maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: VI. turnpoint


Maging Sino Ka Man

14 – 010907
JB didn’t have the courage to break Jackie’s heart.
Maging Sino Ka Man

JB apologized fervently to Celine. He’s ready to face the world and declare his love for her. Their big problem now is how to break the news to Jackie gently. Celine shares her predicament with her mother. Jackie will understand her wouldn’t she? Imelda tells her to think twice about her and JB’s decision.

Fidel and Monique’s dinner date pushes through. Corazon was surprised to find Monique at a posh restaurant. She started bad mouthing her not knowing Fidel was accompanying her. She tries to make Monique feel out of place and starts talking business with Fidel, but he shoos her away. Monique accidentally drops her wallet and Fidel sees that she still keeps their family picture with her. Corazon was seething at the other table while all these was happening. She vows that if she is unhappy, everyone must also be in misery.

JB tries to tell Jackie the truth that night but backs out when Jackie confesses to him about her trip to the old hut. She reveals that she’s leaving it all behind and she chooses him. JB ends up inviting her to a dinner with Celine. Jackie assumed that he and her cousin patched up their differences.

Eli and Pong get into a big fight about Jackie again. They beat each other up senselessly and Dadoods stops them. Pong tells his father that he always favors Eli and everything. Guada later tells them that Pong might have run away for good this time.Eli remembers the times when Pon always had his back and defended him. He also recalls their promise to their mom to stick with one another. So the following day Eli decides to quit working for Jackie. She wished him well, but her heart felt like breaking when Eli started walking towards the door.

Maging Sino Ka Man
14 – 011007
Unable to control the people around her, Corazon resorts to commiting suicide.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 0110.jpgJackie was very happy to hear that her father and mother’s date went well. She’s pretty happy about their change of attitude towards one another. Her mood was also light when she, JB and Celine had dinner. Celine tried to tell Jackie the truth but felt guilty when Jackie thought she was having problems and offered to help. She tells JB later that they should find the right time when to tell Jackie about their relationship.

Eli promises Guada and Dadoods that he will patch things up with Pong. While looking for his brother, one of Big Boy’s men accosts him. The man almost shoots him with a gun but distant gunshots distracts the goon and Eli was able to escape.

Like Jackie’s ‘kilig’ attitude towards her parents, Siony teased his best friend about Fidel to no end. They also wake up to a salon full of flowers courtesy of her ex-husband. He even gives Monique a card, saying he remembers their wedding anniversary still. She asks Fidel to explain why he’s doing all these. Monique then reveals she loves him still after all this time and they kiss.

Corazon catches Celine and JB out on a date. She gives JB a scolding at home, warning him to stop seeing Celine or else she will disinherit him. JB tells her he doesn’t care anymore and that he’s tired of loving someone like her mother. Corazon becomes more furious and shouts at him that he didn’t really love her in the first place. She calls Fidel to ask for help but instead was surprised to hear Monique at the end of the other line. She drops the call and remembers the past where Fidel rejected her and married Monique; the way her father blamed her for their failing business and married her off to Emilio; Discovering her husband was a good for nothing, leaving her to fend for the business. She was also left alone on the day she gave birth to JB. With things going out of her control, Corazon decided to take her own life.   

Maging Sino Ka Man
14 – 011107
JB promises to do anything to prove his love for his mother.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 0111.jpgJB rushes his mother to the hospital. Celine and Jackie arrive a little later to comfort him. Celine takes a step back, allowing her cousin to cheer up JB first. Celine tells Jackie that she will accompany her at the hospital which makes Jackie grateful for her cousin’s help.

Eli gets home battered and bruised. Guada and Dadoods became more worried when Eli told him that his attacker knew him. This prompts Dadoods to pay Big Boy a visit. He warns the convict to leave his son alone. The following day, on his way to work, Eli sees a crowd a few meters away from his house. He discovers that the mob was gathering around the lifeless body of the man who attacked him the previous evening. He tries to calm himself and says he has nothing to do with the dead man.

At work, JB tried to busy himself with the problems with the union but Eli advised him to stay at the hospital beside his mother. He takes his assistant’s advice and Jackie tells him that his mom has not woken up yet. Jackie comes face to face with Eli again outside the room and she almost blurts out that she missed him. Corazon wakes up and was disappointed to know she survived. JB promises he would do anything to prove his love to her. Corazon also has a heart to heart talk with her sister. She apologizes for almost breaking her promise to take care of Gloria. She also tells Gloria that JB will not hurt them like the other men in their lives. Mamu G just responded with a hug.

Celine calls JB and tells him Corazon also invited her to his birthday party. JB didn’t want to have one but his mother persisted. Celine tells him that she will come no matter what. JB tells her that he hopes she understands everything.

The day of the party arrives. Corazon advises Celine to go home, she hasn’t learned her lesson apparently. Corazon just laughs at her statement, that JB misses her. Celine gravitates towards Eli who was standing in a corner alone. The birthday boy has not made an appearance yet. Jackie and Fidel were looking for JB too. He finally appears with his mother. JB goes straight to Jackie, takes her hand and proposes. Shock can be seen on both Celine and Eli’s faces. Jackie finally says yes.

Maging Sino Ka Man
14 – 011207
Jackie’s happy with her mother’s return home. However, she’s unhappy with JB’s proposal.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 0112.jpgCeline leaves, feeling really stupid for believing JB. Corazon was really proud of what her son did while JB felt very helpless. Jackie wanted to be happy but wonders why it was hard for her to accept the proposal. Eli has given his hopes up on Jackie remembering what they had. He pitches the ring he has kept for her into the sea.

Siony is amazed with the size of his and Monique’s new home. Monique is still uncertain of her move back to Fidel’s mansion. Fidel just asks her to be true to him and Monique has no qualms of doing so for she loves only him. Jackie forgets her troubles for the meantime and is ecstatic with the reunification of her parents. Later that evening she confides to her mom about her disturbed feelings over JB’s proposal. It was as if something’s wrong. Monique tells her to be certain of her feelings before she makes the biggest mistake of her life.

Celine drowns herself in liquor and starts dancing up to the men in the bar. Good thing Brian caught sight of her before the guys took an advantage of her drunk state. She asks Brian to rescue andtake her away.

Eli once again borrows money from Oca to pay off his debts from JB. He then gives JB the money and his resignation papers. JB does not give in but leaves the office for a meeting. Jackie arrives and was shocked up learning Eli’s resignation from the company. She tries to pry the real reason from Eli on why he’s quitting but the young man avoided her like the plague. He finally blurts out that there’s no sense for him to stay since she is marrying JB.

Maging Sino Ka Man
15 – 011507
Eli and Jackie decided to face all odds and fight for their love.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 0115.jpgAfter a long argument, which reached the streets outside JB’s office, Jackie finally admitted her true feelings for Eli. She is momentarily distracted by the loss of her jade necklace but eventually finds it on the sidewalk. Here she explains the meaning of the necklace in her life. Eli slowly understood and confesses his own feelings for her. They spend the afternoon together, much like one they had a few months back as husband and wife. They go to the church to ask God to bless their relationship. Eli prayed for strength while Jackie prayed for guidance.The two also decided to keep their relationship a secret. Later that evening, Jackie and Eli return to the office to face JB. Jackie gives back her engagement ring to JB and tells him that they can’t live happy in a marriage founded on a lie. JB is shocked.

Meanwhile, Celine can’t believe that she still has Brian by her side. Brian let’s her know that he still will do anything for Celine because he loves her. Celines wished that she had met Brian first instead of JB. Monique spends the day checking up on the house. Fidel also manages to persuade her to go to dinner at Corazon’s house. Corazon however is furious over a slow moving plan of hers. Pong returns home only to get some of his things. Guada tries to stop him from leaving but it was Dadoods stern warning to Pong that makes him halt in his tracks.

Maging Sino Ka Man
15 – 011607
JB’s too late. Celine’s already married to Brian.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM0116.jpg JB rushes out of the room devastated. Thoughts of Celine gave him hope and he went out to give her the good news. He wakes up Imelda in the middle of the night to find Celine. At first Imelda was adamant about JB’s intentions but eventually she discloses her daugther’slocation. Celine at the time was having a quiet dinner with Brian. JB’s presence takes her by surprise. His announcement of loving her freely did not faze Celine however and she told him to leave. JB even went down on his knees but Celine refused to hear any of his excuses. Brian arrives and tells JB to bug off and this starts a fight. Celine breaks it up by declaring she and Brian are already married. JB spends the night drinking himself senseless in a bar.

Eli comes home to see Pong back. The brothers reconcile with a tight embrace. Eli then announces that they must understand his feelings for Jackie. Despite telling Eli to think his plan out twice, Dadoods tells his son that he has his back. Their discussion was interrupted by a message thrown through the window. It contained a threat to Eli and fear struck the family once more. Eli wanted the family to move to the province, with Pong seconding the motion. But Dadoods would have none of it. Later he convenes the old ‘gang’ and is set to prove that no one dare threaten his family that way.

The following day, Eli and Jackie spend a peaceful afternoon at the Gardens. The young man still can’t shake off the problems in his head but Jackie assures him that she will take care of it first. She arrives at the family dinner alone, just as Corazon finished giving a toast to the reconciled Monique and Fidel. An anxious Corazon then asked Jackie why her son is not with her.

Maging Sino Ka Man
15 – 011707
JB won’t let Jackie off the hook that easy.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM0118.jpg Jackie’s announcement came as a shock to her parents and Corazon. Fidel is furious for JB is the only man fit for his daughter. Monique tells him maybe all that has happened is for the better. Her infidelity was brought up again but Fidel tells her to stop dwelling on the past for they are both starting a new life. JB arrives home and gets nagged by Corazon. He finally snaps and shouts at his mother that she is the cause of his misery. He has lost Celine and now even Jackie won’t marry him.

Celine’s harsh words echoed in JB’s mind. He resolves that no one can reject him. The very next day he forces Jackie to marry him. Jackie rebuffs him again and finally reveals her reason for ending their engagement. He tries to pry from Jackie who the new guy is. Unfortunately Eli called on her cellphone and JB realized his assistant was backstabbing him all along. He barges into Eli’s home and threatens him with a gun. He warns him to leave Jackie alone. He then meets with Fidel and confesses that he wants to continue with the engagement. Fidel tells him not to worry because he’s still very much for JB. He then tries to woo Jackie with flowers and chocolates but she just had everything returned to his office. Her note which told JB that their relationship is over infuriated him more.

Monique visits Siony but she gets a visitor of her own. A man named Dante asks Monique’s help for his ailing child. Monique agrees to help him but Corazon saw her and Siony talking with the man at a restaurant and reported it to Fidel. Fidel’s trust on his wife wavered once more and he called up someone to tail Monique.

Maging Sino Ka Man
15 – 011807
Fidel and JB foil Eli and Jackie’s plans of eloping.
Maging Sino Ka Man

mskm011906-3.jpgEli and Jackie paces up their plans to move when JB harasses Jackie again at the JadeGarden. Their plans take a turn when Fidel banishes Monique based on pictures of his wife and their former body guard. She tries to fight for her mother but instead Fidel shows Jackie a video of her and Eli kissing on the street, courtesy of JB. Without a means of communicating with the outside world, Jackie resolves not to give up control over her own life. On the other hand, JB runs into Dante at his mother’s office.The man even asked him to thank Corazon for giving him good business.

Eli relocates his family to the province but they get blocked Big Boy and his men. The escaped convict starts a rumble with the Davides and Dadood’s comrades. The baranggay tanods managed to control the fight and Dadoods, Pong and Guada were able to leave to safety.

Jackie was able to escape from her father and she prompts Eli to leave quickly. But the young man was waiting for Mang Oca, who was supposedly helping them. Fidel and JB managed to track them down however. Eli gets beaten up by the two men while Jackie looked on.Oca, was watching from afar, the events happening were actually a part of his big plan.

Maging Sino Ka Man
15 – 011907
Jackie entails Heidi and Celine’s help to escape.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 0119.jpgJackie also suffered in the hands of her father. Unable to take her father’s abusive love anymore, Jackie desperately asks her Yaya Heidi for help. Heidi, with no one else to turn to, goes to Monique. The stricken mother tries to rescue her daughter but she gets thrown into jail for trespassing. She leaves her cause in the hands of Siony.

Eli on the other hand gets dumped somewhere but Oca manages to find him. After a few days at the hospital, Eli thinks of a plan to get Jackie out of the mansion. Luckily, he was able to connive with Heidi. They slip Jackie a note, telling her of her supposed rescue. The next day, Jackie feigns illness and is rushed to the hospital. Celine, astounded with the happening events, visits her cousin. She was also surprised with the strict security measures around Jackie. Jackie then reveals her plans to Celine. She entrusts her jade necklace to her cousin so that Eli can be assured of Celine’s loyalty. Eli then agrees to conspire with Celine. They must set Jackie free.

Maging Sino Ka Man
16 – 012207
Eli and Jackie’s escape plan triumphs.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM0122.jpgEli manages to slip Jackie out of her room, posing as a hospital attendant. He and Jackie almost got discovered, bumping into Corazon and JB, while accessing the elevator. Celine drives them to the bus station. She also gives some money to Jackie and tells the couple to call her if ever they did need her help.

Fidel learns of Jackie’s escape. He plans to search every inch of the country with the help of the police and some of his contacts. Eli and Jackie could not hide from him. Imelda arrives at the mansion with Celine in tow. Imelda pleads with Fidel to just let Jackie live her own life. Celine tries to look nonchalant but she bumps into JB. The two could not resist having another argument. Brian arrives in time to stop them. Celine later reveals to her husband that she helped her cousin escape. Fidel harasses Monique for information. When Monique refused he then ordered his men to trash Siony’s salon.

Eli and Jackie wait at the old hut for Mang Oca. He again promised to give the lovers a hand. Evening approached but the old man was a no-show once more. Eli decided that they should wait for Oca ‘til daylight. The two vow to be there for each other always and became intimate.

Maging Sino Ka Man
16 – 012307
Oca’s absence prompts Eli and Jackie to contact Celine.
Maging Sino Ka Man

mskm012306-2.jpgAfter an intimate evening together, Eli focuses on finding Mang Oca. His absence plus wondering how his family’s doing has Eli worried. Adding to his woes is Aling Bebeng, who has just been let in on the truth by her husband Mang Simo. She sternly told Eli that the truth will eventually catch up on him. Dadoods on the other hand is also anxious about Eli and Jackie’s situation. He tries to prod Pong to look for them but his son won’t budge as he promised Eli never to leave their father’s side.

Resolving that no woman will make a fool out of him again, as what his mother and wife did, Fidel launched a manhunt for Pong by putting a fake missing person advisory on TV. A sari-sari store owner recognized him. Eli and Jackie decided to visit town and try to contact Mang Oca and her mother. The man and Monique seemed to be unreachable at the moment so Jackie persuades Eli to call Celine.

Celine, still relishing her small victory over JB, was grilled at the dinner table by Fidel. She answered his questions with confidence but her façade wavered when she saw Eli’s name flashing on her cellular phone.

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  1. Maging Sino Ka man is one of the best episodes I have watched in my life.Eli, Jacky and Soline are just fantastic actors that the sky is the limit for them.

    Please avail me Jackie’s e-mail address for communication.She’s such a fantacy that breaks any man’s heart.

    Best regards to all.

    Thanks; Masaba Richard; Mbale-Uganda.

  2. Maging Sino Ka Man is one of the best episodes I ‘ve ever seen in my life.
    Eli, Jacky, and Soline are fantastic young actors who’ve made the episode very thrilling.
    Iam particulary attracted to Eli and Jacky and wish them well in the act.
    My wish is to become Eli and Jacky’s friend.
    Please avail me with their contacts for ease of communication.
    Masaba Richard, Mbale-Kampala {Uganda}

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