maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: V. love quadrangle


Maging Sino Ka Man

Eli could not say no to the very troubled Jackie.
Maging Sino Ka Man

JB does not think of anything else about Eli and Jackie’s position. Instead he was furious at Jackie for getting drunk and mad at Monique for letting her daughter be in that state. The following day, Fidel refuses to talk to Jackie. His daughter tries to defend Monique but her mother was totally not the cause of his anger. Ever since she returned, she is not acting like her old self. It’s as if the people who cared for her returned a completely different person. She gets more flack from JB. He tells her that she was fortunate to have Eli that time for he would not take advantage of her.

Jackie shares her problems with Eli at work. He then makes things worse when he tells him that this was his last day working for her. Jackie’s plead for him to stay, for he was the only friend she has. Eli felt guilty and agreed to stay. She hugs him tightly. Eli advised her not to change for the sake of pleasing other people. Eli shares his problems to Guada regarding Jackie. She tells him to be firm on his decisions about loving. Eli also asks his mother for help. He asks her to help him find a new love.

Fidel retreats to his study, oblivious of a man observing him from a window. He ignores Jackie’s efforts to make peace and instead picks up a hooker off the streets. The woman, who was a bit off a blabber mouth receives Fidel’s pent up anger and ends up being beaten up. She gets woken up by a hotel staff. She speechlessly grabs the money on the bed and runs off.

Jackie visits Monique to apologize for her behavior. Here, Siony tells her that JB shouted at her mother. She confronts JB about it and tells her Monique deserved it. Jackie took those words as the last straw and walks out. JB tries to stop her from leaving and the commotion they caused attracted Corazon’s attention.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Jackie gets jealous of Kalay, Kalay gets jealous of Jackie.
Maging Sino Ka Man

Jackie stays over for dinner. Corazon apologizes for her son’s rude behavior. She later berates JB for treating Jackie badly. She is the only woman fit to be his wife and tells her son to make it up to Jackie as soon as possible. JB tries to make amends by filing Jackie’s office with flowers and balloons. Jackie was not impressed and asks for sincerity from JB. On the other hand, Monique was impressed with the bouquet JB sent to the salon.

Imelda visits Celine at home and encourages her to go out. She then hears Jackie’s repeated messages on the voice machine. She tells her daughter to patch up with her cousin.

Pong accompanies Guada to a radio station, helping her look for her daughter. This gets heckles from Eli but his Kuya reverses the tables and teases him with Kalay instead. Eli takes Kalay ‘out’ to look for Mang Oca who has cut off communication from him. A woman tells the two that Oca wasn’t home but actually the man was observing them from a window. He speaks to another man, who was bed-ridden. He tells him that the time for  revenge was almost at hand. Oca then makes a surprise visit to his former “boss” Fidel. His appearance catches the business man off guard.

Fidel finally concedes to talking to Jackie. He explains to her that she is his whole life. He wants to get to the bottom of her memory loss. He wants to know if the people who cared for her did her more bad than good.

Kalay was disappointed with her and Eli’s “date” which ended at a carinderia.He surprises her with questions about real dates and helping out at JadeGardens the next day. Jackie worries about Eli’s absence and her mood rises when she heard his voice. It then quickly dropped upon Eli’s introduction of Kalay. Jackie then becomes jealous of Kalay and Eli’s closeness. She offers the best friends a ride home. This time it was Kalay’s turn to be jealous when Eli suddenly carried Jackie in his arms to prevent the lady from getting muddy.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Eli becomes more determined to find love in someone else.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1229.jpgThe three arrive to a silent house. Unknown to Eli, someone was observing him with his guests. He accompanies Jackie back to her car and they run into Mang Oca. Jackie lay in bed that evening thinking about Eli and Calai. Also that evening Big Boy gets reports on how Eli has gotten lucky over the past few months.

On their way out of the club, Celine and Imelda see JB drinking at a table. Imelda gives him a piece of her mind and attracts some people’s attention. The next day Celine this time sees Monique and Jackie having lunch together. She greets a very enthusiastic Monique and gives her cousin a curt ‘hello’.

At JadeGarden, Jackie is getting more and more impressed with Eli. She gazes at him intently making Eli conscious. The young man scolds himself for thinking her boss’ look meant something. Kalay notices his intent gaze at Jackie from a window and later announces to Eli that she won’t be helping out with his work anymore. While alone in the room, Eli becomes flustered with Jackie’s presence and absent mindedly leaves his cellphone behind.

Eli prepares a special dinner for Kalay that evening and here she confronts him on his “weird” actions towards her. He tells Kalay that he wants to love again. His heart needs saving. Eli and Kalay kiss. Jackie arrives to return Eli’s phone and sees them.

Maging Sino Ka Man
13 – 010107
Jackie asks Celine to help her find the people who took care of her.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 0101.jpgJackie rushes back to her car with Eli’s phone in her hands. Kalay breaks the kiss off and tells Eli that she does not want to get hurt by her only friend. On her way out, she sees Jackie’s vehicle. Jackie also sees Kalay and drives off. Jackie tells herself that her feelings for Eli is wrong and distracts herself by calling Celine. Her cousin finally considers her mom’s advice and picks up the phone. The following day, Eli tries to win Kalay over by cooking another special meal, but Guada does not approve of it. She feels that Eli’s just using Kalay which is totally unfair to the girl.

The cousins meet up at their favorite ice cream palor. They reminisce and share a few laughs but the mood quickly changed when Celine revealed that she saw Jackie twice during her alleged death. Jackie leaves Celine, hurt by the fact that her cousin wanted her to remain dead. She rushes home and finds comfort in JB’s arms. Celine arrives and asks to speak to Jackie alone. She asks her cousin for forgiveness. Jackie then tells Celine she must do a favor for her. She must accompany her to look for the people who took her in during her disappearance. The two then connive to get Fidel’s permission to go on a trip. They arrive at the same market where Celine saw Jackie on the day of the fire. A kind vendor tries to help them out by offering to take them to a nearby barrio. Coincidentally, Mang Simo who was on a jeepney, sees Jackie and calls out ‘Princess’ several times.

Maging Sino Ka Man
13 – 010207
Jackie realizes that she’s falling for Eli.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM---0102.jpgWith Celine’s help, Jackie was able to return to the shack she and Eli lived in a few months back. Sadly though, she does not remember anything. A typhoon strands the cousins there and here the two truly reconcile. Jackie and Celine’s search also leads them to Mang Simo, who hesitated between telling the truth or not. In the end, the old man chose to keep silent and advised Jackie to just live her new life to the fullest.

Jackie returns home to a very joyous Fidel, assured finally of his daughter’s safety. She gets taken aback though when her mother enters the room. She has never seen her parents in one room for the longest time that she begins to cry and gives both a fierce hug. Her tender emotions that night too, makes her confess about falling in love with Eli. She finds this all wrong, especially with JB trying so hard to make things work between them.

On the other hand, Eli helps JB find the missing Mamu G, who gives Corazon a scare during the storm. On his way home, Eli suspects someone following him. His fears were somehow confirmed when Pong receives a threatening text message on his cellphone. Eli calls the texter who also warns him of impending trouble for him and his family. He and Pong suspect that the threats were all from Big Boy.

Maging Sino Ka Man
13 – 010307
Jackie, JB, Eli and Celine go on an ‘unusual’ excursion.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 0103.jpgMonique gets a shock with Jackie’s revelation. She tells her that she must be interpreting her feelings wrong for she is spending a lot of time with Eli lately. Monique says Jackie must choose well, for she must not feel regret in loving the wrong person. Meanwhile, Fidel is locked inside his room, holding a birthday card he has yet to send Monique. He also kisses the shirt Monique let him borrow during the storm. The next day, as much as she’s determined to crush her feelings for Eli, Jackie can’t help but appreciate Eli’s efforts to save parts of her business during the typhoon. While taking with Eli about Kalay, Jackie fumbles with some of her things upon hearing that the two are beyond the dating stage. She quickly writes the words ‘Jackie loves JB’ repeatedly on a piece of paper.

The cousins have dinner one night, where they overhear some girls talking trash about Celine. Jackie could not hold back and tells the girls to shut their mouths or else. Celine sheds tears of joy. They recall parts of their childhood where almost the same thing happened to Celine. Jackie defends her time and again.

Simo drops by Eli’s place and tells them of Jackie and Celine’s visit. Pong panics again so he and Eli fight over Jackie once more. Dadoods tells them to stop for it’s not the person that’s the problem, it’s the situation. Oca bumps into Simo, who’s returning to the province. They exchange curt words to each other.

Corazon decides to have one of their properties fixed so Mamu G has a peaceful home to stay in. She asks Jackie to the landscaping for the land which she gladly accepts. JB suggests they take Eli along but Jackie was against it. Corazon approves of Eli’s presence, ending the discussion. Jackie decides to let Celine tag along too. Her cousin was all against it but he protests fell on deaf ears. On the day of the trip, Eli was more silent than the usual that made Jackie wonder if he’s sick. Celine’s presence riles JB once more. The ride to San Martin was pretty quiet, with Celine breaking the ice by talking to Eli. JB confronts her but Celine tells him that she’s not going to lie for him again. Jackie approaches them and Celine comments that it’s going to be the best road trip ever.

Maging Sino Ka Man
13 – 010407
Confrontations arise between Eli and Jackie, JB and Celine.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 0104.jpgJB becomes angry at Jackie for inviting Celine. While they were arguing, Eli catches Celine muttering to herself. They shortly have lunch and Celine takes on every chance to get on JB’s nerves. JB and Jackie talk about their plans for the garden but gets distracted by the laughing Eli and Celine. Celine suggests more fun ideas to Jackie, like building a bonfire, which makes JB more furious.

Meanwhile, Kalay arrives at Eli’s house all dressed up, thinking that their date is on. Pong delivers the bad news though of Eli leaving for an emergency at work. Seeing her disappointed face, Dadoods invites Kalay to have dinner with the family. Dadoods also asks Kalay to give Eli a chance.

Celine interrogates Eli some more about his love life while giving JB snide comments. Jackie scolds herself for feeling jealous again. JB was very stiff all through out the night. Jackie then decides to join Eli and Celine in a card game but the former retreats outside when she sat down. Jackie then confronts Eli saying he has been avoiding her all day. He must have something to say to her. On the other hand, Celine and JB run into each other inside the house. JB calls her a cheap slut and the two have a shouting match. He admits to choosing Celine but she tells him that he’s not strong enough to stand up on his decision. He calls her a slut again and Celine retorts that she may be a slut but she is the best among the rest and walks

Maging Sino Ka Man
13 – 010507
Kalay bids Eli farewell.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 0105.jpgEli tells Jackie that he’s only giving her and JB ‘breathing’ space. Although Jackie’s not completely convinced of his reason, she lets the matter rest. She and Eli were brought back to the house because of JB, who was intent on leaving that evening. He blames Jackie for ruining their plans because she had to take her cousin along.

Once in Manila, Jackie was deluged with problems left and right. Since their trip, Celine has refused to talk to her. She has not even returned her calls. Even JB’s still mad at her. At the JadeGardens, her clients were all pressuring her on their deadlines. To top it all off, Eli leaves right in the middle of the work day to attend to an emergency for Kalay. This makes Jackie furious.

Eli arrives on time to see Kalay off. She has to return to Cebu to take care of her ailing mother. Because of this she also has to postpone her college studies in Manila. Eli apologized for whatever pain he has let her experience. Kalay tells him that their friendship is the most important thing and she does not want to put it on the line for love. She wants Eli to be an Engineer when they see each other again.

When Eli returned to work that evening, he reveals the reason why he had to leave quickly for Kalay. Jackie felt guilty, for she is hurting a lot of people because of what she is feeling for Eli. Eli overhears her call to Celine, where she tells her cousin that she will be returning to the old shack in the barrio. Eli seeks Mang Simo and asks for his advice on what to do. He thinks that maybe its time for Jackie to know the truth. It’s getting harder for Eli too to lie and pretend to her each day.

The Berenguer’s problem with the union is escalating and Corazon blames JB for it. He tries to be reasonable with the union leaders but they instead taunted him as his mother’s puppet. He seeks solace with the already harried Celine. JB takes her aback with a couple of passionate kisses. They finally end up in Celine’s bedroom.

Maging Sino Ka Man
14 – 010807
Fidel reminds Eli of his status in Jackie’s life.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 0108.jpgMonique is at a predicament. After she rejected gifts from Fidel, her former husband instead offered to take her out for dinner in exchange for her kindness towards him during the storm. Best friend Siony is going crazy over the ex-lovers. Is Monique doing this just for Jackie’s sake or for her own too?

Eli follows Jackie at the old shack and almost gets beaten up by her. Jackie shares her feelings to Eli about the hut and he joins her in ‘imagining’ the happy times. But in the end, he advises Jackie to forget the feelings she has for that someone for JB truly loves her.Eli drives Jackie home and Fidel was surprised to find the young man with his daughter. He invites him for breakfast. However Eli was mistaken to see this as a welcome sign for Fidel instead warned him to know the boundaries between servant and master. Insulted, Eli leaves without even finishing his meal or saying good-bye to Jackie. Fidel also reminds her daughter to do the same.

Celine wakes up as if from a turbulent dream, yet she finds JB lying beside her. She leaves him on the bed, and JB rises to find Celine gone. She returns later that night but was taken aback to see JB still waiting for her. He then confesses that his main goal the night before was to punish himself but what happened between them made him realize his stupidity. It was actually still Celine in his heart.

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    • “more than love” in reality its worth the title, and blieve it if eli is to last revenging he will always get back the special person inside himself only pretending to be mr tough guy on the outside.

      SHANNESSE dear believe me every body even the ones you least expect have love, need it and will always love others thats the way it is, its suposed to be and wil alwyas be.
      JB will have some to give his sencere love to and they will live happily there after
      i preciate the writters of the soap

  3. the soap is worth awhile

  4. i too appreciate the writers & thank dem 4 such great work but i don’t jb’s role it nags.what do u guys think?

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