazon to give her ‘cohort’ a call. She tells him to stop his antics for he does not know what Gloria is capable of.

Gloria’s next move shocks Corazon further. She wants all her RSL shares transferred to Eli’s name.

Maging Sino Ka Man
19 – 021507
JB tries to retaliate at Eli by bringing Jackie to Mamu G’s home.
Maging Sino Ka Man
MSKM0215.jpgCorazon is at her wits end with Gloria’s demand. Her lawyers seconded her sister’s words, saying Gloria’s moves are all legal and there is nothing she can do about it. JB also wants his mother to give in to his aunt’s wishes. Corazon then remembers the time Gloria was willing to give everything up for the sake of her freedom. She then shakily signs Gloria’s contract.

JB still can’t hide his annoyance at Eli, blowing his top during a stockholders’ meeting, when his cousin started questioning his report. Embarrassed by her son’s actions, Corazon reprimands him, telling him to clean up his act. Oca pats Eli on the back for his superb ‘acting’.

JB retaliates and brings Jackie to meet Gloria. Eli was a bit taken aback, but acts nonchalant towards the two. As if rubbing more salt to injury, JB asks Jackie to send Eli and Mamu G their invitation to the wedding. Eli gives his cousin dagger looks and excuses himself from the table.

Eli then bumps into Jackie, who just came from the restroom. They get into an argument and Eli states that Jackie’s marrying for the money. The young woman gives him a resounding slap and storms off.

Eli visits Dadoods and Eloisa’s grave and apologizes to them for what he has become. After that he drops by RSL to give Corazon his resignation. He demands that she buy his shares in the company orelse he pulls them out.

Maging Sino Ka Man
19 – 021607
A father’s love is shunned, while a son is out to seek revenge.
Maging Sino Ka Man
mskm021607.jpgEli decides to file his resignation from RSL and along with it, a monetary equivalent of all his shares in the company. Enraged, Corazon says she wouldn’t agree to Eli’s demands and remains stubborn. As she hurls expletives at her nephew, Eli says that he will unearth everything all of Corazon’s secrets, if she wants to fight him head on. However despite everything, he says that they are still family, whether they like it or not.

On his way out, JB blocks Eli’s way, hurling insults at him as well. Eli retaliates by bluntly informing him of his resignation. A shocked JB then storms to his mother’s office, telling her to give in to Eli’s demands, as he will work harder to keep their company from falling apart. He adds that his marriage with Jackie will further their financial assets, which Eli overhears.

Meanwhile, Corazon storms to Gloria’s house, angrily informing her sister of Eli’s actions. Gloria defends her son’s decision, and says that Corazon shouldn’t accuse him of such things. However, Gloria talks to her son that night, and learns that he is indeed hell-bent on seeking revenge for Fidel’s maltreatment of his family. Gloria reminds him that it is not right to be bitter, although it seems like her advice has fallen on deaf ears.

In the Madrigal household, Fidel tries to woo his daughter for dinner, which she readily declines. Sullen, she tells him she’d rather sketch than eat or accompany him to dinner, a subtle signal for him to leave her room. Alone, Fidel is left to wonder what had happened between him and his beloved daughter, and if ever their relationship will be back to normal again.

Maging Sino Ka Man
20 – 021907
Jackie and JB’s relationship goes awry
Maging Sino Ka Man
JB arranges a rehearsal for his upcoming wedding, something Jackie isn’t looking forward to. Celine arrives together with Brian, the couple kidding around, looking happy in each other’s arms. JB gets uncomfortable around Brian, and the atmosphere gets more uneasy when Celine is called to rehearse, leaving Jackie, Brian and JB alone. Soon the couple leaves, and the soon-to-be bride and groom escort them to the entrance of the church. Jackie gets wistful, and remarks that Celine and Brian look so happy together. JB responds with an assurance that they will also end up happy in the future, something Jackie is unsure of.

Monique catches herself thinking of Jackie once again, and vows never to give up, as she will come back for Jackie one day.

Meanwhile, Jackie and Celine go to their favorite ice cream parlor for a little chitchat, and Celine remarks that Fidel has grown lenient on Jackie, theorizing that the previous attack on Jackie’s life has something to do with it. JB looks for Jackie, irritated that he doesn’t know her whereabouts. He calls her home, and is informed that Jackie’s currently hanging out with Celine in the ice cream parlor they always go to. With an interesting twist of fate, Mimay and Guada go to the same ice cream parlor. Jackie notices them, elated, and introduces them to Celine. It turns out they’re with Eli, who appears shortly after. An uneasy pause follows, which Eli breaks by talking to Celine, and making it clear that he wishes to talk to her only. Celine asks him to join them, which he obligingly does. Unfortunately, JB arrives at the scene, and Jackie excuses herself immediately.

With Jackie gone, Celine asks Eli if hs still has feelings for his cousin. Eli, now filled with hatred for Fidel, says he has extinguished every attachment he has for Jackie, as he cannot forgive everything that her father has done to him and his family. Meanwhile, Jackie and JB arrive at the Madrigal home, and both erupt in a heated argument. JB demands to know all of Jackie’s whereabouts, and prohibits her to see Celine again, as he deems her cousin is secretly setting her up with Eli. Hurt, Jackie fights back but in the end, JB leaves her in tears.

Maging Sino Ka Man
20 – 022007
A revenge-hungry Eli starts his path to retribution.
Maging Sino Ka Man
mskm022107-1.jpgIn a fit of rage, JB orders Jackie not to meet with Celine anymore, as he deems she’s bad influence for Jackie. He then demands Jackie to look him straight in the eye, and tell him she’s not in love with Eli anymore. Jackie responds with an angry stare, and tells him that she doesn’t have feelings for Eli anymore. JB then storms out of Jackie’s house, leaving her sobbing on the couch. Amidst all this hullaballoo, Fidel stands unnoticed, witnessing JB maltreat his daughter. He retreats to his room, and reminisces good and bad memories of him and his daughter, and through it all, says that he loves his daughter very much.

Meanwhile, Jackie quarantines herself in her room, and refuses to speak to anybody, even Celine, who senses it’s all JB’s fault.

JB also secludes himself in his room, and wonders aloud how he’ll make his relationship with Jackie work. He then relays his admiration to his father, who, despite Corazon’s lack of love for him, tried to make their marriage work. JB then proceeds to go downstairs, and chances upon his mother. Corazon notices that something has gone amiss, and when JB tells her he had a fight with Fidel’s daughter, Corazon orders JB to make his relationship with Jackie work. After all, their marriage is the only financial hope they have left, as Corazon has decided to finally give in to Eli’s demands.

mskm022107-2.jpgMeanwhile, Fidel tries once again to reach out to his daughter, and brings her breakfast the following day. Jackie snaps at him, and demands the reason for his sudden change of attitude. What could have been a heated argument turned into a sentimental moment for both father and daughter, as Fidel says that he only wants his daughter to be happy, even if he doesn’t know how. Jackie responds with a surprised “thank you”, much to the happiness of her father.

The deal is finally sealed, and Eli goes to a bank to encash his shares in RSL. Before leaving, he talks with Oca, whom Gloria sees. She then warns her son to be careful, and says that there’s something about Oca that prohibits her to trust him completely. At the bank, Eli encounters problems due to the large amount of money he wants to get. In the end, he is sent to Fidel, who happens to own the bank Eli is having problems with. Face to face, the two seem to gird their loins for battle. Threats were exchanged, and eventually Eli says he’s going to bring Fidel down, as retribution for his foster father’s demise, and the countless tragedies that Fidel has brought upon to his family. Upon making his point, Eli retreats, leaving a stunned Fidel, in the office.

Maging Sino Ka Man
20 – 022107
Business problems arise, while Fidel regains his daughter’s love.
Maging Sino Ka Man
Eli storms out with a threat to destroy Fidel’s empire, leaving the banking magnate feel that it’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As such, it throws his people into chaos, afraid that a stain in the bank’s reputation will make their clients withdraw their investments. Fidel remains resolute that he won’t beg for Eli’s forgiveness, and vows not to let someone like Eli to destroy the company he worked so hard for.

Unfortunately, Fidel is not the only one who’s experiencing business problems. During his presentation, JB gets bombarded with questions and nagging doubts regarding their company’s stability. Eli’s pull-out sure brought quite a huge loss to their company, making the employees doubt their future with RSL. As such, JB asks for a consultation, and he’s now faced with a hard decision to lay-off employees to keep the company alive.

Meanwhile, Monique stands at a distance, eagerly waiting for her daughter to appear at the parlor she frequents. Speaking of Jackie, she recognizes  her father’s efforts to reach out to her, and decides to fix her relationship with him as well. Overjoyed, Fidel lets Jackie know how much he loves her, and even says that he’s looking forward to fixing his relationship with Monique as well. Happy, Jackie says that they’re going to be a picture-perfect family again, amidst her father’s joyous tears.

Did our cold-hearted villain really had a change heart? How will he deal with Eli now?

Maging Sino Ka Man
20- 022207
Fidel meets Gloria face to face, and explains to her his side of the story.
Maging Sino Ka Man
mskm021607.jpgEli decides to withdraw his money from Fidel’s bank, which is a bit of a problem, as the bank doesn’t have enough funds to encash Eli’s stocks. Unfortunately for Fidel, other clients got wind of the news too, and are thinking of pulling out their money from the bank as well. He then orders his people for some damage control, and to assure their clients that the bank is more than stable, so there’s no need to worry about anything.

Meanwhile, Celine asks her mother for advice, as she still ponders her mixed feelings for Brian. After all, Brian has done a lot for her as helped her stand on her own again, and stayed by her side through thick and thin. However she relays that she can’t help but feel guilty, as she feels that she’s still not in love with him. Her mother tells her that it will be prudent to get rid of all her guilt, as she knows Brian is fully aware of Celine’s feelings for JB, and for him. Still, being used by Celine was a decision he consciously made, just because he loves her so much.

Meanwhile, JB experiences some work jitters, as he was faced with the difficult choice to fire a lot of his employees. Of course the mass lay-off didn’t make the people happy campers, and goes on a rally against RSL. Fidel also reaches out to his contacts for some help, as his bank is in need of financial assistance. Unfortunately, his countless business meetings didn’t turn out the way he planned.

Interestingly, one of his contacts turns out to be Gloria, Eli’s biological mother. However, he pays her a house call not because he wants to seek financial aid in behalf of his company, but because he wants to explain his side of the story. Despite his confession of love to Gloria, and the pain he experienced beause she chose another man, Gloria intercedes for her son’s behalf, and eventually gets tired of Eli and Fidel’s rollercoaster ride of bitterness and vengeance.

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