maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: IX. revenge


Maging Sino Ka Man

20- 022307
Jackie finally gets her freedom.
Maging Sino Ka Man
mskm022307.jpgEli ushers in Mang Simo and Aling Bebeng in his new house, and introduces them to his mother. Gloria adds that they shouldn’t feel awkward around them, and profusely thanks them for taking good care of her son. What was supposedly a happy reunion gets interrupted by an awkward pause, as Mimay accidentally brings up a fond memory of her “ate Princess”, Eli’s star-crossed lover, Jackie.

Gloria can’t help but feel uncomfortable, not because the unexpected issue of Jackie was raised, but because of Fidel and Eli’s constant bickering. As such she confronts her son, and again tells him to stop craving for revenge, as it won’t bring him any good. However, Eli sticks to his own convictions, despite his mother’s pleas.

As Fidel’s buisness problems continue to escalate, he gives his daughter a heart to heart talk about living one’s own life, and came to the conclusion that he wants his dughter to be free and take the reins of her own life, even if that equates breaking off her marriage with JB! A surprised Jackie asks why, and Fidel replies by saying that he only wants happiness for his daughter. He apologizes for being the source of Jackie’s misery, and wishes only happiness for his unica hija.

Maging Sino Ka Man
21 – 022607
Jackie finally discovers the real source behind her father’s problems.
Maging Sino Ka Man
mskm022107-1.jpgNow free from the restraints of her father’s iron hand, Jackie is set to reclaim her newfound liberty, and prepares herself to meet with JB, only to break off the impending marriage that awaits both of them. As she gladly steps out of the car to face a brand new day, she catches a glimpse of a newspaper tabloid, and finds out that PDBC, her daddy’s pride and joy apart from herself, is on the brink of closing!

As such, she rushes quickly to her father’s side, and tearfully tells him that if it will make PDBC’s financial state better, she’ll push through with the marriage. Cameras flashing, the heart-wrenching reunion gets seen by everyone on national television, including a shocked Corazon.

In hysterics, Corazon asks her son for advice, as their only hope for survival, Fidel’s money, is now gone. A firm JB vows that he will keep RSL afloat with or without Jackie’s help, and angrily realizes that everything has been planned by a vengeful Eli. Meanwhile, Eli gets another warning against Oca, and this time, the words of caution come from Mang Simo himself.

Maging Sino Ka Man
21 – 022707
Eli barters for Jackie’s hand in marriage in exchange for his plans against Fidel!
Maging Sino Ka Man
News of PDBC’s impending fall is rapidly spreading far and wide across the country, and has reached even Monique’s ears. Worried for her daughter’s sake, she asks Siony for help. Posing as Heidi’s estranged cousin, Siony heads to the Madrigal mansion to hopefully scout Jackie’s whereabouts. As luck would have it, Fidel spots Siony, and asks him to accompany him to Monique, so that he can talk to her personally and clear things up. Unfortunately, Monique doesn’t buy a word Fidel says, even if he gave her permission to visit Jackie any time she wants.

Meanwhile, a troubled Jackie is at a loss, as even her marriage with JB won’t be able to fix things for PDBC. Celine offers to asks her friends for help, as she and Brian won’t be able to give financial assistance to Jackie. However her cousin politely refuses the offer, as she doesn’t want to burden Celine farther with all her problems. As they think of other things that they can do to keep PDBC afloat, Jackie gets an idea and asks Celine to accompany her to a certain place.

Taking matters into her own hands, Jackie goes to the root of all their problems: Eli. Humbling herself, she begs Eli to retract all his plans and just forgive Fidel for everything he’s done! In tears, she talks in behalf of her dad’s defense, only to end up being berated by a bitter Eli. Things head for worse as they unearth the terrible heartache they both experienced. A bitter exchange follows suit, but surprisingly, Eli offers to just forgive and forget: if Jackie will marry him instead of JB!

Maging Sino Ka Man
21 – 022807
Jackie’s wedding takes place.
Maging Sino Ka Man
Jackie and JB’s are about to get married, and everybody’s experiencing the wedding day blues. Corazon is seen getting agitated by the minute, Monique makes an appearance despite Fidel’s presence, sisters Gloria nad Corazon still maintain friction, and JB again feels uncomfortable around Celine and Brian. As Jackie settles herself in the bridal car it seems that everything is made final.

Or is it? At the last minute, Jackie’s car veers away from the usual path, sending everybody into chaos. JB gets in his car immediately, ready to give chase. At the church, Fidel tries to stay on top of things, hoping to hear that his daughter is in good hands. In the car, JB anxiously tries to keep up, only to find an empty car at the last minute!

Soon, Fidel’s mobile phone rings. He immediately answers it, and much to his relief, hears Jackie’s voice at the other end, assuring them that she’s alright. Fidel then apologizes to Corazon, and announces that the wedding off. However, another kind of wedding pushes through, as Jackie and Eli get married by a judge!

Maging Sino Ka Man
21 – 030107
At last, Eli and Jackie are finally married… for real
Maging Sino Ka Man
At last, Eli and Jackie are finally married… for real. Unfortunately, it seems that this union isn’t built on an old flame finally rekindled, but rather on bitterness and revenge. As the judge pronounces Jackie and Eli man and wife, the two close in for a kiss, only to be avoided by Jackie at the last minute. What soon follow is a series of arguments and tears between the two. Oca furthermore complicates things by reminding Eli how much Fidel has hurt him: the death of his foster father, Dadoods, the unfair treatment to his brother Pong, and ultimately how Jackie has spurned him when he was in dire straits. Those memories soon flooded him, making him more bitter by the minute.

As Eli lashes out his anger to the unfortunate Jackie, we see a flustered Gloria, obviously worried about Eli. Her mother’s intuition at work, she senses that something is amiss with her son, even if he already informed her that he’s going home that morning. Mang Simo brings her coffee to make her feel better, and tells her that Eli is as good as his word, so there’s no need for worry.

Flaunting his newfound power in the Madrigal household, Eli accompanies Jackie to Fidel. Running to his daughter with outstretched arms, Fidel rushes to his daughter with a hug, glad that she’s alright. Unfortunately, the two’s happy reunion is just short-lived, as Jackie relays to her father her marriage with Eli.

Maging Sino Ka Man
21 – 030207
Trouble erupts at the Roxas household!
Maging Sino Ka Man
Jackie tearfully bids her dear father goodbye, as Eli ushers her out of the Madrigal mansion. He then calls on for Monique’s help, telling her of Jackie and Eli’s marriage, thinking that Jackie will listen to her mother’s pleas to leave Eli.

Meanwhile, trouble erupts at the Roxas household as JB rushes towards Eli to give him a beating. Corazon and Gloria then get into an argument of their own, with the former telling the latter that she doesn’t regret every wrong thing she’s done to Gloria.

Mang Simo gets into a heart to heart talk with Eli about revenge, while Jackie warms up to Mang Bebeng in the kitchen. Eli chances upon the two afterwards, and is moved to tears by what he saw.

Maging Sino Ka Man
22 – 030507
Unable to take things anymore, JB heads to Eli’s house… for revenge!
Maging Sino Ka Man
With RSL on the brink of failing and Jackie gone, it seems that JB has nothing left to do but drown his sorrows in alcohol, oftentimes causing unwanted commotion in bars. It is in this state that Celine and Brian sees him one night, and the two help JB out. Soon, Eli and Jackie tell Celine about their secret marriage, the latter later informing Jackie that she feels there’s something amiss between Eli and Jackie’s marriage. However, Jackie won’t tell her cousin a thing, which makes things seem more mysterious.

Meanwhile, Monique pays Eli a visit, asking why didn’t they inform her about their marriage. At the Berenguer household, Corazon pushes her drunk son to get back on his feet and pull himself together. JB walks out on her, and heads to the bar instead.

Nursing his pain and bitterness, JB recalls everything that Eli has done. First he took Jackie away from him, and then slowly, he managed to get hold of RSL, only to crush it into pieces! Hungry for revenge he goes straight to Eli’s house, a gun in tow. A haughty Eli faces his cousin, and thinking that JB won’t be able to shoot him anyway, he taunts JB further. Unfortunately, his jokes were in bad taste, as JB is already on the verge of breaking down. Unable to take it anymore, JB aims… and fires the gun at his cousin!

Maging Sino Ka Man
22 – 030607
Eli decides not to file charges against JB.
Maging Sino Ka Man
With Eli now out of harm’s way, the authorities are asking whether hewill push through with the case against JB. Surprisingly, Eli says no, despite Mang Oca’s efforts to egg him further. Alas, the now free JB pays Eli a visit at the hospital, with Eli saying that they’re finally even.

Meanwhile, Jackie also makes a house call to JB to clear things up, only to be spurned by Corazon in the end. JB experiences the opposite at the hands of Gloria, who readily assures him of her forgiveness, and urges him to stand his ground no matter how much pain he’s gone through.

Celine seems to be also going through some sort of recovery, by burning all tangible memories of JB, and starting life anew without him. Meanwhile, Jackie gets to talk to JB, only to tell him that they have reached the end of their relationship. At the prison cell, Pong is beaten to death by the people around him, and it is soon found that Oca was the person behind it.

Maging Sino Ka Man
22 – 030707
Pong grows worse.
Maging Sino Ka Man
Eli rushes to Pong’s aid, who was beaten to a pulp, according to Oca’s wishes. Seeing his brother in this state, Eli’s hatred against Fidel grows, further fueled by Oca’s false accusations.

Meanwhile, Fidel receives a call from Oca, who also spreads lies against Eli! As such, Fidel pays Eli a visit, only to end up getting beaten up by the frustrated Eli, thinking he was the mastermind behind Pong’s torture. A shocked Fidel says that he hasn’t touched Pong ever since, as it was the truth.

JB on the other hand, shows up for work in a good mood, seemingly determined to make everything right from now on. Meanwhile, Pong falls into a delusion, his mind slowly falling prey to his traumatic experiences at prison. An enraged Eli calls up his attorney to pull out his accounts at PDBC, while Fidel meets Oca face to face, only to end up begging for Jackie’s life.

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