maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: VII. old secrets revealed


Maging Sino Ka Man

16 – 012407
Eli’s horrified. Mang Oca’s the mastermind behind Jackie’s kidnapping.
Maging Sino Ka Man

Celine pretends her caller was someone from the Women’s Center. She then puts of her cellphone and declares it low on batteries. She tries to excuse herself from the table but Fidel tells her the call can wait. Celine tries to call Eli back in her car but this time he was the one who was out of reach. Imelda suspects something and tries to squeeze the truth from her daughter to the point of even checking Celine’s phone. Good thing Celine had managed to delete Eli’s number so her mom could not prove anything. Eli on the other hand resolves to go back to Manila. He leaves Jackie in the care of Mang Simo and Aling Bebang. Bebang could not help but cry at the sight of Jackie, who gives her a tight hug. The young woman tells her she looks familiar but dismissed the thought.

Brian confronts JB about Celine. He warns him to stop pretending he has control over his wife. He declared their friendship ended a long time ago and that JB stay away from Celine. Brian later confesses to Celine of this visit. She tells him that she plans to make true her promise to love him. She’s only doing this for the sake of Jackie.

Meanwhile Fidel locates the Davide’s whereabouts. He even offers Dadoods money to get the truth out of him. Dadoods and Pong tried to fight back but they get beaten up badly by Fidel and his men. Guada could do nothing but scream and look on.

Eli arrives at Siony’s salon and finds everything in shambles. Siony tells him he will relay all messages to Monique. He also advices Eli to leave quickly for Fidel might have his place monitored. The young man’s next stop was Mang Oca house, which surprisingly cloaked in darkness. He discovers that it was the wake for Mang Oca’s soon. He wondered why his former employer was furious at his presence. The old man then reveals that he’s the mastermind of Jackie’s kidnapping and he knew of Eli’s secrets all along. Don Fidel is the reason why his son is lying inside the white coffin. Oca tells him he will get his revenge no matter what. Eli in return says he will do anything, even kill for Jackie’s sake.

Maging Sino Ka Man
16 – 012507
Jackie finally recovers her full memory.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 0125.jpgEli leaves and Oca just laughs at his retreating figure. Oca recalls the reason why he hated Fidel so much. After failing at a job for the rich man, Oca does not receive proper compensation and was not able to have his sick son treated at a hospital. The child ends up paralyzed for life and Oca vows to have his revenge on Fidel.

Corazon gets ticked off by JB’s relaxed attitude towards Jackie’s disappearance. On the other hand, Celine pays Monique a visit, promising to get her aunt out of prison. But Monique tells her not to waste time and money for Fidel will find a way to put her back in again. She instead asks Celine to stay by Jackie’s side.

Pong leaves Dadoods in Guada’s care to look for Eli. Dadoods gets a seizure while he’s gone and Guada panics. Meanwhile Pong manages to reach the barrio where Jackie and Eli’s staying. He conceals himself waiting for the right time to approach. However, Jackie feels suspicious that someone’s watching her. While taking a bath in a stream, she slips on some stones in her hurry to leave. She hits her head on a rock and Pong could not help but rush in to help her. Jackie wakes up recalling everything including her kidnapping and pushes Pong in the water. Eli arrives at the hut and tells Jackie what happened on his trip. He gets a shock when she reveals that she has recovered her memory. The young man tries to explain but Jackie would not hear any off it. She’s furious but promises to keep the events a secret. Jackie can’t forgive Eli for what he has done and leaves. Eli holds on to her but she coldly tells Eli that the dream is over.

Maging Sino Ka Man
16 – 012607
Jackie will marry JB if Fidel releases Monique from prison.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 0126.jpgJackie’s presence at her doorstep shocked Celine the following morning. Her cousin relates that her relationship with Eli is over. Everything was based on a lie. She throws the jade necklace over Celine’s balcony. While Celine and Brian were planning to ship Jackie abroad, Imelda discovers that her daughter has been harboring Jackie all along. Celine does not know what her uncle is capable of. Imelda promptly surrenders Jackie to Fidel.

Upon her return, Jackie strikes an agreement with her father. Her freedom in exchange for her mother’s. Fidel agrees and her wedding with JB will proceed as soon as possible. Jackie also tells Fidel notto concern himself with Eli. Jackie has started treating everyone coldly, even Corazon. She leaves all decisions on the wedding in the hands of JB.

Monique is finally set free from prison. She is worried however when she learns that there is a condition set for this.

Eli arrives to find his family’s hideout empty. He then gets an urgent text message from Pong. His search ends at the hospital. Seeing his father badly hurt made him more determined to get back at Fidel. He charges the Madrigal mansion and gets into a confrontation with JB. Eli beats up JB after the rich man remarked that his father is a bad man for raising a son like him.

Maging Sino Ka Man
17 – 012907
With her mission to make JB miserable, Celine helps out Eli.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 0129.jpgMonique blames herself for all the bad luck that has been happening. She feels helpless for if she makes an effort to help Jackie, it might just backfire. Corazon drops by the salon to mock Monique, short of saying she has caused all of the recent misery in Monique’s life.

An invitation to the wedding makes Celine drop everything and confront her cousin about her disastrous decision. Jackie, the ice queen that she has turned into, tells Celine that she’s just bitter about JB. Celine then declares herself hands off Jackie’s life.

She is distracted from the situation by Pong’s cry for help for his brother. She sides with Eli and even drops by JB’s office to let him know of her intentions. She tells him to fight fair. Brian burrows himself in work at the Haven, affected by Celine’s mission to make JB’s life miserable. Eli and Celine, however, arrive too late at the hospital. Eli could do nothing but cry and embrace his father’s lifeless body.

Maging Sino Ka Man
17 – 013007
Pong was caught by the authorities during Dadoods funeral.
Maging Sino Ka Man
mskm013107-3.jpgJackie’s driver Peping wakes up from the comatose and reveals the real reason behind his and his ward’s accident.Big Boy, still in prison, advises his comrades not to divulge the mastermind of the kidnapping. Pong’s involvement was then made known which infuriated Fidel further. A rainy funeral for Dadoods becomes more dismal when the authorities forcibly take Pong away. Eli’s anger leads him once more to the Madrigal mansion. However instead of talking face to face with Fidel, he vents it all out on Jackie. Eli was disappointed at Jackie for breaking her promise. On the other hand, the young woman was also mad again at her father for not being true on his end of the bargain. Eli and his family was to be left alone. Grief and rage overcome Eli once more, making him tear up the house he and his family built. He then pulls out a gun hidden inside a closet intent on getting his revenge. Guada could do nothing but plea for him to calm down. A broken picture of his mother though stops him in his tracks.
Maging Sino Ka Man
17 – 013107
Jackie asks Celine to warn Eli about her father’s next move.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM---0131.jpgWhen Fidel would not listen to Jackie’s pleas, she turns to JB who in turn tells her the situation is out of his hands. Jackie tries to talk Mang Peping, her driver, from testifying against Pong too but her father’s influence was just too strong. Peping could not back out from becoming a witness on the case.

Monique tries to get in touch with her daughter but the guards at the mansion prevent her from doing so. Coincidentally JB was just leaving and he runs into Monique. Monique berates him – Could he be so desperate that he’s willing to make Jackie’s life miserable? JB also gets advice from one of his godfathers, whom he bumps into at a jewelry store. He should think twice about getting married for once one ties the knot there is no turning back. JB tries to talk to Corazon about postponing some of the pre-wedding activities but she would not hear any of it. Corazon vents out her anger at her sister and ends up slapping Gloria. Gloria on the other hand returns the action, slapping Corazon just as hard.

Guada is very worried for Eli to the point that she forces him to eat. Eli is so intent on getting his brother out of prison that he’s neglecting his health. Lawyers seem to have an aversion to the name “Madrigal” that Eli could not find someone to defend Pong in court. When he finally does find one who’s willing to do the job, the lawyer asks Eli for a payment of P300 thousand.

Jackie’s only hope was her cousin Celine, whom she fervently apologized to. Realizing that her cousin still cares for Eli, Celine agrees to warn him about Fidel’s move to connect him to the kidnapping but the young man could not care less. He even dared the Madrigal’s to bring it on even if it means dying for his family. Frustrated at the events happening around her, Celine busies herself with cleaning around the house. Imelda notices her and Brian’s distant relationship and probes her daughter about it. Celine gets distracted by the jade necklace and picks it up from the ground. Imelda freaks out upon learning that the necklace belongs to Eli.

Maging Sino Ka Man
17 – 020107
The jade necklace proves to be something of importance to Corazon.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM---0201.jpgWhile Jackie mourns for Dadoods’ demise on her own, Guada discusses with Eli Jackie’s feelings for him. Eli has become a pessimist on the subject of love but Guada tells him to have hope.

Jackie and JB’s pictorial for a magazine pushes through the next day. Jackie’s unhappiness could be seen in the photo shoot so Fidel tells her to act accordingly. JB’s attentiveness towards Jackie during dinner annoyed the young woman more. There’s no need pretending for there are no cameras around.

Celine recalls to have seen Eli’s necklace on the portrait of JB’s grandfather during their ‘field trip’ to the family rest house. She confronts Corazon about it and the woman clams up at the sight of the necklace. Celine advises Corazon to see her when she’s ready to know who the owner of the necklace is.

Pong gets beaten up inside prison and out of desperation Eli humbles himself and apologizes to Fidel. However, the man could not even give Eli pity and even tells his men to beat him up. Eli asks Fidel to spare his family but he only gets spat in the face. Jackie helplessly looked on. She then calls up her cousin once more and asks Celine for another favor. Celine must look for her mother and make use of Monique’s connections to have Pong transferred to another jail.

Eli arrives home dejected but becomes alarmed hearing Guada’s distressed cries. Someone has ransacked their house and has even hurt Guada. Oca contacts Eli again, presenting himself as an ally, not a foe. Eli stops to listen when the old man tells him he must know of the whole truth.

Maging Sino Ka Man
17 – 020207
Corazon is distraught with Eli’s reaction over his birthright.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM0202.jpgAfter much begging from Corazon, Celine reveals that the owner of the necklace is Eli. Corazon tries to talk to Eli about his identity but the young man knows it already having heard it from Oca. He tells Corazon he doesn’t need a family like hers and ejects her out of his house.

Celine marveled at how the high and mighty Corazon transformed into a scared woman in front of Eli. But Brian isn’t at all happy with her deepening involvement in Jackie’s case. JB’s like a shadow looming over him and Celine just has to give him a little more respect. He threatens to leave Celine but she promises to change for him.

First on Oca and Eli’s agenda was getting Pong transferred to another prison. But Jackie had already beat them to it, using her mother’s connections through Celine. Eli assumed it was Oca who did that but soon they find out that Pong’s situation remained the same. Warned by Oca not to act carelessly, Eli uses Corazon as his pawn for revenge.

Maging Sino Ka Man
18 – 020507
Fidel still wants to file a case against Eli even if he is a Roxas.
Maging Sino Ka Man
MSKM0205.jpgEli subjects himself to a DNA test. The results shock Corazon. Meanwhile Oca and Eli plan their next move. Guada also gets help locating her daughter Mimay. Her ex-husband, furious over Eli’s meddling over their affairs, reports Eli’s involvement in the kidnapping to Fidel after recognizing Jackie on a news report.

Gloria inspected the envelope containing the DNA test results curiously while Corazon was preparing to leave for dinner with the Madrigals. Corazon was bothered by Fidel’s announcement of filing a case against Eli and discloses the young man’s true identity to him. Fidel tells her however that he’s not withdrawing the case. Eli deserves what he is getting. After the dinner, Fidel recalls the time he and Corazon disposed of the unwanted child. He then calls up someone to do a job for him.

Celine pays Jackie a visit. Discovering that Celine is actually faring well with her married life, Jackie tells her cousin that she’s willing to give up everything to be in her shoes.

Mang Simo delivers Eli news that Fidel’s men have been to the barrio to round up witnesses for Eli’s case. Fortunately their neighbors were loyal to Eli and none of them spoke up. Oca sternly stated that Eli is untouchable as long as he’s around. The old man, disguising himself as the rich man’s driver, payshis old employer a visit to give him a warning personally. But Fidel is ready himself and manages to find a gun in the backseat, pointing it at Oca’s head.

Maging Sino Ka Man
18 – 020607
Eli is Gloria’s long lost son Gabriel.
Maging Sino Ka Man
MSKM0206.jpgOca warns Fidel that his secrets will be exposed shall he die in the rich man’s hands. He recounts the day Fidel thrust a baby into his arms. Fidel puts down the gun but changes his mind and pulls the trigger. Oca could only laugh for he has already disarmed the weapon. He then stops the car and disappears. The following day, Fidel’s lawyers are shocked for he made them withdraw the case against Eli.

JB was furious upon hearing that Fidel backed off from suing Eli. Corazon then reveals that he and Eli are related. She then introduces Eli to Gloria who turns out to be the young man’s biological mother. Gloria cried for joy upon the realization that Eli is her lost son Gabriel. She then recalls the first few months she has conceived Gabriel to the final moments they were together, Corazon being the vital key to their separation. The incident caused Gloria’s psychological instability but with Eli’s presence she has returned back to normal. Corazon, joyous of her sister’s recovery, gives Gloria a big embrace. However the affection wasn’t returned and instead she gives her a big slap. Corazon laments to JB that she doesn’t deserve that after all the years she has cared for her. But Gloria feels that her big sister earned that for what she did to her and Eli. Gloria gets taken aback though upon hearing that her sister and Fidel actually planned to kill her son.

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